Supernatural Lives, But Will Dean?

Happy days are here – at least in my household.  CW announced Monday that it has picked up my favorite show – Supernatural.

CW has never properly supported the fan-favorite Supernatural, a show about the demon-hunting Winchester brothers that doesn’t quite fit in with the teen angst and reality shows filling the rest of the network’s schedule.

SupernaturalBut when CW bumped Supernatural off the schedule to start showing repeats of the freshman series Reaper (who fate has not yet been determined), the small, but loyal Supernatural fan base reacted.  Blogs were written, petitions started, threats (as in ‘I’ll never watch CW again’) were made and a campaign to let CW know fans were watching, and would be missing, the Winchester brothers began.

But fans can now rest a little easy knowing the fate of its favorite series has been secured – at least for another year – and start focusing on the fate of Dean (Jensen Ackles) and the possibility of a spin off.

When we left the Winchester brothers last month, Dean was no closer to finding a way out of the deal he made with the crossroads demon last spring that left him with just one year to live. 

In fact, Dean was killed – multiple times actually – in the Groundhog Day-like episode “Mystery Spot” that was both funny (how many ways can we kill Dean) and horrifying when Dean was killed outside the loop and we got to see how his death changed Sam (Jared Padalecki).

We also learned in “Malleus Maleficarum” that when Dean does die he’ll go to hell where he’ll lose his humanity and become what he hates the most – a demon.

But now the Winchesters have another worry besides Dean’s impending death – a new enemy.  In “In Bello,” the last episode before the hiatus, the boys came under attack by the henchmen – or is it the henchdemons – of the new bad guy in town, a little girl (okay, she’s probably some badass demon who’s been around for centuries in a little girl’s body, but still) named Lilith. 

And Lilith doesn’t like the Winchesters.  I mean really doesn’t like them.  Not because they kill demons, but because she sees Sam as competition.  Apparently word hasn’t gotten to the demon world yet that Sam no longer has his powers.

Hopefully we’ll learn about a little more about Lilith later this season.  And I can only assume that the end of the season (although shortened by the writers’ strike) means the end of Dean’s year.  In which case, Eric Kripke has four episodes starting April 24th to determine if Dean lives or dies.

I remain hopefully that together Dean and Sam will find a way out of the deal.

In the meantime, I have plenty of time to savor the idea of a potential Supernatural spin-off.  In a recent interview with Star Pulse, Kripke let it slip that he already has the premise for an off shot to the series in the works.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t very optimistic that his prequel would ever see the light of day.

In Kripke’s spinoff he’d take the modern day demon-hunting western back to the old west to follow the adventures of Sam Colt, possibly one of the original hunters, and his friends.  Might we learn more about the Colt itself, the gun that kills all demons instantly, and its origins? 

Sounds like a cool series to me.  Tell me where to tune it. 

Until April 24th, I’ll bide my time with the Supernatural novel series and the new comic series coming out next month.


13 Responses to Supernatural Lives, But Will Dean?

  1. Beth says:

    I share your excitement that Supernatural is coming back next season. Yay!! However, I saw a recent interview with Kripke (although for the life of me, I can’t remember where) in which he said that they probably won’t address the Dean/death dilemma until next season. Mostly because there are just too few shows left in this season to develop the ending to that story. I guess we’ll just have to be patient.

  2. Keri says:

    I would not watch Supernatural if it didnt involve both of the brothers. They hopefully realize that alot of the fan base feels this way. They better have a way of getting Dean out of his deal or else.

    On another note, the spinoff series sounds great.

  3. Monique says:

    Thank you so much for clearing up the ‘will it be or will it not be cancelled’ Supernatural rumors! ‘Secure for another season..” was music to my ears! Supernatural is hands down my favourite show, it has a great cast, great consistant storyline, and great music.! What more could you ask for?

  4. vacelts says:

    Beth, I can understand why they wouldn’t solve Dean’s dilemma by the end of the season since the season was so short. But patience has never been my strong suit.

    Keri, the show would not be the same with out Dean. I have faith that Kripke has a plan.

    Monique, glad I could bring good news. Now if only it was April 24th already.

  5. Beth says:

    Oh, trust me vacelts, I’m not looking forward to being patient either. 😉

  6. Grand Sophy says:

    I forget now if it was the recent interview with Sera Gamble or Eric Kripke, but apparently the last episode of this season takes place on Dean’s last day of the deal. They didn’t say how it ended, though!

  7. vacelts says:

    Thanks for the update Grand Sophy.

  8. Danielle says:

    They can’t kill Jensen; half their audience would tune out if he left. They set it up quite nicely in previous Season 3 episodes, though, when Ruby told Sam she knew a way to save his brother.

    I must point out how utterly disappointed I’ve been to tune into the CW on Thursdays at 9 and find the lame “Supernatural” rip-off “Reaper” in its place! I am eagerly awaiting the end of this month, when J &J will be at a convention in LA, and also the end of April when they will once again grace my television 🙂

  9. vacelts says:


    Reaper is not a bad show. But it’s definitely not Supernatural and I think CW needs to start considering its fans before doing stupid moves like this. one again

  10. […] from last year’s explosive finale finally comes due this week.  But holding the contract is Lilith (Rachel Pattee), the newest bad ass on the block and she’s gunning for Sam (Jared […]

  11. Hi guys, I have been a fan of Supernatural from the beginning but I’m afraid the Dean death and hell scene was kind of lame. It was too melodramatic and old. A more subtle approach would have been better in my opinion and it could have been left to the imagination of the viewer or maybe hollywood doesn’t credit the audience with any intelligence. My opinion….Pinhead meets the original version of the fly. Help me…please somebody ….help me… They may as well have put in a big rubber spider lmao. And why wasn’t Bella hanging there tooo….lol Anyway…I’m still a big fan but come on Supernatural team….give the folks some grey matter credit points.

  12. firstFallen says:

    MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING (to begenning of fourth season)

    Wow. Okay, so I was really mad Dean died, and totally disfuctional until the next season started. Like, really, everything somehow related to Supernatural and Dean’s death, and everybody got weirded out because I kept ranting on about how it was so stupid that Dean died.

    Of course, then the next season came out and it started with Dean – which was really weird, because I couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on – waking up and then going to a gas station. (And subsequently being ‘attacked’ – by none other than… an angel)

    First of all, I’ve been waiting FOREVER for angels to show up in Supernatural, and I kind of wondered how they would deal with creating that legend. They did really well, though though I hate how the angels are basically evil and unfeeling – love the effect of it, but I hate the angels themselves.

    But back to Dean. I was really impressed with how they brought him back. Normally it bugs me when people die and keep coming back to life, and I generally agree with Dean’s statement, “What’s dead should stay dead.” However, that doesn’t pertain to Dean himself. Or Sammy.

    Besides, they managed to bring him back in a way that was integrated into the story line so that it didn’t make the show feel like – okay kill this person off, now bring them back to life; now kill this other person off, and bring them back to life.

    So, all in all; LOVED IT!!!


  13. angel of dean says:

    i would hate to see ssupernatural replaced by reaper don’t get me wrong reaper is ok , but supernatural has everything a show like it has like two good looking brothers killing demons, sex, humor, love, nice car , action , drama, and horror as for reaper the guy works for the devil funny ,but not as good as supernatural hell my bf can’t stand me to watch supernatural because of the brothers like i told my bf what other shows have what supernatural has if the cw is smart the will keep supernatural put reaper in the place of 90210 for god sakes i had to see that show when i was in high school enough with 90210 as they all good things most come to a end someday just not supernatural please i beg u cw . supernatural fan

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