Did Heroes ‘Out of Time’ leave viewers out of patience?

Bob tells Nathan about Adam MonroeBob tells Nathan about Adam MonroeLast week, “The Line” left us wondering who Adam Monroe was.  This week’s episode of Heroes not only revealed Adam’s identity, it also gave us a bit of his history.  But even with these new revelations “Out of Time” left us with more questions than it gave us answers.

Adam Monroe
Bob tells Nathan about Adam MonroeAfter seeing Takezo swear his vengeance on Hiro just before the explosion in White Beard’s camp, I easily guessed (and I’m sure that I wasn’t alone) that David Ander’s Takezo was Adam Monroe.  And the final scene with Peter confirmed this hypothesis.  However, Bob’s revelations about Adam were even more interesting than his true identity.

Bob tells Nathan in his brief History 101 that Adam is the one that brought the original 12 heroes together to do good (I’m sure Miami appreciates that).  But then Adam later started talking of seeking vengeance on the humans and apocalypses causing The Company locked him up and through away the key until he escaped two weeks ago.

When Adam brought the others together was he truly interested in doing good?  Did Hiro really bring out the “hero” in him?  Or was the union a way for him to enact revenge on Hiro?  I can see why Adam would seek out Kaito, but why the others?  Had someone in their family wronged him over time or was he just interested in others with powers?

If Adam was actually interested in doing good when he formed the group, what made him change?  If not, why did he decide to seek revenge now?  Or has he always been trying, but there have been heroes throughout the years that have thwarted him?

By the way, Adam looked pretty good for being close to 400 years old.  Does the power of regeneration mean that person doesn’t age?  Does that mean that Claire will always look like a 16-year-old girl?  What I wouldn’t give to have the body I had when I was 16!  Or did he somehow learn to reverse the aging at will?  The picture of the unidentified man in the photo of what my husband likes to call The League of 12, doesn’t look like David Anders — at least not at the age he was when he was Takezo.

The Company
Now, back to The Company.  The revelations about Adam leave many questions about The Company.  They’ve allude to it several time, but it’s never been confirmed — Is The Company the result of the union of the League of 12?  Or was The Company formed later after the League splintered?  Where all 12 members of the League a part of The Company?  By the way, Nathan gave us another family name to add to the League roster — Pratt — when he was reading off the file names in Bob’s office.  Do we know Bob’s last name?

As Bob tells it, Linderman was Adam’s biggest disciple when he went all apocalyptic; thus, Linderman’s plan to wipe out New York last season.  Wasn’t Linderman in charge of The Company last season?  Here’s where the story of The Company gets a little hinky if Bob is to be believed.

According to him, The Company is no longer in the business of wiping out the population.  Yeah right.  After their attempt to destroy New York failed, The  Company, now under Bob’s leadership (just how did he come into power anyway?), does a full 180 degree turn?   Then why is it developing a virus?  Why is it still bagging and tagging those with powers?  Why is it employing the brute powers of Niki — or is it Jessica?

But back to Adam.  How long did The Company have him locked away?  Surely, Linderman wouldn’t have his mentor imprisoned.  If he wasn’t locked away last season, was he actually behind Linderman’s plan?  How did he escape two weeks ago?

To listen to Bob, Adam is really the big bad this season and is the one offing the League of 12 and he is just using Maury Parkman as a weapon.  How did he convince Maury to do his dirty work?  Adam does fit the description of the guy who killed Kaito.  But why is he eliminating what at one time must have been colleagues, if not friends?

I think Adam is running The Company — always has.  The idea of his capture is just to make Bob and The Company look like the good guys.  And Adam is eliminating League members who failed him last season and befriending new heroes — like Peter — to take their place.

Peter Petrelli
We learned from Bob that Peter had been in the custody of The Company three months ago for testing — I mean recuperation.  And apparently they’ve been keeping tabs on him since he left.  Or they were; which can explain why they sent Elle (Kristen Bell) to find him again.  It’s clear from the previews for next week she works for The Company.  But is she Bob’s daughter or Adam’s?

Peter’s stay at The Company still doesn’t explain where he was the first month after leaving Kirby Plaza.  Looks like from the previews for next week, this stay is where Peter meets Adam.  Did they “escape” together?  We’re still no closer to knowing how Peter lost his memory and ended up in the crate in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Peter in 2008 finally regains his memory after meeting up with his mom.  Since she seems relieved to know that he’s alive, I guess it means that he still hasn’t reconnected with his family in this version of the future.  Interesting how Mama Petrelli suddenly seems to care so much about the son she was willing to sacrifice last season — must be because, as she puts it, he’s the most powerful one of all.

We learn that the Shianti (isn’t that Mohinder’s sister’s name?) virus has taken out 93 percent of the world’s population and that Nathan died in the first outbreak which took place in March.  The rest of the world is living in quarantine.  Someone explain to me how Adam, Linderman, The Company or whoever is behind this apocalypse rationalizes this as a good thing.

