How Safe is Your Bathroom?

As of mom of toddlers, I’m constantly thinking about safety.  I have safety gates on the stairs and special knobs on the door handles, but I never considered my bathroom as a hazard for me.

Bathroom safetyThe contents of our bathroom pose a threat to not only the children or pets in your house, but to you. 

Sure you know better than to eat your shampoo (I hope).  But even under regular use, the ingredients in our daily beauty regiment can be harmful. 

Scared by the rash of news stories that parade the potential hazards of your hygiene products and beauty aids?

The researchers at the Environmental Working Group have put together a database called Skin Deep to provide you reports on all your favorite personal care products.

You can search by product, ingredient or company and it will give a hazard rating, a list of ingredients and any potential hazards that those ingredients have been linked to.

So if you are worried about what’s in your bathroom cabinet, check out Skin Deep.

Photo courtesy of Skin Deep.


2 Responses to How Safe is Your Bathroom?

  1. Thanks for that website, I’ve always had a problem finding the right shampoo for my skin problem, but I think this one might help

  2. vacelts says:

    Glad the site helped you find something that worked for you.

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