20 Burning Questions About ‘Heroes’

Volume 2 of Heroes has closed, but questions remain.  The biggest, of course, being when will Heroes return and what will Volume 3 “Villains” hold?

But as the third volume remains in a state of flux due to the writer’s strike, I have plenty of time to ponder those possibilities.  However, in the meantime, I have 20 burning questions (in no particular order) that I’m hoping the writers will be answering when the show returns.

1.  Do Niki and Nathan live? 

Although neither died on the last episode of Heroes, both lives were left in peril.  Was Niki still in the house when it exploded?  If not, how did she get out?  Will Nathan survive the gunshot wound?  If so, does he have some superhero assistance to do so?

2.  And just who shot Nathan?

I think it’s obvious The Company is behind the hit, but who actually did the shooting?  Was it HRG, back working for The Company?  Was it Claude returning?  Or was it someone new?

3.  What happened to Caitlin?

I know I brought this one up before, but what happened to Caitlin?  Does she cease to exist now that the future she was in no longer exists?  Is she still in the future, just a different future?  If so, what does she remember?  Will Peter ever find her or has he forgotten about her already?

4.  What else was in The Company vault?

What were the deep dark secrets The Company had hidden away?  Why were those items down there?  What happened to the contents of the vault?  Did Nathan, Peter and Matt take anything or destroy it?  Or did they leave it intact?

5.  Who is in The Company jail in Odessa?

When Hiro and Adam went into the depths of Primatech in Odessa, Adam told Hiro that this level is where the cells were.  Are these the same cells we saw Sylar in last season?  Who is The Company keeping in their little jail?  And why? 

6.  How many other “jails” do they have?

Adam and Peter were kept in cells in New York.  Is that where they are keeping Maury Parkman now?  And Sylar, in the beginning of the season, was kept somewhere in Mexico.  Just how many of these little prisons does The Company have?

7.  Who was Angela talking to on the phone at the end?

The logical answer is Bob.  But I get the feeling that there is someone else higher up pulling the strings.  In Season 1 we were led to believe that Linderman ran The Company, but when he died, he was seamlessly replaced by Bob in Season 2.  No power struggle among partners which makes me think he was appointed by someone at the top, a top that we haven’t seen yet.

8.  Just how big is The Company?

It have offices (with prisons) in Odessa and New York and, at the very least, a warehouse in the Ukraine and a prison in Mexico.  Just how big is this Company?  How many people are involved?  Are they all people with powers?

9.  Who are the other members of the League of 12? 

We’ve seen a picture of all 12 members, but we’ve only met seven – Angela Petrelli, Daniel Linderman, Kaito Nakamura, Charles Deveaux, Maury Parkman, Victoria Pratt and Bob.  We know, although have not met Arthur Petrrelli.  Who are the other four?  We know from the picture that it’s two women and two men.  We know that this picture was taken after Adam Monroe was incarcerated so he isn’t one of them.

10.  And who is still alive?

Of the eight members of the League of 12 that we know about only three are still alive – Angela, Maury (although he’s trapped in his own mind) and Bob.  What is the status of the other four?  Are they alive or did Adam already get to them?

11.  How did the League of 12 form?

According to Bob’s story, Adam brought the League together to do good.  But exactly how did he do it?  How did the various members meet?  From the graphic novels, we know that Linderman and Arthur Petrelli met during the war.  But how do 10 others with powers come to know each other, let alone form their own version of a Justice League?  We have at least that many heroes in the current generation and after saving New York in Season 1 they all walked away from one another as if it never happened.

11.  What were their powers?

I only know what the powers are of three of the League of 12 – Bob can turn metal into gold, Linderman could heal and Maury can read and control minds.  I think but do not have firm confirmation that Angela has dream premonitions and the Deveaux had some kind of mental power.  But what were all the others’ powers?  Thanks to Bob’s story, we know at least one of them could control weather or freeze water, something to make a hurricane turn to snow.

12.  What caused the League of 12 to splinter?

The older heroes keep mentioning a division among them, some event that seemed to drive them apart, at least ethically.  But what was it?  Clearly over time their definition of “doing good” has changed.  But what was it that caused the group to splinter?  And who was on each side of the controversy.  I don’t think it was Adam and the virus, because they are clearly still a group when the photo of the 12 of them was taken, which appears to be years after Adam and the deadly strain of the virus were locked away.

13.  Why would Angela protect Victoria?

It’s clear that Angela and Victoria didn’t care for each other and that Victoria didn’t approve of Angela’s methods.  So why is it that a woman who chooses The Company over her own children would so vehemently protect Victoria?  It couldn’t be because Victoria knew the location of the virus.  Apparently, several people knew that location.

