Disney To Welcome Its First African-American Princess

Seventy years ago, Snow White made history for Walt Disney as the star of his first full-length film.  In would be 12 years before another princess followed in her footsteps, but follow they would.  First came Cinderella (1950), then Sleeping Beauty (1959), Ariel (1989) and Belle (1991). 

Princess and the FrogWhat did these five princesses all have it common – they were all white.  It wasn’t until Alladin was released in 1992, that Disney showcased its first non-Caucasian princess with Jasmine.  The diversity continued with Pocahontas (1995) and Mulan (1998).

Now in the 21st Century, Disney will release its first African-American princess in The Princess and the Frog.  Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls) will be the voice of Princess Tiana, a young girl who lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the Jazz age.  Expect lots of Cajun charm.

No word on who her prince will be.  But since I’m guessing Disney isn’t ready to tackle interracial couples (at least not in cartoons), I expect the prince to also be African-American.

Dr. Facilier, the villian, will be voiced by Keith David (Delta Force, ER).

The Princess and the Frog is expected to be released in late 2009.

Photo courtesy of Disney.


9 Responses to Disney To Welcome Its First African-American Princess

  1. StoneCypher says:

    But since I’m guessing Disney isn’t ready to tackle interracial couples (at least not in cartoons)

    Uh. What about Pocohontas? What about Lilo and Stitch? What about Fillmore?

  2. vacelts says:


    You are absolutely right. I need to brush up on my Disney DVDs. Thanks for the catch.

  3. Shinese says:

    My daughter love all the princesses, and i want to give her a princess party but i refuse to have the white princess with out having a black one, why is that. I walked in the store and started to buy my daughter a black princess for x-mas she was separated from the black man, but when i picked up the white princess she was with her husband. But then again yeah they maybe releasing a black princess but hell her name ain’t black and why do she have to be with a frog. This is pissing me off all the money i spend.

  4. vacelts says:

    Shinese, yeah, I’m not real sure how the frog is going to work in the plot, but I thought it was odd too.

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  6. eternalgrief says:

    well, it’s about time that they brought an african american princess to the screen. hopefully, they will follow up with an african princess and other races and cultures (for example: biracial mixes which clearly show the child has a mother and father of different races that love each other and are married, i feel my class isn’t represented as much, an african american female married to a caucasian male in a happy union for a good while.) as well so that little girls of the world can identify more with what they see in disney’s movies. i think they should go with loosely using actual stories and people or situations so that it can be applied to real life in a child’s mind more easily for real world current situations as well as old folklore and fairy tales. they are limiting themselves, since this world is full of all types of people, cultures, and lore. i think the character is cute, not unlike many african american females i see today. they should look to make characters representing all skin, shades, and characteristics. i’d love to see something more modern day with modern lessons. now that would be wonderful. i’m not so worried about the name as i am the hope that they will embody the strength, intelligence, dignity, love, beauty, and kindness of the character’s soul. they did pick a lovely person to voice her and i’m happy for that. as far as the name, maybe they should stick with unique names from that era. hopefully this will be a stepping stone to greater things for all people and bless everyone.

  7. eternalgrief says:

    i also wanted to point out that comment about the interracial couples being represented: maybe the point should be that anyone these days is hard to recognize and consider the common attitude of “anything but black” in the United States. this attitude means that ignorant people have weighed down the thinking (especially with caucasians) that you can date anyone but an african or african american person and it will be accepted. however, if you bring home someone in those two races, you are an outcast. that should be the point that i don’t even think disney is really ready to tackle. i believe that’s why they decided to do an early era african american princess. for even today, an african american woman dating a white male is taboo. in fact, i wrote an article about it if you’d like to read it and the statistics of interracial marriages today : http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/669975/an_article_about_racial_history_and.html?cat=41

  8. Queen says:

    I really don’t think our African American princess should be in an interracial marriage. Our children see enough of that. They should be able to see that there are still some Strong African American males, not saying anythings wrong with interracial marriage. They need to see that you don’t have to marry a man of another race to have beautiful children. that our men can be good providers, good fathers, husbands and just good men. We as a people should stand together and hold-up our Men and really encourage them and not always tearing them down they get enough of that from everybody else…

  9. Queen Nai says:

    I agree with Queen. They should have the Disney princess with an African-American male. This shit is racist. I am really sick of it. We need to come together and start back fighting for things again. It is a shame that it took this long for us to get a cartoon. I am also wondering is the movie titled The Princess&The Frog. Yes, Queen, we do have strong African-American males and that should be portrayed in the media. Disney is racist. We had to fight just to get this. We are really unjust ppl.

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