Is it Lights Out for Friday Night Lights?

Well it looks like we might have seen the last original episode ever of Friday Night Lights last Friday.  And if you’ve had a chance to see this fine drama, you’d agree this news is a travesty.

Friday Night LightsIn its second season, Friday Nights Lights, based loosely on the 2004 movie by the same name, is about a small Texas town obsessed with high school football.  But you don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy this drama about relationships. 

However, while football plays a background role in the show, it does provide a basis for the timing of the season, aligning with the high school football season.  In Friday’s episode, “May the Best Man Win,” we were still one or two games away from playoffs.

But it looks like the Dillon Panthers might not being finishing this season.  According to both TV Guide and Kristen at E, Friday Night Lights will have no more episodes produced this season and that the chance of the series returning in the fall is slim.

In fact, a campaign to save the show has already started requesting fans to send light bulbs to NBC execs to “keep the lights on” for Friday Night Lights.

But all hope might not be lost.  While Variety confirmed no more Lights this season, it said that NBC is looking for a way to bring back the show for a third season.

But I question if this is even possible.  First NBC banished Friday Night Lights to Friday night this season.  Sure the name lends it self to that schedule, but the fan-favorite was already struggling for ratings.

Now NBC is contemplating leaving the Panther storyline hanging in the middle of the season?  If Lights gets a third season is it going to pick up at the next school year? 

What happened to the last few games?  Did the Panthers make it to playoffs again?  Did they win the state title?  Sure football is secondary in this story, but the relationships are based on the dynamics of how they are dealing with each other among these major events (play offs, state championship).

What about all the characters?  (I’m avoiding going into specifics to prevent spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t watch the series completely yet.)  What happens to them?  More than eight months will take place in their lives between Friday’s episode and the start of their next school year.  Given that many of the characters are teens that’s a lot of time to just gloss over.

I know that networks think that viewers are a dime a dozen.  But after putting us through a three-month strike, you’d think they’d show us a little love.  Networks want viewers to show loyalty.  How about a little loyalty for viewers?

NBC please give Friday Night Lights and the Panthers a chance to wrap up their season that way when you finally come to your senses and grant the show a third season, it’ll be ready to make a nice clean start.


One Response to Is it Lights Out for Friday Night Lights?

  1. Jane Adams says:

    I hope NBC does not cancel FNL. It’s a great show. It was just starting to make a come back when the writer’s strike contributed to its demise. There are so many bad shows out there and I will puke if I see one more lousy reality show or game show. Give us a break!

    How do shows like Desperate Housewives (I used to be a fan but the latest plots along with the annoying characters have me turning the channel and cancelling the DVR recording), Old Christine, Big Bang Theory, etc remain on life support while good shows are trashed?

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