Look who will be vamping it up on ‘Supernatural’

The premiere of the third season of Supernatural is less than a week awhile.  While I can’t wait for the return of the Winchester boys, I am equally excited about this season’s guest stars.  At the top of the list is an Angel/Buffy alumnus Mercedes McNabb.  *** The following might contain some spoilers***

Mercedes McNabb as HarmonyMcNabb played the role of former party girl-turned vampire Harmony and the BFF of Cordelia (Charisma Chase) on Buffy the Vampire and later reprised her role on the spin-off Angel.  The blonde Harmony proved that just because you were a vampire doesn’t mean you don’t have blonde moments.

An apparently her new guest spot on Supernatural won’t be a big stretch for her as she’s once again plays a girl whose penchant for partying leaves her as a bloodsucker.

McNabb will turn up on the sixth episode of Supernatural scheduled to appear November 15 in a episode involving rogue vampire hunter Gordon Dean played by Sterling K. Brown of Army Wives and a vamp set on revenge.

No word yet on whether the two new additions — hunter Ruby (Katie Cassidy) and mercenary Bela (Lauren Cohan) — will be around to help with the vamp problem.

We already know that fellow hunter Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Ellen (Samantha Ferris) will be returning to help Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padelecki) Winchester and that FBI Agent Henrickson (Charles Malik Whitfield) will still be pursuing the boys, but let’s see who else’s path the boys will cross in Season 3.

In the premiere, the boys will not only meet Ruby, but also another pair of hunters to battle seven demons representing the seven deadly sins.  But this pair is married and they don’t want anything to do with Dean and Sam.  Apparently, the hunter community isn’t too happy with the boys for opening the gates of hell.  Caroline Chikezie (Elaine Hardy on Footballers’ Wives) will portray Tamara while the role of her husband Isaac is filled by Emmy-winner Peter Macon.

The guest stars get a little more personal in the second episode, when the boys venture to Indiana to visit a former flame of Dean’s played by Cindy Sampson (Rumours).  Dean and Lisa Braeden were hot and heavy about nine years ago.  But the reunion will become interesting when Dean meets Lisa’s eight-year-old son, Ben (Nicholas Elia).  You do the math.

No word on the guest stars for the third episode.  But meeting Bela will probably keep the boys plenty busy.

Next up, the boys head to Sin City where they Richie played by Marty Papazian (24) and Casey portrayed by Sasha Barrese of LAX.

Kimberley Warnat (Saved), Mary Black (Monk), and Patrick Gilmore (Intelligence) will guest star in the November 1st episode where Dean and Sam have to help a real life version of Snow White.

And I’m not sure who will guest star in the sixth episode, but I hear the boys will have to deal with a haunted sunken ship.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve very excited about Season 3 and I refuse to believe that Dean and Sam won’t find a way out of his deal with the demon from the season finale so that there will be a fourth season.

As far as I’m concerned Thursday can’t get here quick enough.  Supernatural will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 9 p.m. on CW following Smallville.



3 Responses to Look who will be vamping it up on ‘Supernatural’

  1. sarah says:

    i seriously cant wait for thursdays to roll around either! i just hope this season is kick ass enough to pull in the viewers, otherwise there might not even be a chance of a fourth season *sigh*
    i have every faith though, come on saltgunners! lets make damn sure we get a fourth!

  2. Ava says:

    “Dean and Lisa Braeden where hot and heavy nine years ago. But the reunion will become interesting when Dean meets Cindy’s eight year old son Ben, you do the math”.

    Who is Cindy and isn’t Ben suppose to be Lisa’s son. Shouldn’t there be a proof read first before we ask readers to do the math?

  3. vacelts says:

    Ava, it has been fixed.

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