What’s Your Favorite Halloween Treat?

October 31, 2007

Halloween is here.  And now it’s a countdown to the witching hour – the hour when all the little goblins and ghouls will hit the street in search of their favorite treat – candy.  But everyone has their favorite variety of candy that they will be on the look out for. 

CandyMaybe you’ll do a little trick or treating yourself.  Maybe you won’t.  Maybe you’ll find yours in the bottom of your child’s Halloween bucket.  Or maybe you have a secret stash of your favorite that you are hoping that you don’t have enough trick or treaters to hand it out to.  Or Maybe you’ll turn off all the lights, forget the trick or treaters and pig out on that bag of candy you bought.

Now’s the time to fess up.  What’s your favorite Halloween treat (of the candy variety)?  And where will you be finding it tonight?

Personally, I’m partial to anything chocolate.  But I will usually go for a York Peppermint Patty, a Reese Peanut Butter Cup, or a Kit Kat. 

And I discovered the Take 5s a couple of Halloweens ago when I shopped for my candy late and that’s all that there was.  Chocolate and pretzels can’t beat that combination of sweet and salty.


Happy Halloween

October 31, 2007

The Justice League hopes you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween.

Justice League

No Eggs for Minors this Halloween

October 31, 2007

I just read an article about a grocery store that is refusing to sell eggs to minors this week.  Call me naive, but I didn’t realize that egging had become such a huge issue.

Egg BanWhen I was a kid, my pranks were innocent.  We toilet papered each others houses.  We had shaving cream fights.  My pranks were all things that were fun and mischevious, but relatively harmless to private property.  Sure we made a mess, but we always cleaned it up.

I knew there were some kids that pulled more damaging pranks like egging at Halloween, but in reality the incidents of these pranks were always fewer than imagined.  I thought the “greatness” of these pranks were urban legends brought to us by teen comedy movies.

Apparently, I either lived in very courtesy neighborhoods (the worst I’ve seen here is smashed pumpkins) or I lived a very sheltered life.  Egging must be more popular these days if grocers are banning minors from buying eggs.

Now I’m not actually condoning the prank of egging, but I have to ask if this restriction will really quell the pranksters?

As a teenager, I was into cheap entertainment and it had to be something pretty big for me to spend my hard-earned money.  So I have to ask, do teenagers really spend their own money to buy eggs for this prank? Or do they just take them from their parents fridge? 

If the later is true, then the ban on egg purchases does nothing to prevent egging and probably actually invites an egging on this grocer.

So tell me, is egging a real problem in your neighborhood?  What are the pranks teens are pulling in your neighborhood this Halloween?

How to Survive a Horror Film: 7 Things Not to Put in Your Child’s Room

October 30, 2007

It seems like all the favorite horror films have the same ingredients — creepy bad guy that just won’t die, particular objects that give you the creeps, moments designed to make you jump out of your seat and the poor schmoo that doesn’t even know he’s going to die first.  But even knowing the standard formula, could you survive a horror movie?

Just in time for Halloween, help is on the way.  Seth Grahame-Smith wrote a manual to help you out.  And now he’s made some training films to go along with the manual.  Go to DodgeTheKills.com to watch these humorous training films related to all things needed to survive a horror movie.

Being a parent, I was especially fascinated with the 7 Things Not to Put in Your Child’s Room.  You can view it below.

I thought this list was pretty accurate.  My favorite of course is #7.  My husband is not a big fan of clowns, so he liked that one.  And my sister had one of those cymbal monkeys when she was a kid that she was scared to death of.

 The only thing not on the list that I would have included would be creepy dolls (Think Chuckie).

What scared you as a child?  Or if you are a parent, what scares your child?

Does Heroes cross The Line with another disaster for New York?

October 30, 2007

After the sixth episode of Heroes, fans everywhere are asking who is Adam Monroe?  But Adam’s identity isn’t the only new question fans are left with after watching “The Line.”  There’s the state of New York on June 14, 2008 and the contents of Isaac’s paintings to debate too.

“The Line” was about various characters reaching a crossroads of sort and choosing which direction to proceed.

Niki’s backHowever, in true Mohinder fashion, Mohinder remained wishy washy, going back and forth on his decision to work for The Company while preaching about right and wrong.  In the end, he stayed with The Company.  But we learned a few things in the process.

The Company has a file on Adam Monroe and, according to Bob, he is an individual posing a potential danger.

