How Big of an Idol Fan are You?

The fanfare around American Idol fascinates me.  This year is the first full season I’ve watched of Idol.

American Idol logoBut even in its seventh year, Idol is still very popular.  But I’m curious just how far will fans go to support this show?

Who’s voting and why do they vote?

So I’m calling all Idol fans and asking you to tell me how big of an Idol fan are you?  And why do you support the show?

Which of the following have you done:

  • Seen the Top 10 on tour
  • Seen a live Idol performance
  • Bought a CD of a contestant
  • Bought singles off iTunes
  • Vote regularly
  • Vote occasionally
  • Watch the show faithfully
  • Watch the show occasionally
  • Never watch the show
  • What is American Idol?
  • Some combination of above (specify in the comments)
  • Other (specify in the comments)
  • —————

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