When Peter returns to the present, not at his own initiative since he still can’t control his powers, he is greeted by Adam, but he’s sans Caitlin.  So what happens when you are left in the future?  Do you just cease to exist in the present?

The Parkmans, Mohinder, Molly and Niki
Matt and Nathan arrive at The Company to warn Bob he’s next on Maury’s hit list in what had to be the longest trip from Philly to New York.  I mean Peter made it from Ireland to Montreal to the future in less time than it took for Matt and Nathan to return.

Matt quickly embraces his power and has an anti-climatic battle with Maury where his rescues Molly and traps Maury in his own mind.  Wow, Matt wins the award for quickest learner by mastering his expanding power so quickly.  And I’m sure we can chalk up his victory to Maury underestimating him, but it sure seems like it should have been a bigger battle.  Did the writers not really know how to handle it or is it just me?

Meanwhile Mohinder and Niki are tasked with injecting Maury with the virus to stop him.  In true Mohinder fashion, he preaches about how immoral this solution is as he leads Niki to where the last of the virus is kept.

Niki is battling her own demons — instead of seeing Jessica, she’s now seeing D.L.  Assuming she is Niki and not Jessica, does that mean that since they cured her of one split personality that she is susceptible to another?  Will she get a new split every time someone she cares about is wrongly killed?  Or were the D.L. sighting a result of Maury’s influence?  Speaking of D.L., the previews for next week make it seem like his death isn’t exactly as we thought — a direct result of the Kirby Plaza incident.  Needless to say, her visions of D.L. — whether from internal conflicts or Maury’s influence — cause her to go all Hyde on The Company, breaking Mohinder’s nose. 

In the end she injects herself with the virus to break the nightmare.  Were Nathan and Bob exposed at this point?  No surprise that Mohinder’s blood doesn’t work as a cure for the mutated virus.  But I think Bob knew that hence his pitch to the ever so easily manipulated Mohinder to find a new “cure” by taking Claire into custody.

The Bennetts and West
Thanks to her and West’s prank, Claire is now on The Company’s radar (if you believe she was actually hidden from them).  Did she really think that her prank would go unnoticed?  Sure, the idea that it made the paper is a little extremely, but, of course, everyone is talking about.  But is that what West intended?

He’s playing her for everything he’s got.  Why else would he show up to her house after she told him that her dad didn’t want her to date?  Was he confirming Noah’s identity or was the “accidental” meeting with HRG suppose to be his way of disappearing from Claire’s life.

And why, oh why, would she lie to her dad about West being at her house.  Did she really think her mom wasn’t going to say anything to Noah?  Looks like the Bennetts are on the run again.  Will it be enough to save Noah from his fate as foretold in the last of Isaac’s paintings?

The Paintings
Before returning home, Noah and the Haitian burn the last of the paintings after taking pictures of them.  Is it me or did they appear to burn funny?

Did anyone else think it’s strange than Noah was more concerned about the picture of Mohinder than the one of his daughter lying dead?  Maybe it’s because he knows she can heal herself or maybe it was because the one of Mohinder with a gun was right before the one of him dead.

Wow, did we just fly through these painting is this episode.  We know the first painting of Kaito’s death as taken place.  I think we confirmed that the second painting was Claire last week.  The third painting of the hand holding the vial is Niki taking out the virus to give to Maury.   The fourth painting was a nightmare-influenced Niki pounding on the door to Bob’s office.  The fifth painting was Peter in the future looking out at the make-shift morgue housing the thousands dead from the virus.  The sixth painting is the big fight scene between Hiro and what we now know as Adam before the explosion at White Beard’s camp. 

That only leaves two paintings to come, which seems kind of anti-climatic after the big effort to find the paintings.  We have the painting of Mohinder with a broken nose (we know how he got that) shooting a Company gun (we saw him get that) and the painting of HRG’s death.  Does Mohinder kill Noah?  Or does Mohinder shoot Noah’s killer?

Hiro and Ando
The dynamic duo are finally reunited after we learn (is there anyone who hadn’t guessed this?) that Hiro is the true legendary Takezo who won the heart of the princess and destroyed White Beard’s guns thereby defeating his army and saving Japan.  The reunion is bitter sweet when Ando has to tell Hiro of his dad’s demise.

We did learn one interesting thing about Hiro during his capture at White Beard’s camp.  He can’t use his powers if he can’t concentrate.  Takezo/Adam kept him disoriented by using opium.

Overall, I found this episode frustrating.  The mythology about the League and the Company seems to be conflicting.  Will we ever learn the truth?  There were several anti-climatic moments during this episode that was otherwise filled with so much.  And yet we were left with so many questions?  Next week promises to tell us what really happened after Kirby Plaza, I hope it follows through on this promise because I want answers!

Until next week, I leave you to your theories.


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