Sylar Returns on Heroes in ‘Kindred’

Sylar, the big evil from last season returns in last night’s episode of Heroes.  In “Kindred” we learned the fates of the last of the heroes from last season’s finale and of a fate to come.

Ando discovers notes from HiroFirst, we find out how Sylar escaped from Kirby Plaza.  Still working for The Company, Candace — who was presumed dead, but apparently wasn’t (good call to all of those who said if she really was dead she’d return to her real form) — helped Sylar escape.  Where she stashed him is still a mystery, but, with help from others in The Company, she’s been nursing him back to health.  To what end?  I don’t know.  Apparently the recovering Sylar no longer has his powers (or are they just being suppressed somehow?), but that doesn’t deter him from his original goal.  In fact, it’s not long before he’s killed Candace (this time she reverts to her real form) in an effort to gain her powers. 

I understand that during the season finale that everyone was busy with Peter exploding and Hiro disappearing to see Sylar slip away.  But when things calmed down, wouldn’t someone notice that there wasn’t a dead body lying around?  And when they did, wouldn’t they be curious as to what happened to him?  Isn’t anyone afraid of what he might be doing if he’s alive?  I would think Mohinder, at the very least, would be interested in pursuing the missing Sylar.

We also learned the fate of D.L. — he’s the one hero that didn’t survive Kirby Plaza.  Niki and Micah say one last goodbye at the cemetery in Vegas — not sure why she brought him all the way back there to bury him if she wasn’t staying — before dumping Micah at relatives in New Orleans because there’s something she’s “just gotta do.”

Micah, perceptive as always, realizes this is a bad idea, telling his mom “you always say that before you do something bad.”  I’m not sure it’s bad, but stupid probably.  Apparently, Niki has gone to The Company for help, presumably, to remove her alter ego.  Why?  I don’t know.  She seems to have Jessica under control.  And why would she go to The Company?

I understand that all the heroes in Kirby Plaza had no reason to stay together after the incident.  But seriously, did they all just walk away from Kirby Plaza as if nothing happened?  I would have thought they would have at least chatted with each other for a few minutes.  What just happened?  Who was behind it?  Who do we need to look out for?  Something.

And finally, we learn the future fate of someone when Mohinder finds the eighth in the series of Isaac paintings that have yet to happen.  The first we saw last week predicted Kaito’s death.  This one predicts Noah’s death.  And was that Claire in the background of the painting kissing someone?

Unfortunately, the rest of the hour was really just filler.

Alejandro and Maya are still on the run trying to get to New York.  They are still killing and resurrecting people.  Nothing new.

Peter’s still in Ireland.  And he still doesn’t know who he is.  He continues to exhibit great powers, but doesn’t have any control over them.  Having saved his captors from a double cross, he’s no longer a hostage.  He gets inked and falls for the girl.

Hiro is still in feudal Japan, his efforts to make Takezo a hero succeeding.  But now Hiro is falling for Takezo’s girl.  I thought the idea of Hiro leaving Ando notes in Takezo’s sword was a cool idea, but was wasted at this point in the story.   Since we already know what’s happening to Hiro, it seemed like a vain attempt to keep Ando in the story.  It would have been better used in the first episode with everyone one (including the audience) wondering about Hiro to tell Hiro’s story.

Mohinder’s back in New York still working for The Company in a new lab set up in Isaac’s loft and finally realizing that he might be in over his head in his attempt to take down The Company.

Matt is still babysitting Molly and we know no more about this season’s big bad.

Claire is still in California upset about hiding her abilities.  So much so, that when she finds out that West has a power she forgets about how creepy he is and treats him like a kindred spirit.  And why does she seem so surprised when Wes reveals that HRG tagged him?  Surely by now she knows what her dad did.

No Nathan or Angela Petrelli this episode which is disappointing since I want to know more about what happened to Angela in the police station last week.  But it looks like we’ll learn more next week.

Personally, I’m a little let down by this episode.  I hope they wrap up the Sylar storyline quickly.  I’m ready to move past him to the next new evil.  BTW, when are they going to tell us more about it?

Until next week, . . .

(Photo courtesy of NBC)


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