‘Heroes’ finally reveals the identity of Nightmare Man in ‘The Kindness of Strangers’

During last night’s Heroes, we got a glimpse of this season’s big bad — finally.  “The Kindness of Strangers” not only revealed the identity (sort of) of the man giving Molly such vicious nightmares, but we also learn that he has a special tie to one of our heroes.

Matt and Nathan find a photo of the Dirty DozenWe have Matt Parkman to thank for tonight’s big revelation.  Wow, did he just get interesting!  When Angela Petrelli suddenly decides to confess, from her hospital bed, to the murder of Kaito and inflicting the wounds to herself, Matt doesn’t take Angela’s message to leave it be to heart. 

Unable to continue the investigation officially (because his partner believes Angela’s confession), Matt turns to Nathan Petrelli for help.  This request is enough to get Nathan to shave and visit his boys (he must of really screwed up if he’s not allowed at their school), but it doesn’t stop him from seeing that creepy reflection.  At first I thought it was Peter in the reflection, but this time it looked like Nathan.  What does it mean?  Is it a manifestation of his own guilty conscious?

Together the pair find a photo of the “Dirty Dozen” that includes Angela and her husband, Kaito, Linderman, Deveaux, Bob (guess there is a link between The Company and the Dirty Dozen) and to Matt’s surprise, the father that left him when he was 13. 

Eager to find his father, Matt asks Molly to find him only to find out that his absent father is also Molly’s Nightmare Man.  Now I expected Nightmare Man to be a part of the Dirty Dozen, but I didn’t see the relationship to Matt coming and I think it makes the threat more interesting. 

In a brave effort, especially for a child of her age, Molly agrees to find the Nightmare Man for Matt.  But after revealing that he’s in Apt. 9 in Philadelphia, she gets trapped in her own mind by her nightmare. 

I think it’s very interesting to note that Matt, who can read minds, has a father that also seems to have a telepathy sort of power, although obviously much stronger.  Could Matt’s father have been the one to attack Angela in the police station through her own mind?  Does Matt’s dad know about Matt’s abilities? 

Are the parent’s abilities and the child’s abilities somehow related?  And if two parents have powers, how does that affect a child’s powers?  Micah, Claire, Nathan and Peter all had parents with too powers?  As far as we know, Hiro only has one parent with powers and we don’t know what that power was.  Nathan’s boys have only one parent with powers and they don’t seem to exhibit any powers yet.  Would Nathan and Peter’s powers be different if they were Kaito’s sons and not Mr. Petrelli’s?  Or are they Kaito’s?

Meanwhile, secrets still abound in the Bennett family.  As Noah and the Haitian continue to search for the remaining paintings, he reflects over the one found last week depicting his death with Claire and a boy in the background.  In the meantime, Claire is lying to her father to see West, to whom she reveals way too much about herself. 

I’m starting to believe those of you who think West is a plant by The Company to find the Bennetts.  He was pushing way to hard for Claire to continue to see him.  And he was digging way to much into her business.  And he’s still creepy, even for a high school boy.  Wake up Claire!!!

We met a new hero in New Orleans this week.  Micah, who didn’t take long to disobey his mom and use his powers, has a cousin who is just coming into her powers.  Is it me, or does cousin Monica’s powers remind you a lot of a waitress in Texas from last season?  As far as powers go, the ability to learn like that would be a pretty cool one in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I think her efforts to thwart the robbery might bring a little too much attention to her powers.

And finally, we are to Maya and Alejandro.  Good news — they didn’t kill or resurrect anyone this week.  Instead they meet Sylar.  No explanation about how he came to be face down in the street yet.  Since the wonder twins are still alive, I can only assume that he still doesn’t have his abilities or the ability to absorb powers.  BTW, love the metaphor of his watch being broken too.

Sylar being paired with the Maya and Alejandro can’t be good news.  It definitely wasn’t for Derek.  And what is with the cockroach?  Is it Sylar’s calling card?  Or is he like the cockroach and never dies?

No sight of Hiro, Peter or Niki this week.  Overall, I was excited about this episode because we are finally moving the story about this season’s big bad forward.  I just want to know more about the Dirty Dozen!


One Response to ‘Heroes’ finally reveals the identity of Nightmare Man in ‘The Kindness of Strangers’

  1. vacelts says:

    Did anyone notice that the car Derek had in Mexico was suppose to be the same Nissan Rogue that was stolen from Claire?

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