‘Supernatural’ — Dean’s Fate and Other Pressing Questions

Supernatural returned last night for the first of four episodes before CW puts it on hiatus (boo, hiss) and I have to say that it was absolutely stellar episode.  Every episode reminds me why I love this show so much.

Malleus MaleficarumI even learned something from this episode – that “Malleus Maleficarum,” the title of the episode, was a famous medieval treatise on witches.  However, the episode did leave me with a few questions.

First of all, though, I loved the story of the week.  I so saw the foreshadowing that Tammi (Marisa Ramirez) was going to be the demon.  After all it was very odd that she remained the quiet member of the “book club.” And I loved that book club was a euphuism for a witch’s coven.  It gives a whole new meaning to “girls night.”

But what I don’t understand is why Tammi was such a powerful demon.  I mean, hey, she repelled the bullet from the Colt.  Even the Yellow Eyed Demon couldn’t do that.

We learned in this episode how humans become demons, but how do certain demons become more powerful?

We also learned how Ruby (Katie Cassidy) became a demon and even why she’s helping the Winchesters – so that Sam will be prepared to fight without Dean.  But what I really want to know if why she cares.   Why does a demon like Ruby want to help rid other demons?  Does she still have some of her humanity left?  Or is she just eliminating the competition, gathering power?

We also now know that Ruby lied about being able to help Dean break his death pact with the crossroads demon.  Does that mean Dean has no hope left?

Personally, I think the thought of becoming a demon combined with the idea of Sam losing his morality will be enough incentive for Dean to fight to survive.  If Dean does however die (which I still think is unlikely), it won’t be without one helluva fight.

My last questions are about John Winchester.  Since he went to hell, does that mean he became a demon and that his boys might one day have to fight him?  Or did he escape before he was demonized when they open the gate to hell?  If he escaped, where is he now?

I doubt we’ll get the answers in the next three episodes.  But I’ll still be savoring every last minute of these final three episodes.  Then I’m off to re-watch the DVDs of Season 1 and 2.

During the hiatus, I highly recommend checking out the Supernatural novel series and the Supernatural comics.


15 Responses to ‘Supernatural’ — Dean’s Fate and Other Pressing Questions

  1. vacelts says:

    Not yet familiar with Supernatural? I’ve put an overview up at https://redlightnaps.wordpress.com/2007/04/19/save-supernatural/

  2. Sorilea says:

    I think there’s a very real possibility Dean won’t survive. Who knows, Jensen maybe has another deal in the works. Besides that, shocking seems to be the way shows want to go these days. I was disappointed Jeff Morgan was left, but if Jensen also leaves the show I feel that it will lose so much of itself that it’ll be unwatchable. I certainly don’t feel the same affinity for Sam that I do for Dean. Long live Dean Winchester!

  3. vacelts says:

    I don’t think they will kill Dean in the end, but I like how they aren’t making it easy on fans to dismiss the threat. In interviews, Jensen Ackles even seems to be sitting on the edge of his seat to see if Dean survives.

  4. DeadpoolPK001 says:

    I believe Dean will die…and season 4 will show him and his father in “hell” but escaping in order to help Sam fight the war which is coming.

    In the end i think Sam, Dean, their father, Ruby, and Bobby will be the fighters for humanity whenever this war actually happens.

  5. vacelts says:

    Deadpool, that would be an interesting twist.

  6. Now that the hiatus is coming up, but we know we have more episodes to look forward to, the novels and comics will be a welcome treat. And more come out, this spring.

    It’s so nice to have such a community of fans, too. I’ve actually seen some decent fanfic, too. So, if you need a fix in March/April, before new seasons, keep coming back to the blogosphere. We’ll keep putting up all the news that comes out from Kripke and The CW.


  7. […] also learned in “Malleus Maleficarum” that when Dean does die he’ll go to hell where he’ll lose his humanity and […]

  8. […] Padelecki).  Can the Winchester brothers defeat this pint-sized demon with enormous power?  Will Dean find a way out of the contract without sacrificing Sam or will he join the demons he hates in Hell?  And if Dean is hellbound, […]

  9. Hi guys, I have been a fan of Supernatural from the beginning but I’m afraid the Dean death and hell scene was kind of lame. It was too melodramatic and old. A more subtle approach would have been better in my opinion and it could have been left to the imagination of the viewer or maybe hollywood doesn’t credit the audience with any intelligence. My opinion….Pinhead meets the original version of the fly. Help me…please somebody ….help me… They may as well have put in a big rubber spider lmao. And why wasn’t Bella hanging there tooo….lol Anyway…I’m still a big fan but come on Supernatural team….give the folks some grey matter credit points.

  10. dark princess says:

    deans dead bullshit~~~~ hes comeing back and sam is going to get him back so all you
    people who say there not watching because my man dean is dead. piss off your call yourself supernatural fans have a little faith. there will be a great plot im sure.talk in the fall.

    dark princess ozzys bitch

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  12. Doris says:

    I live overseas, and I just saw the episode where Dean dies. I missed maybe a complete season, and now I am lost. What is this pact that Dean made? Why he made it?
    Yes, the Jensen caracter is dead….but I would bet he is not leaving the show…I am guessing, the writer are (and they better do) come up with some kind of pararlel series regarding …maybe…Dean searching for hois dad, and instead finding deamons he killed, maybe he will creoss historic “bad people”..(WHAT???)….and finally finding his dad….SAM..well…I still dont know what is this about sam turning into somethinbg bad and that Dean had to kill him…..boy am I lost!

  13. LEMR says:


    Don’t worry guys, Dean isn’t in hell in the start of season4. But you will see flash backs 🙂
    First episode is set 4 months after dean has gone to hell and is sure to thrill all of you guarenteed 🙂
    There are a few episodes that I know any fan of the brothers will love. For example, an episode where we get the see Sam and Dean as teenagers back at school (not played by Jensen and Jared obviously). hehe.
    I’ve been on the new set and I can tell you now, Season 4 tops the rest!

  14. eyrgjaafa says:

    John Winchester was in hell, because of his contract with Azazel, his life/soul and the colt for Dean’s life. However after the devil’s gate was opened and the demon army surgess out Johns shows up aand forces Azazel out of his human body helping Dean to kill him. He then dissapears into some bright light, this is reminescent of the episode where the brothers deal with the two ghosts on the highway and the woman walks into the light, it is not entirely clear but apparently she didn’t go to hell. So by all acounts (including interviews with Mr Morgan) John is now upstairs, not downstairs any longer.

    How did you like the first episode of the new season?

  15. vacelts says:

    e, that is what I thought happened to John Winchester. But it was never spelled out and I didn’t know if my assumptions were correct.

    BTW, Absolutely loved this week’s premiere. Here’s my review of it.

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