Monica has been bagged and tagged by The Company.  But unlike last year, she’s fully aware of her adventure.  She’s given a cover story, contacts, gifts (a loaded iPod) and encouragement to help her city.  Is this new upfrontness a direct result of The Company no longer having the services of the Haitian?  And although we know that Mohinder didn’t inject Monica with the mutated virus, I have to wonder if Bob sent someone else in to do the job while Mohinder was taking his morale stance?

While Bob told Mohinder that The Company needs him to keep them in line morally, I wasn’t surprised when Mohinder got a new partner — to keep him in line.  A supposedly cured Niki reappears, touting The Company’s line about doing good things. 

Meanwhile Peter and a vengeful Caitlin head to a building in Montreal bearing the logo of his father’s law firm just as the painting predicted.  In it, they find a note of warning for Peter from Adam.  One can only assume it’s the same Adam The Company has a file on.  But before they can discuss what it means, the pair are whisked a la Hiro’s time travel powers to a deserted New York City on June 14, 2008 where they learn the city has been evacuated.

I thought wow; we know the date of the season finale already.  But alas, June 14th isn’t a Monday.  My other thought was New York again?!  Do you know how many cities the US has?  They couldn’t tap a different one for this season’s pending disaster?

Looking at next week’s preview of Peter and Caitlin in a decon shower, I’m guess the pending disaster is something biological.  Guess Mohinder’s preaching about the virus spreading to the general public wasn’t just posturing.

Back in present day in Odessa, Ukraine, Noah and the Haitian are hot on the trail of Isaac’s last seven paintings.  They visit Noah’s mentor where they proceed to torture him by removing memories of his family.  That’s one that Jack Bauer never used.  But apparently it was effective.

When his mentor offers him a way out of the “on the lam life” with his family, Noah actually looks like he’s considering it.  But in the end, he crosses the line against The Company and kills his mentor.

Together Noah and the Haitian examine the paintings in a warehouse, but we are offered little insight.  Here’s what I saw

  • HRG dead with a blonde kissing a boy in the background.  This painting is the one Mohinder found a couple weeks ago.
  • A man shooting a gun.  My guess is that it was Nathan.
  • Hiro fighting what looks like Takezo.
  • A hand with a needle (or was it a vile?).  Looks like Niki is doing this very thing in next week’s preview.
  • I didn’t catch a good look at the other three, but here’s what the folks at TVSquad say they were and my thoughts on them:

  • A blonde hanging out a window.  Could be Niki or maybe Kristen Bell’s character?
  • Peter looking into a mirror that says biohazard.  Probably from future New York.
  • A painting of Claire sprawled on the steps.  Could this be her prank with the cheerleader?
  • What did you see in the paintings?

    Speaking of Claire, she partnered with the ever creepy West to pull the over-the-line prank on the Heathers — I mean head cheerleader.  Faking (I’m not sure that’s the right word) her own death, she gets the drunk head cheerleader suspended from school and cheerleader, earning her a place on the team.

    TakezoMeanwhile back in feudal Japan, Hiro crosses the line by kissing Yaeko, disrupting the time/space continuum and crossing Takezo, who saw the kiss.  Takezo then double crosses Hiro with White Beard.  Could a 400-year-old Takezo still be seeking revenge on Hiro and his family in present day?

    The part of Ando, and now the restorer, reading the story is still the best part of the tale.  I have one question though.  If Hiro is betrayed by Takezo and left unconscious at the hands of White Beard with no access to Takezo’s sword, how did the scroll get in there?

    The wonder twins are back in this episode, but all is not wonderful as Sylar wedges himself between the too.  It gets worse when he influences Maya to use her powers to kill the Citizen Border Patrol so they could cross the border and Alejandro tells her that the next time she uses her power he intends to let Sylar die.  That’s okay, because Sylar is still planning to kill the pair when he gets his powers back.  In the meantime, he’s content to play with his new toy (Maya).

    No more on Matt and his dad or Nathan and his mom this week.  Kristen Bell’s character and Micah were also missing in this episode.

    Not a bad episode in my opinion.  It kept the storyline moving and gave us a few new things to ponder.

    What’s Your Favorite Movie to Watch at Halloween?

    October 26, 2007

    It’s that time again — for all things creepy and spooky to come out and play.  But the real question is what will you snuggle up with on your couch in the darkest corner of your living room for a spine-tingling night of the best of the best in hair-raising Halloween films?

    The array of frightening and suspenseful movies is unending this time of year.  What is on your plate for an eerie and scary night of Halloween movie delight?

