Does Heroes cross The Line with another disaster for New York?

After the sixth episode of Heroes, fans everywhere are asking who is Adam Monroe?  But Adam’s identity isn’t the only new question fans are left with after watching “The Line.”  There’s the state of New York on June 14, 2008 and the contents of Isaac’s paintings to debate too.

“The Line” was about various characters reaching a crossroads of sort and choosing which direction to proceed.

Niki’s backHowever, in true Mohinder fashion, Mohinder remained wishy washy, going back and forth on his decision to work for The Company while preaching about right and wrong.  In the end, he stayed with The Company.  But we learned a few things in the process.

The Company has a file on Adam Monroe and, according to Bob, he is an individual posing a potential danger.

Monica has been bagged and tagged by The Company.  But unlike last year, she’s fully aware of her adventure.  She’s given a cover story, contacts, gifts (a loaded iPod) and encouragement to help her city.  Is this new upfrontness a direct result of The Company no longer having the services of the Haitian?  And although we know that Mohinder didn’t inject Monica with the mutated virus, I have to wonder if Bob sent someone else in to do the job while Mohinder was taking his morale stance?

While Bob told Mohinder that The Company needs him to keep them in line morally, I wasn’t surprised when Mohinder got a new partner — to keep him in line.  A supposedly cured Niki reappears, touting The Company’s line about doing good things. 

Meanwhile Peter and a vengeful Caitlin head to a building in Montreal bearing the logo of his father’s law firm just as the painting predicted.  In it, they find a note of warning for Peter from Adam.  One can only assume it’s the same Adam The Company has a file on.  But before they can discuss what it means, the pair are whisked a la Hiro’s time travel powers to a deserted New York City on June 14, 2008 where they learn the city has been evacuated.

I thought wow; we know the date of the season finale already.  But alas, June 14th isn’t a Monday.  My other thought was New York again?!  Do you know how many cities the US has?  They couldn’t tap a different one for this season’s pending disaster?

Looking at next week’s preview of Peter and Caitlin in a decon shower, I’m guess the pending disaster is something biological.  Guess Mohinder’s preaching about the virus spreading to the general public wasn’t just posturing.

Back in present day in Odessa, Ukraine, Noah and the Haitian are hot on the trail of Isaac’s last seven paintings.  They visit Noah’s mentor where they proceed to torture him by removing memories of his family.  That’s one that Jack Bauer never used.  But apparently it was effective.

When his mentor offers him a way out of the “on the lam life” with his family, Noah actually looks like he’s considering it.  But in the end, he crosses the line against The Company and kills his mentor.

Together Noah and the Haitian examine the paintings in a warehouse, but we are offered little insight.  Here’s what I saw

  • HRG dead with a blonde kissing a boy in the background.  This painting is the one Mohinder found a couple weeks ago.
  • A man shooting a gun.  My guess is that it was Nathan.
  • Hiro fighting what looks like Takezo.
  • A hand with a needle (or was it a vile?).  Looks like Niki is doing this very thing in next week’s preview.
  • I didn’t catch a good look at the other three, but here’s what the folks at TVSquad say they were and my thoughts on them:

  • A blonde hanging out a window.  Could be Niki or maybe Kristen Bell’s character?
  • Peter looking into a mirror that says biohazard.  Probably from future New York.
  • A painting of Claire sprawled on the steps.  Could this be her prank with the cheerleader?
  • What did you see in the paintings?

    Speaking of Claire, she partnered with the ever creepy West to pull the over-the-line prank on the Heathers — I mean head cheerleader.  Faking (I’m not sure that’s the right word) her own death, she gets the drunk head cheerleader suspended from school and cheerleader, earning her a place on the team.

    TakezoMeanwhile back in feudal Japan, Hiro crosses the line by kissing Yaeko, disrupting the time/space continuum and crossing Takezo, who saw the kiss.  Takezo then double crosses Hiro with White Beard.  Could a 400-year-old Takezo still be seeking revenge on Hiro and his family in present day?

    The part of Ando, and now the restorer, reading the story is still the best part of the tale.  I have one question though.  If Hiro is betrayed by Takezo and left unconscious at the hands of White Beard with no access to Takezo’s sword, how did the scroll get in there?

    The wonder twins are back in this episode, but all is not wonderful as Sylar wedges himself between the too.  It gets worse when he influences Maya to use her powers to kill the Citizen Border Patrol so they could cross the border and Alejandro tells her that the next time she uses her power he intends to let Sylar die.  That’s okay, because Sylar is still planning to kill the pair when he gets his powers back.  In the meantime, he’s content to play with his new toy (Maya).

    No more on Matt and his dad or Nathan and his mom this week.  Kristen Bell’s character and Micah were also missing in this episode.

    Not a bad episode in my opinion.  It kept the storyline moving and gave us a few new things to ponder.


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