Predictions for American Idol Top 12

We have just one week left before American Idol announces its Top 12.  Here is my prediction for the Top 12:

1.  Asia’h  Epperson

2.  Syesha Mercado

3.  Kristy Lee Cook

4.  Brooke White

5.  Carly Smithson

6.  Ramiele Malubay

7.  Michael Johns

8.  David Cook

9.  David Hernandez

10.  David Archuleta

11.  Chikeze

12.  Luke Menard

I’m pretty sure of my picks for the girls although I’d really like to see Amanda Overmyer stay.  Unfortunately, I don’t think her rocker sound appeals to the general population.  If she does stay, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m less confident about my picks for the men.  I have no doubts about Michael Johns and the three Davids, but I think the last two slots are open for grabs still.

Who do you think will make it to the final 12?


Here’s a recap of the semifinals:

Top 20 Results Show

Top 10 Women Peform

Top 10 Men Perform

Top 24 Results Show

Top 12 Men Perform

Top 12 Women Perform

A Closer Look at Top 12 Men

A Closer Look at Top 12 Women


11 Responses to Predictions for American Idol Top 12

  1. Calvin says:

    you forgot jason castro, he got plenty of fans. last spot for the guys is a toss up between chikezie and luke depending on their performance next week.

    as for the girls, kristy lee cook and kady malloy would be fighting for the last spot. kristy is a mediocre singer but is the prettiest among the girls. kady sings well but makes poor choices. if kady could pull it off next week then kristy might go.

  2. vacelts says:

    Calvin. the last two spots for the guys are a toss up. I think it’ll depend on how they do next week to be sure.

    I think Kristy Lee has a better shot, but you are right about the comparison and if Kristy Lee doesn’t trend carefully she could lose her spot to Kady.

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  4. […] thought I knew who the Top 6 women would be when I did my predictions for the Top 12, but the performances tonight have me reevaluating my thoughts.  This evening was the best overall […]

  5. Martin Rinhart says:

    Luke is sure to go home. The Davids are all staying. Carly, Brooke and Malubay are safe. Castro is safe. So is Johns. Kady is probably going home…I think. Maybe Kristy is too. It’s hard to figure out.

    Definitely safe no matter what pool:
    The Davids, Michael Johns & Castro. Carly, Brooke, Amanda & Ramiele.

    Probably safe pool:
    Asiah, Syesha

    Proably going home pool:
    Kristy & Kady. Eze or Danny.

    Definitely going home come hell or high water:

    Yeah, those are my bets for the top 12.

  6. vacelts says:

    Martin, not bad predictions. But I’m not sure Ramiele is as safe as you think she is.

  7. gracel09 says:

    I don’t think Luke is going to make it even though he has his own unique style…

  8. […] In the end, I got 10 out of the 12 in my predictions for the Top 12. […]

  9. DC says:

    I’m surprised at Luke’s inclusion on your prediction list, but I’m definitely bummed out about Kady not making it.

  10. vacelts says:

    DC, it’s not that I thought it was such an awesome singer. He’s from my hometown and I was trying to be supportive. 🙂

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