Down to 16 – American Idol Results Show

Then they were 16.  American Idol whittles its numbers down when it sends four more home in the second results show of the semifinals after 31 million votes.

Jason YeagerRyan’s delivery of the first elimination from the Top 20 is more suspenseful than last week and a bit kinder than the “can I talk to you, oh yeah you are out of here” speech that he gave Garrett Haley right off the bat.

Up first on the chopping block – Jason Yeager.  This decision is no surprise as Jason has not been able to find a song that, as Simon says, makes him stand out.  Jason was the only one of my picks to hit the road tonight.

Alex LushingtonNext up – Alexandrea Lushington.  I like Alex, she has potential.  But her performance Wednesday night was so forgettable I can’t even remember what she did.  I’m not surprised that she is going home.  I will give the girl credit.  For only being 17, she was incredible composed when she heard the news and sang her swan song.

Alaina WhitakerAlaina Whitaker didn’t take the news that America wasn’t “hopelessly devoted” to her as well.  With a little moral support from the rest of the girls, she finally did sing and didn’t sound so bad considering how much she was crying.  Anyone else think her family looked like they were going to eat Ryan alive?

Robbie CarricoAnd last to depart was Robbie Carrico – the would-be rocker that Simon says isn’t authentic.  I was actually surprised by this selection.  I didn’t think Robbie would make the Top 12, but I thought he’d be around for another week.  I wonder if America doesn’t like his rocker sound or if they just agree with Simon that he’s not the real thing.

Ryan also left us with a few Idol announcements.  March 11 will be the first time the Top 12 performs.  They will be treated to a new stage, background, graphics and exit song.  And the theme will be the recently released Lennon/McCartney songs.  April 9 is the next Idol Gives Back night and slated for participation is Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dog, Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood.

What do you think?  Did the right four get sent home?

Here are my predictions for the Top 12.


Here’s a recap of the semifinals:

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  1. ddd says:

    hm, wierd

  2. Another place to see results and record your predictions.

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