Matt Reunites with his mysterious dad in Heroes’ Fight or Flight

In the fifth installment of Heroes, Matt saw his father for the first time since he was 13 and we finally got to meet Molly’s Nightmare Man.  But we learn that family connections are anything but easy in “Fight or Flight.”

Kristen Bell joins the cast as ElleDespite his powers, the Nightmare Man (Alan Blumenfeld) is everything Matt remembered about his father — a con man out only for himself.  However, his powers make Parkman Senior more than just a deadbeat dad — he is a man with an evil agenda, that includes the elimination of the original 12 heroes and holding Molly hostage.

I was not surprise to see Nathan head to Philly with Matt.  Finally sober, I think Nathan is ready to pursue some answers.  However, either the two really don’t work well together or they are very naive.  First, they bought into the idea that Parkman Senior was also on the hit list.  The pair seemed to forget that the Nightmare Man was holding Molly hostage in her own mind — not something an innocent man would do.  Even if he was in hiding, he could have just blocked Molly out.

It was aggravating enough that Matt and Nathan kept letting Parkman Senior distract them from getting answers, but then when Nathan told Matt to just read his mind I wanted to scream at the TV.  Why would Nathan expose Matt like that?  Why didn’t he just tell him in his mind to read Nightmare Man’s mind?  And knowing about some of his dad’s abilities, did Matt really think that he was going to just let him read his mind?

It’s no wonder that Matt and Nathan were so easily trapped in their own nightmares, which were in their own right interesting.  Nathan obviously still carries a lot of guilt about Peter.  Will his burned self start to manifest itself like Niki’s Jessica?

Matt’s nightmare was a little stranger since we’ve heard very little about his ex-wife and the baby this season, but apparently he is carrying some guilt there too. 

In the end, we learned very little about the Dirty Dozen except that Bob from The Company is next on the hit list.  Does that mean that there will be no more attempts on Angela?   Pretty lame hit man that leaves someone still alive if you ask me.

Meanwhile back in New York, Mohinder takes Molly into The Company for help.  Does anyone else think that Mohinder is in over his head?  This man is way too wishy washy to be a key component in a plan to take down The Company.  The whole reason he and Matt have Molly is to keep her out of the hands of The Company and then he willingly delivers her to their door.

This same man then lectures Bob about using a taser just moments before he uses it on Jessica to save Bob, the man he’s trying to take down.  And then he tries to help Niki escape. 

Niki, by the way, still thinks The Company is helping her get rid of Jessica.  Personally, I think they are trying to figure out how to extract Jessica and control her for their own gain.  But I’ll save that rant for next week when Mohinder gets all morale again and lectures Bob about experimenting with the virus.

For now, Mohinder has gone to New Orleans to do who knows what to Monica.  He might think he’s helping, but he’s just playing into the hands of The Company.

Meanwhile, Monica, with the help of Micah, is discovering and testing her copycatting abilities, which, by the way, I still think is one of the coolest powers.  Nice to see Isaac’s work is still around.  Is the superhero Copycat in the “9th Wonder” a little foreshadowing of Monica’s future (if Mohinder doesn’t mess with it)?  Will she become our first true superhero, donning a disguising and fighting evil?  She definitely has the attitude for it.  Will Micah become her sidekick?  It’ll be neat to see someone actually find a good use for their powers.

Likewise, in Cork, Peter is channeling a little Isaac when he paints a picture of himself and Caitlin in Montreal.  The painting goes nicely with what he found in his box when he finally opened it — a passport and a one-way ticket to Montreal.  Where did the ticket and the passport come from?  Sounds a little like a set up to me?  As far as we know Peter was planning no trips to Montreal before the season finale and he probably didn’t have his passport on him when he went supernova.  Whoever put him in the box, must’ve put those things there as well.  The big question is who put him in the box?

Because there was a picture of Peter with Nathan, I wondered if Nathan did it.  But he’s showing way too much guilt for someone who would know Peter was alive.  So my guess is Angela and she must’ve left further clues for him at the building in Montreal.  What do you think?

And what secrets can be held in Montreal?  Will it be the key to bring down The Company?  Is that why they are now looking for Peter?

The hunt for Peter brings us to the big guest star of the week — Kristen Bell as Elle, an agent for The Company and the daughter of someone with an agenda.  She said she worked for a company, I just assumed it was The Company.  If I’m right, then I’m guessing she’s Bob’s daughter.  Anyone else think someone different is her dad?

Also do we assume because Peter can also shoot lighting out of his hands that he has been in contact with Peter before?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I wasn’t impressed with Kristen Bell’s character.  Except for the mischievousness (if that’s what you want to call killing Ricky), Elle reminded me too much of Veronica Mars.  I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it.

We only caught a glimpse of Noah, the Haitian and Hiro this week.  Noah and the Haitian are in what looked like Russia looking for the missing Isaac paintings.  I wonder what lie he told his family for this trip.

Hiro is still in feudal Japan watching Takezo and Yaeko fall in love while trying to save her dad.  What was more interesting was watching a frustrated Ando trying to find out what the damaged scrolls said.  His interaction with the restorer was cute.  Desperate to know what happens next, he asks the restorer who says something like “how should I know.”

No Maya, Alejandro or Sylar this week.  Yeah!  There was also no sign of Claire and the creepy West.

SciFi Weekly is reporting that Kring says we will be seeing more of the people from the Dirty Dozen photo that included Angela and Matt’s dad this season.  Personally, I’m looking forward to knowing more about the original 12.

Until next week, I leave you to ponder your theories.


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