    Below is my Top 10 list of Movies to watch for Halloween fun.  I will warn you that I not a big horror movie fan, so you won’t find much in the way of slasher films on my list.  Feel free to add your favorites in the comment section below.

    Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes1.  Something Wicked this Way Comes
    Ray Bradbury’s tale of two boys who discover the secrets of an evil carnival where everyone in their town goes to make their dreams come true tops my viewing list.  This movie gave me goose bumps as a kid and for that reason alone I watch it every year at Halloween.

    2.  Sleepy Hollow
    Although the story of the headless horseman has been told many times, Tim Burton’s version is still my favorite.

    3.  Scream
    As I said I’m too big of a chicken to watch many slasher films, but the way this movie pokes fun at them keeps me laughing too much to be too afraid.

    4.  Practical Magic
    Not really a scary movie (unless you get on the wrong side of these witches), Practical Magic is a fun look at the love lives of (as my husband would say) two hot witches.

    5.  Brothers Grimm
    The dark and scary said of all our favorite fairytales.  How can you miss this one on Halloween?

    6.  Van Helsing
    This movie has all your favorite monsters — vampires, werewolves, even Frankenstein. 

    7.  Underworld
    A look at the epic battle between Vampires and Werewolves.  Who knew the undead’s life was so complicated?

    8.  The Lost Boys
    Okay, I have a thing for vampires.  But you have to admit this movie has one good-looking group of vamps.  And beside, who wants to miss the ’80s hijinx of the two Coreys.

    9.  Ghostbusters
    What’s Halloween without a few ghosts and spirits?  And don’t forget the StayPuft Marshmallow Man.  Hmmm . . . suddenly I’m in the mood for s’mores. 

    10.  It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    I don’t care how old you are.  It’s not Halloween until you’ve seen Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin.

    So now you know my DVD line up for the weekend, what’s yours?

    Is it okay for children to sleep in their parents’ bed?

    October 25, 2007

    Do your children sometimes sleep in your bed with you?  Did they when they were smaller?  Would you admit it if they did?  According to the New York Times, an increasing number of parents are letting their infants and small children sleep with them.  But the really interesting fact is that most of these parents won’t admit it.

    Co-sleepingWhy?  Because in the West, co-sleeping is not widely accepted by family or friends, or even the medical community.  Then why are parents letting their kids crawl into their beds?

    Countless children start the night in their own beds, only to wake up a few hours later and pad into their parents’ bedrooms, crawling into the bed or curling up nearby on the floor.

    That’s my kids. My son is so quiet about it that sometimes I don’t even realize he’s crawled into bed with us. My daughter is a bit louder, crying out for daddy or mommy.

    Sure, I know that its better for the twins to sleep in their own beds, but I’d be up all night trying to coax them back to sleep in their own bed while trying not to wake their sibling.

    Letting them sleep in our bed is not only easier, it’s a necessity if my husband and I want to keep our sanity and get some sleep at night.

    We never intended for a co-sleeping arrangement.  In fact as infants, the twins slept in their cribs just fine. 

    They shared a crib.  But by the time they were 10 months old though, there just wasn’t enough room in one crib for both of them and they were waking each other up with they tossed and turned.  So we put them in separate cribs, and eventually, separate beds. 

    Herein lies where our problems started.  Apparently, waking up alone in the middle of the night is pretty traumatic for a toddler.  My daughter particularly suffers from night-time separation anxiety.

    We spent many sleepless nights trying to coax one child or the other back to sleep in his/her own bed only to end up with two crying children (when they share a room, one wakes up the other) that were too upset to go back to sleep at all.

    Out of desperation, we finally just let the woken child come to our bed where they instantly fall back to sleep.  And later that night, either my husband or I would take them back to their beds.

    A year and half after we separated them at bedtime, I am happy to say that the nightly visits to mommy and daddy’s bed are becoming less and less frequent and are often limited to early morning hours.

    But still I’m hesitate to admit that my children sleep with us, even if they do only occasionally. Why?  Because most often if the fact is disclosed, I’m greeted with a “you really need a bedtime routine.” 

    We have a bedtime routine.  And it works for us.  My children go down at night with relatively little fuss.  My problem has never been getting them to sleep.  It’s getting them back to sleep when they wake in the middle of the night.  And letting them cry it out is just not an option for us.

    Sure I know it’s better for my children to sleep in their own beds.  And that is the goal we are striving for.  But when you are sleep deprived, you will do whatever needs to be done so that everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

    And to me, that’s the most important thing — a good night’s sleep.