Mistletoe Etiquette: How to Graceful Manage those Awkward Moments Under the Sprigs

Every year I put mistletoe up in my house.  For me, it’s a fun reminder to appreciate the loved ones in my life.  I never dreamed that mistletoe came with it’s own etiquette.

MistletoeI’m sure that everyone has a story about an awkward moment under the mistletoe.  Mine involves a party I went to with a friend and a sailor I’d just met.  But I was single, he wasn’t a bad kisser and we were all having a good time. 

Overall, not a terrifying story and something to laugh about now with friends.  But I can think of a few situations where being caught under the mistletoe can cause some serious discomfort.

What do you do when you are married, but are under the mistletoe with someone other than your spouse?  What if you find yourself under the sprigs with a co-worker at an office party?   What if you are caught under the mistletoe with a new neighbor, or worse yet, a complete stranger?

Well etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore has all the answers for you in The Clarisonic Mistletoe Manifesto: Make Merry but be Wary When Exchanging Kisses Under the Mistletoe.  She offers lots of options including the air kiss, the hand kiss, the cheek kiss and the corner kiss.

Hope these tips help you avoid any awkward moments this holiday.  Happy kissing! 

Photo by darwin Bell. (License: Creative Commons Attribution)


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