Missing CSI Scene: Catherine Snoops in Grissom’s Apt.

I tuned into last week’s CSI hoping to get a real glimpse into Gil Grissom’s life. But after watching the episode, I felt cheated. Now I know why? A critical scene was deleted.

Picture of Sara on Grissom\'s FridgeIn “Grissom’s Divine Comedy,” CSI’s first post-strike episode, we were promised an insider’s look into Grissom’s home life, because Grissom is homebound with the flu.

But in the few scenes of Grissom in his apartment, our view was limited. But apparently, that’s because there was a big scene where Catherine stopped by to drop off some files and did a little snooping. But the scene ended up on the editing room floor.

Here’s what Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn told TV Guide:

“The scene where Catherine finds Sara’s picture on Grissom’s fridge is really fun. But the paradox of writing a procedural is that sometimes even our favorite scenes (scenes that show the personal lives of our CSIs) aren’t required by the narrative. We wrote the scene because, like Catherine, we’re dying to snoop around Grissom and Sara’s relationship. But at the end of the day, crime-solving trumped romance. The scene drove our hearts, but not our investigation.”

I know they only have so much time per episode, but I really think the scene would have been an asset to the overall series. What do you think? Did the scene add anything?

Either way, I will remember to lock things up should I ever invite a criminalist over.


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