David H. Says Goodbye on Idol Top 12 Results

Welcome to the Horton Hears a Who version of American Idol, also known as 55 minutes of fluff for a five-minute decision.  And amongst all the brouhaha, we learned the results from the Top 12 performances.

David HernandezThe highlight of the evening, or so we are lead to believe, is the appearance of Jim Carey in the audience complete with his own Horton outfit.  If fact, his presence was such a focal point, we were blessed with shots of him in the audience a half dozen times or more in the first 10 minutes.

Then we got the montage of the Top 12 at the Horton premiere where we got to see even more Jim Carrey and a shot or two of Steve Carell.

But that’s not what we really want to know.  We want to know is how 29 million people voted.  We want to know who gets sent home tonight.

Ryan draws out the process by pulling out the bottom three contenders – Syesha Mercado, Kristy Lee Cook and David Hernandez.  Each got to perform their song from last night one more time.

Honestly, I was surprised to see Syesha among this group.  Last night wasn’t her best performance, but I think several others did worse than her – namely Ramiele Malubay and David Archuleta (if we are going on last night’s performance alone).

And either Kristy Lee’s country version of “8 Days a Week” is growing on me (a sure sign I’ve watched too much Idol) or she slowed it down and made it sound better tonight.

But both girls are alive for another week and America says good-bye to David Hernandez.  Hernandez had a really good performance during ‘80s week, but has been pretty forgettable onstage otherwise.  Since last night’s train wreck pretty much sealed Hernandez’s fate, I was not shocked by this decision.

The evening was rounded out with:

  • A performance by Katharine McPhee and David Foster.
  • The Ford Top 12 Video “The Distance.”
  • Viewer calls.
  • A medley performance by the Top 12 from the Lennon/McCartney library.
  • Announcement of next week’s theme – more Lennon/McCartney.
  • A new going home song by Ruben Studdard.
  • And my vote for best fluff – The Ford Top 12 video.  I think these videos are fun. 

    And the biggest waste of time – viewer calls.  Can you say someone ran out of ideas?  Anyone else see Simon roll his eyes during these calls?  Don’t chastise him too much, I was doing the same.

    So America, did the right person get sent home?


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    9 Responses to David H. Says Goodbye on Idol Top 12 Results

    1. laura says:

      No, it should have been Kristy.

    2. vacelts says:

      Laura, she did have a really bad performance last night, but I gave her points for taking a risk even if it didn’t work.

    3. laura says:

      It didn’t really work for Lorrie Morgan when she did it, either.

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