America, Your Top 12 Idol Contenders

After three decades of theme weeks and millions of votes, America has pared down the Top 24 to just 12 contenders to vie for the title of American Idol.

Without further ado, America, here are your Top 12 contestants (in the order they were announced):

1.  David Cook

2.  David Archuleta

3.  Jason Castro

4.  Brooke White

5.  Syesha Mercado

6.  David Hernandez

7.  Michael Johns

8.  Ramiele Malubay

9.  Carly Smithson

10.  Amanda Overmyer

11.  Kristy Lee Cook

12.  Chikeze

But we also said good-bye to four singers.

Kady MalloyFirst to go was Kady Malloy, who expected to go home last week after a mediocre performance.  Unfortunately, she didn’t improve this week and Kady sang her last song as an American Idol contestant.

Luke MenardNext we said goodbye to Luke Menard.  The Hoosier only had one decent performance during the semifinals and choosing a Wham song this week didn’t win him any points with most of those who survived the ‘80s bubble gum rock the first time. 

Asiah EppersonSeeing Asia’h Epperson go was a bit of a shock for me.  I think she has a beautiful voice, but she has struggled a little the last two weeks.  Of the four going home tonight, Asia’h is the one I’ll miss most.

Danny NoriegaLastly, we finally send Danny Noriega on his way.  For me, this one has been a long time coming.  I actually would have been upset if he made it to the next level.  Unfortunately, his departure means we have to hear “Tainted Love” again.

The hour lead off with an encore performance from last year’s runner up Blake Lewis, who hasn’t given up his beat boxing.

What do you think America, did we get the finalists right?

In the end, I got 10 out of the 12 in my predictions for the Top 12.


Here’s a recap of the semifinals:

Top 8 Women Perform

Top 8 Men Perform

Top 20 Results Show

Top 10 Women Peform

Top 10 Men Perform

Top 24 Results Show

Top 12 Men Perform

Top 12 Women Perform

A Closer Look at Top 12 Men

A Closer Look at Top 12 Women


7 Responses to America, Your Top 12 Idol Contenders

  1. DC says:

    I think it was as close to right as it was going to be, though I would have liked to have seen Amanda Overmyer leave instead of Kady, who showed some promise last week (though not all the notes were great). I’m linking you on my blog because I enjoy your AI recaps! 🙂

    A blog friend of mine “tagged” me earlier today and you’re more than welcome to participate as I think you have a lot of great TV stuff up on here! (my true love) It’s how I ended up searching for some new blogs to check out, maybe it’ll do the same for you.

  2. Changing subjects again… I must admit I was quite depressed this last Friday when I finally found out the details around Radiohead’ s summer San Francisco appearance. After the announcement, lean on specifics, that they’ d be co- headlining the new“ Outside Lands” festival in August, a three- day event additionally anchored by Tom Petty and Jack Johnson, I was excited to see them for what would be the third time. I watched various webpages and message boards eagerly for more details, and was happy to see…

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