Tales of Robinson Crusoe Heading to NBC

Recently, NBC turned to the ‘80s in search of series for its fall lineup, banking on nostalgia for Knight Rider to be a hit.  Now, it’s turning to the classics in the pursuit of another hit series for its fall lineup.  Look for Robinson Crusoe to hit the Peacock network soon.

Robinson CrusoeAccording to TV Squad, NBC has already order 13 episodes of the new series based on the famous castaway.  The TV version of Daniel DeVoe’s novel could air as soon as the fall, but might be held in reserve until the mid-season.

It’ll be interesting to see how NBC is going to take a story first published in 1719 and modernize it.  In this case, I hope that take a page out the Brits’ book because I loved the way they recently revitalized the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Jekyll.

As far as I can tell, the castaway’s story has been told several times as a movie, but never as a TV series in the U.S. (France had a Crusoe series).  Do you think that the classic tale could translate into an interesting series?  What other classic books would you like to see as a TV series?


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