‘Heroes’ reveals the powers of ‘Lizards’ and More

The second episode of Heroes reveals the powers of lizards and more.  In, “Lizards,” we learn the about the powers of at least three of our new heroes and a few more interesting facts.

Claire tests her powersLast week, I complained about Hiro’s story being predictable.  And yes, just as I predicted (and probably everyone else) Hiro (Masi Oka) posed as Takezo (David Anders) to fulfill Takezo’s destiny and win the heart of Yaeko (Eriko Tamura) and then talked Takezo into rescuing Yaeko’s dad.  But when Takezo got shot with arrows and then healed, things got interesting.

Is Takezo’s real claim to fame, being the first “hero” with powers?  Are all those who currently have powers in some way a descendant of Takezo?  It’s possible.  He does seem kind of promiscuous.  Or were there others even then who had powers?  Did people with powers in those times just hide them?  Are the “Dirty Dozen” (the group including Angela, Kaito, Linderman and Deveaux) just the first group to unite to use their powers?

When Takezo was shot, Hiro was very upset.  But couldn’t he just go back in time to save him?  Or is he only allowed to change certain things?  Makes you wonder if Hiro really changed history when he rescued the fake Takezo last week or if he was meant to take his place all along.  Guess with time travel, you never really know.  And not allowing Hiro to go back in time, let us find out about Takezo’s power.

Back in modern time, we see the powers of two more heroes — the twins Maya (Dania Ramirez) and Alejandro (Shalim Oritz).  Although, I’m not entirely sure I understand them.  Apparently when Maya bleeds black from eyes (a la the black oil in X-Files), she kills everyone near her.  But what triggers this?  Is it when Maya’s anxious or when she’s separated from her brother?  And what actually do these people die from?  What is the cause of death?

On the other hand, Alejandro seems to be able to resurrect.  It’s not clear whether he can resurrect only Maya’s victims (that’s my guess) or anyone like Linderman.  I thought it was a nice touch that their powers are kind of opposite.  As the mother of boy/girl twins, my kids, while not complete opposites, often complement each other.

When the healer touched Maya she said that what Maya had in her was so dark it could kill the devil.  Was that a little foreshadowing?  Will Maya be the one to kill the “big bad” this season?  By the way, no new clues on this big bad in this episode.

Meanwhile we learned a little more about Claire’s (Hayden Panettiere) powers.  If she loses a toe, it grows back like a lizard’s tail does.  Personally, I’m too squeamish to watch a season of Claire mutilating herself.  Besides, her questions about regeneration and her experiments have already gotten her noticed by the creepy West (Nick D’Agosto).  Also, I don’t think her car being stolen is a coincidence.

But Noah (Jack Coleman) is too busy to notice with his own plans with Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) to take down The Company progressing. 

I honestly was all ready to rant and rave about Suresh being naive enough to have another hero use his power against him.  Didn’t he learn to be more suspicious after Sylar?  But low and behold, it was me who got fooled when Suresh faked his amnesia, healed the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) and sent him to Noah. I’m glad they brought the Haitian back, I think there’s still more to his story.

Still no clue, though, as to what the virus is, why it only affects some and why Suresh’s blood is the cure.

Kaito is really dead and the encounter in the police station suggests that Angela (Cristine Rose) isn’t behind his murder and is really a target herself.  Was that the same hitman that killed Kaito that went after her (obviously with a different power) or another one?

We did learn a few important tidbits.  Angela was a big stock holder in Kaito’s company.  And the symbol we keep seeing is the logo for her husband’s law firm.  Let the theories begin.

I loved the scene where Angela tells Matt (Greg Grunberg) to get out of her head.  He’s going to have to be more careful about how he uses his powers. 

I realize he hadn’t met Angela before or Ando (James Kyson Lee), but didn’t he meet Hiro during the season finale?  When Ando told him that Hiro was Kaito’s son, Matt showed no recognition.

On the other hand, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) still recollects nothing.  Whatever happened to him, it doesn’t seem to affect his powers.  In fact, he’s got a few more.  I’m guessing the ability to get out of the ropes came from D.L. (who by the way is still missing in action), but where did the bolts of electricity out of his hands come from?  Sylar?

Those Irish seem to be taking Peter’s ability’s in stride.  I would have thought it would freak them out, but apparently they see it as an asset to their enterprises. 

I’m looking forward to finding out more about Peter and getting him back to the rest of the heroes.

Well until next week, I’ll leave you to mull over your theories. 

(photo courtesy of heroesrevealed.com)


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