‘Eureka’ Continues to ‘Click’ With Viewers

“It’s nice when you find someone you just click with.”  The same can be said for a television show.  And Sci Fi’s Eureka definitely clicks with me.  And last night’s episode “Sight Unseen” was no different.

Jack and ZoeIn its second season, Eureka continues to shine, giving Sci Fi a new face – light, quirky and funny.

In the beginning of this season I was a little disappointed to see that Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) wasn’t going to be hooking up with Allison Blake (Salli Richardson) for the happy ending we saw in the alternate future at the end of last season.

But as the season has progressed, I’m actually glad the two haven’t become an item.  Not only because I think Carter makes a cute pair with his date Callie Curie (Sonja Bennett of Traveler), but because I like Allison less and less.

Does it come with the job as head of Global Dynamics that you must become obsessed with all things science related?  It seems like everyone one who holds that position loses a little perspective – Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn), now Allison and even Henry Deacon (Joe Morton) in the alternate future.

But not only is Allison obsessed with GD, she’s starting to cross the line.  A few weeks ago she was willing to risk the whole town as she tampered with everyone’s dreams just to get into Kevin’s (Meshach Peters) head.  Sure, as a mother, I can understand her need to care for her son, but I think she let Stark manipulate her more than anything.

And c’mon, there’s no way Stark is really interested in her and Kevin.  Can’t she see that?  He just wants access to the artifact and is using Kevin to get to it.  And now he’s got Henry trusting him too.  I would think after Kim’s death – even knowing what Beverly did, Henry would be more leery of Stark’s obsession with the artifact.  And why not confide in Jack?  Hasn’t he proved his loyalty yet?

Speaking of Beverly, nobody seems to notice that she’s mysteriously absent from Eureka suddenly.  As the town’s only psychiatrist, you’d think her patients would start missing her soon.  Will we ever find out who she’s working for?

Still it’s nice to see Carter and company finding a little happiness amid the chaos of Eureka.  I think it’s only appropriate that Carter partners with someone else who is familiar with cleaning up messes – even if different messes than what Carter faces.

And is Jack’s daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) finally starting to fit in among the geeks of Eureka’s teen population?  First she wins second prize (a car to her father’s chagrin) at the high school science fair.  Then this week she learns a lesson in shallowness when the hot boy snubs her as lab partner because he doesn’t think she’s smart enough.  Luckily she finds a partner more to her liking.

Even Jo (Erica Cerra) is headed for romance if we are to believe last week’s foreshadowing that criminal turned scientist, Zane (Niall Matter) is indeed interested in pursuing a relationship with the deputy.

As for me I’m enjoying this little love affair with the residents of Eureka.  Let’s hope it continues for many more seasons.


4 Responses to ‘Eureka’ Continues to ‘Click’ With Viewers

  1. Dani in NC says:

    IMHO, Zoe’s “hot boy” was that hot. The guy she ended up with is much cuter. Also, I am happy to see Zoe actually combing her hair :-).

  2. vacelts says:

    Dani, I agree that the boy Zoe ended up with was cuter than the one she liked in the beginning. But it was Zoe who thought the first one was the “hot” one.

    I’ve enjoyed watching Zoe’s transition. At first I thought she was annoying, but it’s been nice seeing her grow and adjust to the her new life.

  3. ed says:

    THis show is awesome! go eureka

  4. C Richey says:

    Eureka is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Sci Fi channel is lucky to have it, especially since Battlestar will have its final season next year. Not to mention Flash Gordon is beyond awful. I’m hoping for several more excellent seasons to look forward to.

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