‘Dallas’ to Hit Big Screen in 2009 as a Comedy

When I heard that a big screen version of the TV hit Dallas was heading for theaters in 2009, I immediately thought of my mother.  But I’m not so sure she’ll be interested now that they are making it a comedy.

DallasThe night-time soap popular in the late ’70s and ’80s was a staple in my house growing up.  The TV was usually controlled by my father, except for one night a week — the night Dallas aired — when my mother was glued to the TV to watch the latest in the Ewing saga.

In the beginning I wasn’t allowed to watch.  The soap was way to racy (my how times have changed) for the grade schooler that I was and it was on long after my bedtime.  But by the end of the series (yes, my mom was a fan to the bitter end), I was schooled in J.R., Sue Ellen and Bobby. 

I even remember the summer when everyone wondered just “who shot J.R.?”  Flashback to a time when the three big networks ruled the airwaves and almost everyone tuned into the same shows.

Now flash forward to an era when all those old TV shows are being remade into theatrical releases.  While some might argue there has been success in these ventures, I personally haven’t been won over by this fad.

But apparently, I’m not the target market (or Hollywood just doesn’t really care what little old me thinks).  In fact, the market is those that weren’t even alive when most of these shows were around.

How do you get a group who might have only seen a show in reruns head to the theater to catch it on the big screen?  Apparently you make fun of the show.  At least that worked for the Brady Bunch and Starsky and Hutch

And apparently the idea of a spoof is currently being tossed around for the troubled Dallas film.  Already plagued with numerous personnel changes from director to cast, 20th Century Fox is overhauling the Dallas movie by placing Betty Thomas (Brady Bunch) at the helm and targeting a youthful audience, according to Variety.   John Travolta is on board to play J.R. himself.

Personally, I’m not interested in the movie.  I must be showing my age because the thought of paying good money to go see a spoof in the theater just doesn’t appeal to me.  There are too many better alternatives out there.

As for my mom, if it was a reunion show, we’d find her camping out at the theater.  But if this spoof is the direction 20th Century Fox pursues, they’ll be lucky if she picks it up in the discount DVD bin.


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