‘Heroes’ Four Months Later

I’ll be honest with you I was less than thrilled with Heroes’ Season 1 Finale.  It didn’t live up the incredible excitement built all year.  So the big question is will Heroes be able to avoid a sophomore slump?  The premiere of “Four Months Later” gave me a little hope.

Kaito and AndoAs a direct result of my disappointment with last season’s finale, I’ve avoided all things Heroes this summer.  No graphic novels, no spoilers, no reruns.  With the exception of some Heroes news, I’ve had a Heroes-free summer.  So I went into last night’s season premiere with no building excitement — just a fan returning for Season 2.

I’m happy to report that while the episode didn’t blow me away, it did peak my interest in the Heroes world once again.  I am intrigued by the plot and already have my own slew of questions.

Let’s start with the plot that captivates me the most — the older generation of heroes.  We learned a few things.  First, there were twelve of them in the original group.  Nine remain with Deveaux, Linderman and Angela’s husband gone.  Yes, Peter and Nathan’s dad was a member of the Dirty Dozen and it sounds like he died by their hands too.  Hmmm . . . What was his power?  And when did he develop it.  He didn’t have it in the graphic novel when he met Linderman.

For that matter, do we know what Kaito Nakamura’s (George Takei) power is?  And we might never know.  I’m assuming that he is really dead.  Surely the Dirty Dozen wouldn’t take him out in a way in which he could use his power to survive.  Speaking of which, just who was the hitman?  Kaito makes it sound like he was one of the Dirty Dozen.  What exactly was Kaito going to tell his son?  Will Hiro (Masi Oka) going to be able to go back in Kaito’s past to find out?

Also, just what exactly sealed Kaito’s fate?  Was it the past sins he wanted to atone for?  Or was it helping his son defeat Linderman’s plan that got him killed?  Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose) is also marked for death.  Was it because she didn’t help her sons or because she wasn’t able to stop them?  Did all of the Dirty Dozen stray from their original mission to help the world or just the few we’ve met?  Who’s their leader — the mystery man from Molly’s (Adair Tishler) dreams?

Speaking of Molly, she’s now living with Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), who has become a New York cop, at Mohinder’s apartment.  I’m assuming Molly’s parents were done away with by The Company when they took her, but isn’t it a little weird that she was able to just go live with Matt?  Sure The Company isn’t interfering, but wouldn’t social services had lots of questions about where she came from, etc.  Speaking of messes — how did they explain away the final scene from last season.  Lots of people were injured, wasn’t there an investigation?  I’d have thought that incident might hinder Matt’s chances at joining the NYPD.

Meanwhile, Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is off recruiting funding for the study of the virus affecting Molly.  Or was it just a cover for joining The Company?

Noah and ClaireIn the meantime, Noah has packed up his family and moved them to a new town to hide from The Company.  I thought it was interesting that Noah had this heartfelt talk with Claire (Hayden Panettiere) about how sorry his was for what he did to her, while he’s plotting with Mohinder to take down The Company.

But Claire has secrets of her own.  She’s still communicating with her birth father, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar).  Nathan, who presumably lost his election, is in a constant state of drunkenness these days.  Both are wondering — where’s Peter (Milo Ventimiglia)?

I think it was a nice cliffhanger to wait until the last minute to tell us about Peter’s fate.  But here’s where I have lots of questions.  There’s the obvious:  How did he get in the box and why doesn’t he have a memory?  My guess is that it has something to do with the Dirty Dozen, but that’s just speculation.  But why doesn’t Nathan know what happened to Peter?  He was with him last.  And why isn’t Nathan hurt?  What did Nathan see in the reflection of the glass at the bar?  Was he seeing things or was it his own reflection?

These questions lead me to a theory.  Nathan was killed by Peter.  Peter who is still regenerating from his wounds disguises himself as Nathan.  And the Peter in the box is a clone.  Not sure if it will pan out that why, but it makes you wonder.

Hiro and TakezoThe story of Hiro interests me the least.  He’s gone back to 1671 to meet his hero only to find out that Takezo Sensei (David Anders) doesn’t live up to his reputation.  The storyline from here is kind of predictable.  Either Hiro, himself, actually does the feats credited to Takezo or his influences him to live up to his legend.  Either way, I not sure how it furthers the overall story.  Personally, I want Hiro back with Ando (James Kyson Lee).  The chemistry of this duo is what I like.

We were also introduced to Maya (Dania Ramirez) and Alejandro (Shalim Oritz).  I wasn’t captivated by their story.  I’ve seen the list of all the new heroes to join the cast this season and I’m a little worried.  I’m afraid that with all the new cast members that we won’t have enough time for our beloved heroes.  For instance, we still haven’t learned the fate of Niki (Ali Larter), Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) and D.L (Leonard Roberts).

I guess I’ll just have to wait a few more episodes to see how they weave them into the story.  Overall, a good episode with the promise of a intriguing season.


