‘Powerless’ Closes Another Chapter of ‘Heroes’

I’m kind of relieved that Heroes will be on a bit of a break for awhile.  Quite simply, “Powerless” left me feeling ambivalent at best. 

Heroes PowerlessI want to enjoy Heroes, but I felt let down by the episode.  Granted, this episode wasn’t intended to be a season finale when originally written.  Yet, even as a chapter finale it was a disappointment. 

We know little more about The Company’s end game.  Neither villain was killed.  The epic battle scene was neither epic or even really a battle.  Two different heroes on separate sides of the country had the same idea to expose The Company as, in my opinion, a pretty lame attempt to stop its efforts (which we still don’t entirely know what they are) and both were unsuccessful.

And the character I am most interested in what happens to is Caitlin.  Not because I really care about Caitlin, I’m just intrigued, if not confused, by the time/space continuum thing.  If Caitlin is stuck in the alternate future where the virus was released and that future is no longer possible, what happened to Caitlin?  Does she return to the present?  Is she gone?  Does she show up in the changed future?  Will Heroes bother to address this issue or will Caitlin simply be forgotten?

But back to this episode.  I was wrong on my guesses for who died – sort of.  I thought it was going to be Maya and Adam.  Yes, Maya did die, but was healed by Claire/Mohinder’s blood.  So it not only cures the virus, it heals the dead/dying.

And while Adam isn’t dead, he is presumably “buried” away where he can’t hurt anyone.  I thought it was pretty cool, even cruel, of Hiro to bury Adam alive, but it definitely opens the possibility of his return.  Will we ever be completely rid of any of these villains?

The deaths were Niki, who dies in a fire rescuing Monica, and Nathan, who is shot during a press conference to expose The Company.

Will either of these be permanent?  Surely, Peter can heal Nathan although explaining his resurrection might be a little hard since he was killed on national television.  And even if Peter doesn’t realize he can heal his brother, Angela knows.  But will the heartless witch bother?  After all she was ready to kill off Peter again this episode and never batted an eye when she heard Nathan was shot.

In fact, my guess was that she actually shot Nathan to protect her secrets until I saw the figure walk away.  Was that HRG that shot Nathan?

I guess Niki is really dead, but is it a big deal since she was dying anyways?  Or was she?  Mohinder said Sylar had the same virus strain that Niki had.  He had to be given it what four or five months ago and he was still alive.  The way Mohinder talked Niki was going to die any minute.  Either she wasn’t dying at all or the virus takes a bit of time to kill.

Claire’s storyline was short lived leaving HRG working for The Company again and the rest of the Bennett family temporarily safe.  But since neither The Company nor HRG can be trusted (for different reasons), I don’t see the relationship lasting.  The only plus here is that West is history after bailing on Claire to save his own skin.

Meanwhile Elle was all over the place this episode – trying to please her daddy by going after Sylar herself, but still going to HRG to find out more about Bob’s testing of her powers as a child.  Does she want his love so much that she’s going to forgive the way he treated her as a child or will she seek revenge?  And just what happened to her file?

The big showdown at Primatech was so anticlimactic that it’s not even worth talking about.  I think that Matt’s new powers are pretty cool, but they really don’t make for a good show in a big battle.

So what’s in store for the next chapter?  Apparently Sylar has his powers back, but that storyline is tired.  I’d rather see him gone.  How much more can we see of The Company?  Aren’t Bob and Angela the only ones left?

Let’s hope that this break will give the writer some time to work on pacing issues, story flow and some original (or at least not from Season 1) storylines.  I want to be excited about this show again.


2 Responses to ‘Powerless’ Closes Another Chapter of ‘Heroes’

  1. porkozone says:

    In comic books, it’s rare that the hero ever kills the villian – they just get thwarted and return later…it’s mainly in movies that the bad guy has to die in the end for us to feel safe…or in movie adaptations of comic books. I think Heroes is sticking to more traditional comic superhero plots in a way…with several villians that keep popping up, and eventually THEIR paths cross, just like the heroes do.

  2. […] neither died on the last episode of Heroes, both lives were left in peril.  Was Niki still in the house when it exploded?  If not, how did […]

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