What Would You Do to Save Your Favorite Show?

Last year fans of Jericho set a precedent – the ability of fans to unite to save their favorite television series.  Since them Save Our Show campaigns have shown up everywhere.

Fans of Las Vegas are organizing Operation Baby Booty just to get NBC to recognize the need for a proper ending to the cliffhanger fans were left with when the show was abruptly cancelled at the end of the writer’s strike.

Friday Night Lights fans have launched a preemptive strike asking fellow viewers to send light bulbs to NBC to prevent cancellation.

Caveman enthusiasts even went so far as to ask supporters to send their own hair to ABC in an effort to keep the sitcom on the air.

As fans everywhere are racking their brains to come up with the wackiest campaign to save their favorite shows, I have to ask – what would you be willing to do to save your favorite show?  And which shows would you be willing to go the extra mile?

4 Responses to What Would You Do to Save Your Favorite Show?

  1. Gwen says:

    I sent nuts to save Jericho, because it was a really good show that I thought deserved saving.

    I haven’t participated in the other campgains you mentioned.

    I’ve put a summary and link to your article in our Jericho news archive.


  2. vacelts says:

    Well Gwen, you Jericho fans have set a new standard for fans everywhere. Has the new seasonof Jericho lived up to your expectations?

    BTW, thanks for the link.

  3. Fanshawe says:

    Being a Browncoat and more recently a fan of The 4400 (we were sending sunflower seeds last month in the hope to pull off what Jericho fans did last year), I have to say it’s really a lot of fun to take part in this sort of thing. You get to support your favourite show, interact with other people who feel the same way about it and last but not least, you’re sending food to the execs so that they don’t starve to death if they decide to renew the show and it doesn’t pay off to them. Maybe we should include advertisers next time.

    Also, campaigns are better at getting media attention than the usual stuff fans do to promote the show online to get more viewers to tune in (blog and forum posts, social networking), so the crazier the campaign, the better. Not to make it sound calculated or anything. 😉


  4. vacelts says:

    Fanshawe, I think it’s great that fans are taking a stand. I just hope that more and more execs are starting to listen. Thanks for your comment.

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