No Real Surprises in First Round of ‘American Idol’ Elimination

After two nights, 24 performances and 28 million votes, American Idol held its first elimination of the semifinals with no real surprises in the results.

Garrett HaleyThe guys knocked their numbers down to 10 by eliminating Leif Garrett Haley and Colton Berry.  Both sang their farewell songs.  And I actually think I preferred Garrett’s swan song to his performance Tuesday.  But maybe that’s just because I liked the hat.

Colton BerryI was a little startled that Danny Noriega wasn’t in the bottom tier, but then I realized that he’s the new Sanjaya.  Hopefully Danny’s run in this title will be short lived.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to handle many more weeks of performances like Tuesday’s “Jailhouse Rock.”

With so many mediocre performances from the women Wednesday night, a handful of the ladies could have been up for the bottom two spots. 

Amy DavisSince Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella’s song choices for the ‘60s both landed them in the lower echelon, their departure was believable.  If you had any doubts that these two should stick to modeling, their final performances erased them.

In general I’m a little worried about the women.  They were literally following apart after the eliminations were announced.  If they are bawling this hard after the first round, are they going to make it to the Top 12?

Joanne BorgellaThe group number was nothing impressive, but I liked the look.  Hair and makeup must have worked overtime.  That’s the best we seen some of the contestants look.

And finally, I must end with a complaint (‘cause I’ve been so positive thus far).  I thought I was watching American Idol, not Relauch Paula’s Career. 

I can live with the fact that she’s a judge and the producer of her new song is also a judge for a show with a ready audience.  But if she’s going to showcase her new song, the least she could have done is perform it live. 

She sits in judgment (if that’s what you call what she does) of all of these contestants telling them that they have to bring their very best to the table for every performance and she hides behind a taped performance.  What kind of example is she setting?

And just for the record, I wasn’t impressed with the song or the video.

Here’s a recap:

Top 12 Men Perform

Top 12 Women Perform

A Closer Look at Top 12 Men

A Closer Look at Top 12 Women


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