12 Responses to ‘Heroes’ Four Months Later

  1. tiff says:

    Molly’s parents were killed by Sylar – that’s when Parkman met her the first time.

    Great recap – I’m a little confused by the Kensei story, unless they are making Hiro re-write history, or become Kensei from the fables or something. I’m bummed that’s how they are using Sark though, I thought he would interact with all the Heroes!

    I’m most intrigued by Peter obviously, and how he ended up in that box and looking so hot, with more powers than he left Earth with. Hmmmm.

  2. vacelts says:


    You are right about Molly’s parents. I remember it now. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

    Yes, I agree with you about Hiro’s storyline. I’d rather see David Anders as someone with powers gone bad or a member of The Company. I liked him as Sark on Alias.

  3. factcheck says:

    Nathan already won the election. Remember? Landslide?

    I was surprised that Candice didn’t come back (and die) yet. Then again, it’ll probably happen within the next episode or two, what with the actress portraying her being on Reaper full-time.

  4. Sheindie says:

    Matt’s now a detective. He passed the test by listening to the thoughts of others who were taking the test and got the answers that way. Nathan has supersonic speed so he flew Peter up and zoomed away. Maybe the face in the mirror was Peter’s that Nathan remembers seeing last. Kensei and Kane: same person? lives forever? can go back and forth in time? Peter had absorbed ALL the powers from the heroes in the finale of season one and afterwards blew up and fell into the ocean where he was picket up by? and because of all the trauma and new powers his mind just went blank? Mohinder’s search for money and the lectures he gives is to get invited to join the company (he and HRG are in cahoots to take it down).

  5. Maria says:

    I’m not sure if you remember, but Nathan won his election in a “Landslide”. Although I’m wondering if he stepped down from that…
    You have a great-Peter theory there! It’s pretty insightful and interesting! However, I was thinking it more like he could be in two places at once for my own theory.
    I was really wondering about that West character. He seems strange. And he can fly. Like Nathan. I just don’t like him – gut instinct.
    I, similar to you, am also not too interested in Hiro’s story plot. I felt bad for him though. What with Kensei not exactly being who he read about.
    I can completely understand why Nathan is so down and drunk all the time. What confuses me a bit, though is why Claire doesn’t seem to be traumatized or hardly even sad by Peter’s death. They seemed pretty close in the latter half of Season 1. And I’m pretty sure any 16 year old girl wouldn’t be able to forget holding a gun to her hero’s face and the seeing him and her bio-dad fly to the sky and explode in four months! It seems a bit unrealistic. Or maybe it’s just me?

    That was a great review though!

  6. vacelts says:

    factcheck, Didn’t Candace die already?

  7. vacelts says:

    factcheck, did they every tell us that Nathan won in Landslide? I thought the plan was for Micah to fix the computers so that he would win, but I don’t remember them every showing us that Micah did it and he won.

    But that was a whole summer ago so I could have forgotten. If Nathan did win, he’s not doing much with his office. Maybe he’s stepped down.

  8. vacelts says:

    Maria, I agree with you about West. I don’t know if it was his attitude or the fact that he was stalking Claire that makes me dislike him. But if he’s going to be believable as a boyfriend for Claire, we better see a nicer side of him soon.

    I think Claire holds a lot of her feelings in. Her father (Noah) keeps secrets and so does she. I think that call to Nathan was her crying out about missing Peter.

  9. Maria says:

    I think you are right. it’s the stalking that’s annoying…and the fact that he has the same powers as Nathan, did they run out of ideas?

    Hey, did anyone notice, Peter, in the crate at the end of the episode wore a necklace? Godsend.

  10. vacelts says:

    Maria, yeah I noticed the necklace. It was the same creepy symbol on the photos of Kaito and Angela.

  11. […] Last week, I complained about Hiro’s story being predictable.  And yes, just as I predicted (and probably everyone else) Hiro (Masi Oka) posed as Takezo (David Anders) to fulfill Takezo’s destiny and win the heart of Yaeko (Eriko Tamura) and then talked Takezo into rescuing Yaeko’s dad.  But when Takezo got shot with arrows and then healed, things got interesting. […]

  12. Brian says:

    The story about Hiro could become quite intersting actually. I think hiro’s father is a descendant of Kensei and, thus, able to regenerate. Hiro is messing in his own future by falling in love with his ancestor mother….
    Peters story is different I think. Nathan just flew away from him and is torn by the loss of his brother, he thinks he is dead. Peter seems to have lost his nuclear power.

    It reamins a mistery though how Peter ended up in that box.
    That weird fat woman Sylar killed, I don’t find her powers very interesting, hope sylar didn’t take em. Youll loose track if he starts playing with that.
    Would be a shame Noah goes, he saw the painting! but he’ll have a plan.. The intersting thing with him is that you never really get to find out who he really is.

    The Mohinder/Matt line is the least intersting so far. Nothing much happening

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