Sarah Conner loses a friend in ‘Gnothi Seuton’

The action continues in the second installment of Terminator:  The Sarah Conner Chronicles.  In “Gnothi Seuton” Sarah and John, with Cameron’s help, must not only adjust to a new life, but a new century.

Cameron kicks cyborg buttAppropriately titled, Gnothi Seuton is Greek for “know thyself.” And as Sarah is faced with acquiring new IDs for the trio, she struggles to know herself.

Not only is she faced with giving up the identity that ties her to John’s father, but she learns that the time jump was necessary because she died in 2005, not in a big bloody battle with a cyborg, but from a battle with cancer.

If that’s not enough, she suspects an old friend of betraying her.  And while Sarah’s tempted to believe Enrigue (Tony Amendola) when he denies being a snitch, Cameron doesn’t hesitate to eliminate the threat.  And as we find out later, it was a good thing since Enrigue was going to sell Sarah out to Agent Ellison.

Sarah also discovers that they are not alone in this new time.  No, she doesn’t know that the terminator Cromartie’s (David Kilde) head made the trip to the future with her, was reactivated by a cat and has reassembled itself. 

Instead, in the quest for new IDs, Cameron takes her to a safe house that is home to four resistance fighters sent back by future John to help them.  Unfortunately, a cyborg has beaten them to the house and killed three of the four fighters.  The fourth fighter is missing is action.  Who will he or she be?  Will (s)he connect with Sarah, John and Cameron?  And how long before the cyborg(s) sent back to eliminate the resistance fighters discover John is there and joins Cromartie in the efforts to kill him?

Meanwhile, John struggles with cabin fever and sneaks out of their hideaway.  Given the mistakes this kid made in this episode alone – searching for himself on the Internet on a demo computer connected to a huge LCD screen on display and breaking into Charley’s house and getting caught by Charley – it’s hard to believe that he will grow up to become the savior of the world.  But I guess we have to chalk it up to youthful stupidity.  We won’t even talk about the stupid mistakes I made as a kid.

My favorite character by far is Cameron.  I know some might be put off by John’s protector going from a huge guy (Arnold Schwarznegger) in T2 to a little girl in the series, but you have to admit that she can really kick butt and she does it with grace.

But aside from her fighting skills, she has some of the best lines and she brings a bit of humor to an action show.  I loved watching her trying to imitate the gang lookout by leaning on the car.

And when Sarah is ranting about not knowing herself and declares “I don’t even know my own name,” Cameron matter-of-factly states “Sarah Conner.”

Maybe I’m a little TV deprived lately, but I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.  I think I’ve found my Monday night substitute for Heroes while it’s on hiatus.


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    You can read my review of the pilot and the first half of the premiere at

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