On Heroes, Who’s Telling the Truth in ‘Truth & Consequences’

In the 10th episode of Heroes, we finally got to meet Victoria Pratt, one of the founders of The Company and the engineer behind the deadly virus that could wipe out 23% of the population.  In “Truth & Consequences,” Peter and Adam track down the now-retired Victoria, but they aren’t the only ones who learn more about the virus.  But who is telling the truth?

St. JoanAfter learning that Takezo is now going by the name of Adam Monroe, Hiro travels back to the 1970s where he learns that Adam tried to steal the deadly strain of the virus and that is why he was locked away for 30 years by order of Kaito.  Well that reason sounds more plausible for locking away Adam than the one they gave last week — fact that he never grows old.

If Kaito signed the order for Adam’s incarceration does that mean that he once ran The Company?  The flashback scene makes it look like Adam was a nobody.  Victoria says he couldn’t have gotten in there without help (my guess is that it was the Petrellis and/or Linderman who helped him).  But I thought Adam is the one that brought them all together. 

Adam is clearly not a member of the Legion of 12, or at least not one of the 12.  In The Company picture (probably taken during Adam’s incarceration), there are 12 people featured but Adam is not there.

From this flashback, Hiro learns that the virus is now kept at the Primatech Paper building in Odessa, Texas and heads there sans Ando to stop Adam from releasing it.  Personally, I liked it better when Hiro traveled with Ando.

Meanwhile, Peter and Adam visit Victoria Pratt (Joanna Cassidy).  Besides learning that she was once a bio-engineer for The Company before quitting after Adam’s first attempt to spread the virus, we don’t learn much about her. 

What was her power?  Why didn’t she use it on Peter and Adam instead of the shotgun?  Personally, I liked that she at least had a gun to protect her, but she wasn’t real smart about it.  C’mon, if The Company wanted to kill her, would they really just send someone who walked up her walk to chat?  But we did learn that there is a way to kill Adam – take off his head.  It sounds a lot like a vampire to me.  Do you think the same is true for Claire?

Why was The Company tampering with the virus to begin with?  What was it that the Petrellis did that made her dislike them so badly?  Can you really just quit The Company?  If she did quit, why was she in the picture that was obviously taken years later?

Regardless, Peter read her mind about the location of virus.  Why didn’t she guard her thoughts better?  I guess she let her guard down because she thought Peter was a time traveler.  But I would have thought that when he survived the shotgun blast, it would have given her a hint that he wasn’t a mere time traveler.

However, Peter still believes in Adam’s claim that he wants to destroy the virus even after he shot Victoria.  They then head for Odessa to “prevent the release of the virus” and for a showdown with Hiro.  It looks like Peter’s actually going to be responsible for its release.  Is he always going to be so detrimental to society?  For someone who seems to have good intentions, he always seems to be on the cusp of destroying the world.

And speaking of repeats from last season, Sylar is back in the US and has added another victim to his tally.  After convincing Maya that her brother hates her and that he’s better off without her, Sylar then kills Alejandro.  Here the clock ticking?  From next week’s previews, it won’t be long before Sylar has his powers back — this time with his own disciple.  When he gets his powers back will he keep Maya as his play toy (they did really bond over that we are both misunderstood murders thing) or we’ll he kill her for her power?

Is it me or is the bad guy side getting a little crowded?  We have the ever present Company and its secret plans.  We have Adam, who is trying to release the virus while enacting revenge on Hiro and is responsible for at least two deaths of the original Legion of 12.  And now Sylar is back and he’s got a minion to do his bidding.

At least we got one genuine do-good superhero out there now – albeit not necessarily a good one.  Monica’s plans weren’t completely thought out when she decided to don her St. Joan costume to retrieve Micah’s only tangible memory of his father – the Medal of Honor – stolen when his less than honorable cousin decided to see just how valuable Micah’s comics were.  She ends up getting caught by the thugs.  Guess she should have watched a little more of that iPod.

Meanwhile we learned that Claire’s blood not only healed Noah, but that combined with Mohinder’s blood worked as a cure for the virus that infected Niki.  By the way, which strain was that one?

Mohinder seemed to have grown a spine as he spouted Company propaganda and blamed Noah for the fact that Mohinder had to shoot him.  But now that Mohinder is faced with the moral dilemma of having to save Niki from the virus or Molly from Sylar, what will he do?

No word yet on just what The Company has planned for Noah, but whatever it is they have no intention of letting his family know he’s alive.  I loved that Mrs. Bennett had a gun out when Bob visited with the urn.  Too bad she didn’t use it. 

And the big show down between Claire and Elle was lame.  I mean her big move is to threaten to go public.  Please!  That was a waste of a scene.  I’d rather know just where are the Bennetts planning to go in their big move?  Or learn more about West’s parents/purpose.

Overall, not as impressive of an episode as I would have hoped just one week out from the chapter (and possible season) finale, but at least it moved the story forward.


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