Whoopi Defends Michael Vick, Can you Believe that?

I’m not really a fan of The View.  It has more drama that most soaps.  Between this drama and the revolving door of hosts; however, I can’t help but hear about the soap talk show in the news.  Most of the time I just skip right over those headlines, but the news of Whoopi Goldberg’s first day has me outraged.

Whoopi joins The ViewAccording to TV Squad, Whoopi chose her debut as host of the The View to take a stand defending Michael Vick of all things.  Is that really what you’d want to be remembered for — defending a rich football player that gets his kicks allegedly by training dogs to fight and kill each other?

And her defense was a pretty poor one at that — he’s into dog fighting because of his “cultural upbringing.”  Is that the best she could think of? 

As a white woman, I’d never be able to pull off that excuse.  My father is a bigot (I’m not proud of it, but it’s a fact I’ve long dealt with).  If I should suddenly start spewing racist remarks — especially if I was someone famous — and then attributed it to my “cultural upbringing,” I’d have people screaming everywhere.

I’m sure no one would think of attributing Vick’s success on the football field to his “cultural upbringing.”  That, I’m sure he did all himself.

I cannot stand when people blame “society” for their wrong doing.  Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.  You are only as good as who you make yourself. 

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7 Responses to Whoopi Defends Michael Vick, Can you Believe that?

  1. JulianVigo says:

    What Whoopie says is, in some ways true; however, Mr. Vick knew what he was doing was illegal or he would not have gone through such lengths to hide it. Also, regardless of the regularity of cock or dog fighting in this country, we must ask ourselves why greyhound or horse racing, also rather cruel sports, are allowed to flourish in the arenas of Palm Beach country clubs or contexts of business betting. Surely, we have a culture based on contradictions and Mr. Vick’s case is reflective of this. That he is a multimillionaire who knowingly tortured and murdered animals is certainly not going to have me pulling out the tissues as he pleaded guilty to many of the charges. However, what frightens me is the quantity of African American men in prison for selling or using drugs (as minor as marijuana) while Mr. Limbaugh got off of a heavy Rx fraud and usage. Likewise, I am fearful for what will be likely an unfair punishment for Mr. Vick. Prison is a medieval form of punishment. Community service in a dog kennel two full days a week for the next two years would have everyone satisfied. His football career is already over if the NFL sticks by its wise decision and future players will think twice before commiting such acts.

  2. vacelts says:

    Julian, You have some interesting points. Unfortunately our world is full of double standards. I think it would be great if people got the same punishment for the same crime regardless of how much fame and money they have.

    I doubt that Vick will be serving any real time in prison. I don’t think he would have pled guilty unless it had something to bargain with.

  3. JulianVigo says:


    Certainly, we have a warped system of justice in the USA and Canada. Strangely, here in Canada, criminals get away with horrible crimes as the system is fearful of utiling certain punitive powers. And in the USA, it is often the inverse. I am sad to see most people go to prison quite honestly. Community service, fixed incomes, and a dispossession of all material goods, would be a great way to discourage most crimes. Think of contradiction of Martha Stewart’s posh prison or the fact that Ms. Hilton did service that our own former attorney general (Gonzalez) will never see. Community service would take care of every single non-violent crime and reduce, greatly, those who think that they can always do the crime, pay the time and leave prison still very rich. Our societies have not resolved that money can be a huge factor in discouraging criminal activity. Personally, for the murder and torture he committed, I think Mr. Vick should be paying at least a half of his total worth (liquid and assets) to animal shelters and animal rights groups in addition to working 16 hours per week in these shelters.

  4. dollbaby426 says:

    In response to: “Not really a fan of The View”,

    When you take in to account what Whoopi said, sorry,there is some truth to her statement, As with the Michael Vick story and many others down through the line, there is almost always a substantial percentage between how some African Americans vs. some Caucasians opinions or point of views. differ vastly.

    Accept it or not, Beleive it or not: Two (2) Americas’s ,face it.

  5. Gail says:

    I am fed up with anyone comitting a crime slogan,”They made a mistake” Face the reality and stop with the lies.Michael Vick “ENJOYED” the murder of these dogs.They were electrocuted and shot,he threw his own pets in the house into the out pull ring to watch them be shredded with blood and guts and inflicted animals pain and suffering and death.What part of what Michael Vick’s sentence don’t Whoppie get?
    Because he is African American male making millions,we should make excuses for him and anyone believing their is nothing wrong with what Michael Vick did just lies to themselves to protect themselves from the truth.Face it,Michael Vick is a cold blooded animal murder and he should not be on the field being looked up to by anyone.
    Where is the support for Pete Rose being admitted into the Hall of Fame,now gambeling is a disease the last time I check but then again he is a White American Male..
    Everytime an African American Male does something this vicious,here comes the race card..
    Face it whether MV is white,black,Chinese he does not deserve to be on the field of any team.
    It just reminds me of how the African Community bowled and kissed OJ’s ass when he had no regard for the black community whatsoever//

  6. Hello can I reference some of the content found in this entry if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  7. vacelts says:

    Gavin, yes you may as long as you post a link. Thanks for asking.

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