American Idol says Adios to Amanda

Whoever thought that the girls were the stronger of the two genders on Season 7 of American Idol only has to look at tonight’s bottom three to rethink that assessment.  Apparently a second night of singing songs from the all-male Beatles did not bode well for the ladies.

Amanda OvermyerAlthough I never expected Amanda Overmyer to go the distance in the competition, I was not expecting her exit this soon.  Yes, Amanda’s style has a very limited appeal, but she does rock her niche.  And quite frankly, I thought there were at least two singers who consistently performed worse than her.

I was even surprised by Amanda’s cohorts in the bottom tier – Carly Smithson and Kristy Lee Cook.  My prediction to go home tonight (Ramiele Malubay) was deemed safe early on.  And I only correctly named one in the hot seat tonight. 

While Kristy Lee is now a staple in the lower trio, I was honestly surprised to see Carly there tonight.  She has been a favorite of the judges since the beginning.

But as Simon says this is not just a singing competition, it is a popularity contest. And so boring performances from the likes of Ramiele and Kristy Lee continue while the unique Harley-riding nurse from Indiana says good bye.

The rest of the night was filled with the typical fluff.

  • A performance of “Red High Heals” by Season 5 contender Kellie Pickler.
  • The “Should I Stay or Should I Go” Ford Video.
  • A montage on the making of the Ford Video (we are getting desperate for filler now).
  • An update on “Idol Gives Back.”
  • More viewer call-in questions (don’t ask me what they were, I don’t even pay attention to this part anymore).
  • Announcement of this season’s mentors.
  • So what do you think America, did we send the right contestant home?


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