No Eggs for Minors this Halloween

I just read an article about a grocery store that is refusing to sell eggs to minors this week.  Call me naive, but I didn’t realize that egging had become such a huge issue.

Egg BanWhen I was a kid, my pranks were innocent.  We toilet papered each others houses.  We had shaving cream fights.  My pranks were all things that were fun and mischevious, but relatively harmless to private property.  Sure we made a mess, but we always cleaned it up.

I knew there were some kids that pulled more damaging pranks like egging at Halloween, but in reality the incidents of these pranks were always fewer than imagined.  I thought the “greatness” of these pranks were urban legends brought to us by teen comedy movies.

Apparently, I either lived in very courtesy neighborhoods (the worst I’ve seen here is smashed pumpkins) or I lived a very sheltered life.  Egging must be more popular these days if grocers are banning minors from buying eggs.

Now I’m not actually condoning the prank of egging, but I have to ask if this restriction will really quell the pranksters?

As a teenager, I was into cheap entertainment and it had to be something pretty big for me to spend my hard-earned money.  So I have to ask, do teenagers really spend their own money to buy eggs for this prank? Or do they just take them from their parents fridge? 

If the later is true, then the ban on egg purchases does nothing to prevent egging and probably actually invites an egging on this grocer.

So tell me, is egging a real problem in your neighborhood?  What are the pranks teens are pulling in your neighborhood this Halloween?


One Response to No Eggs for Minors this Halloween

  1. Debbie says:

    As a high school teacher in the projects, I’ve been a victim of a few pranks. Last Halloween, I put my car in the garage just moments before my students came to kill my Mustang GT. Deb

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