14.  What happened to Papa Petrelli?

We were told in Season 1 that Arthur committed suicide.  But given what we know about the Petrellis and their involvement with The Company, I have to wonder if that was just a cover.  So that leads me to question what really happened to Arthur?  Did his wife off him for The Company?  Did someone else?  Was he killed in the line of duty working for The Company?  Did he want out?  Did he not approve of Linderman’s plan for his sons?

15.  Why was the Takezo symbol a logo for the Petrelli law firm and not The Company?

When the symbol from Takezo’s sword started marking members of the Legion of 12 for death, Angela said the symbol was the logo for her husband’s law firm.  Why would Arthur use this symbol for his law firm?  I could understand Kaito using the symbol for his company, but why the Petrellis?  Why wouldn’t it be the mark for The Company?  Likewise, why did the Haitian have a necklace (the one he gave to Peter) with this symbol?  Did it show his allegiance to The Company or the Petrellis?

17.  Why was The Company experimenting with the virus to begin with?

Clearly The Company had been experimenting with the virus for a while.  We saw that with Hiro’s little journey to the 70s.  But why were they experimenting with it?  Where they trying to find a cure for the Shiantis of the world?  Or were they trying to find a why to rid people of their powers?  Or was it for the more deadly reason that Linderman and Adam have already both showed an interest in?

18.  Who are West’s parents?

Although I never really cared for West, I wondered who his parents were.  Did they have powers too?  If so, what were they?  Do they know their son can fly?  Why aren’t they a little more concerned about his showing his powers off in public?

19.  Who are Elle’s real parents?

I had similar questions about Elle’s real parentage.  Did they know what their daughter could do?  Did they have powers of their own?  Did they willingly give up their daughter?  If so, why?  If not, what do they think happened to her?  Will Elle go looking for them?

20.  How are powers passed on genetically?

How does one get his/her powers?  If it’s genetic, it should come from their parents.  How do powers pass from one generation to the next?  Can you have a power if you only have one parent with powers?  Why do some children get the same power as their parent (Matt) and other get different powers (Claire or Micah)?  How come Claire has powers, but Nathan’s boys don’t?  We saw several duplications of powers this season.  Claire and Adam could both regenerate.  Linderman could heal (not sure if his power was the same as Claire and Adam’s or just similar).  Nathan and West could both fly.  Does that mean there is a genetic connection to them or is it just coincidence?

Anyone want to offer some theories to answer these questions?  It looks like we’ll have plenty of tie to mull them over.  What Heroes questions are on your mind?


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10 Responses to 20 Burning Questions About ‘Heroes’

  1. fugo says:

    Linderman has the ability to heal others, unlike Claire and Adam who can ony heal others indirectly with an infusion of their blood. based on how he died (DL phases his fist into his skull) he doesn’t appear to have the regenerate-even-if-they-are-dead healing ability of Claire and Adam, although this might be because his brain was too severely damaged, because Adam told Peter that severe brain damage stops the process when they fight Victoria Pratt.

  2. vacelts says:

    fugo, thanks for the clarification. I was thinking that they weren’t exactly the same. But because their powers are similar, does that mean they are some how connected?

  3. vacelts says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

  4. edu says:

    To questions 9 and 10: Matt identifies all the 12 names, in post-its over the photo of the League of 12. See it here: http://heroeswiki.com/Image:Group_of_12_postitnotes.jpg So, the other four members would be: Paula Gramble, Carlos Mendez (Isaac’s dad?), Harry Fletcher and (Suzanne?) Ammaw. They’re all deceased.
    More in: http://heroeswiki.com/The_Company%27s_founders

    To question 19: Noah tells Elle that her father was the one who brough her to the Company, and that he directed the experiments on her, referring to Bob. Why do you think he’s not her real father?

  5. vacelts says:

    edu, There was something in the way Noah told Elle that made me think Bob wasn’t really her dad. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time the Company has “adopted” children with powers.

    Thanks for the link to the picture. I knew that Matt had identified them in the show, I just couldn’t find a copy of the photo with his notes. But that still doesn’t tell us “who” they were.

  6. Neofunka says:

    I think the dupplication of powers doesn’t have to be neccessarily a genetic connection. I remember Deveaux talking to Peter Petrelli, when he was helping him master his power mimetic abilities. Deveaux was generalizing about “that of your kind”, like if there were some number of limited different abilities they have already studied. Proof of that is the vast knowledge Deveaux had about Peter’s ability.
    PD: Nice forum, congratulations. And excuse my bad english.

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