What’s Your Theme Song?

I have a friend that used to be a professional wrestler.  Every once in a while he’ll talk about the “glory days” and mentions different theme songs that he had to go with his different wrestling personas.

Theme SongThe conversation got me thinking.  What if we could all have a theme song?  And whenever we walked into a room it would start to play.

C’mon, think about.  What an entrance you’d make at the next party when you stroll through the door with your theme song playing.  Everyone there would get a little glimpse into your personality with that entrance.

What song would you choose?  Can you decide on just one?  Do you need a medley?  Would you change your song depending on the occasion?

What is it that your theme song would say about you?

I guess I’ll go first. My theme song would have to be “B!tch” by Meredith Brooks.

I love the lyrics and think they describe all the different facets of me. It can be summed up in these couple of lines from the song.

I’m a little bit of everything
All rolled into one

Photo by Luz V.. (License: Creative Commons Attribution)


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