NCIS Returns with a New Mystery

Last night marked the return of post-strike NCIS with the first new episode in almost three months.  While the characters themselves might seem a little off their mark, it’s the drama behind the scenes that has everyone wondering what is going on.

In “Stakeout” we find our heroes on what appears to be a boredom-filled stakeout.  Or is it a scene from a movie?  At least Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) thinks so.  If we needed proof that she’s embracing American cinema, then look no further than her pranks on Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly).

But it’s the whole gang that gets duped when high-dollar classified equipment gets stolen under their noses.  It’s not often the highly skilled and unflappable Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) gets fooled.

The case was interesting.  But it was easy to guess that the BMW the inquisitive Tim McGee (Sean Murray) fixated on during the stakeout was going to be the key.

But despite the intriguing story, I was still scanning the show for clues as to who would be exiting the show, news leaked by TV Guide yesterday.

I eliminated Gibbs off the bat.  The show just wouldn’t be the same without him and besides they got show creator Don Bellisario to step down last season to keep Harmon.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with Ziva or McGee.  And I can’t imagine the show without the quirky goth lab tech Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), so that’s three more down.

But DiNozzo was quick to jump on the city’s murder case, even before he found out that it was part of the NCIS investigation.  Is he possibly he’s missing life on the homicide beat?  Will he leave to go back to the police force?

No, I don’t think so.  TV Guide called the cast departure a “major freakin’ twist.”  DiNozzo leaving for another job is not a major twist.

Maybe DiNozzo leaves for another reason.  He did seem to find his perfect match in Detective Andrea Sparr (Gretchen Egolf).  The confirmed bachelor DiNozzo resigning from NCIS to begin a life as a married man would shock us all for sure.

Then I thought maybe the mild-mannered medical examiner Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard might be leaving do to an illness or even – gasp – death because throughout the show he was running a secret medical evaluation on someone. 

But at the last minute we learn his covert actions weren’t a self diagnosis, but a favor for Director Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly).

The director, who was out of the country, was conveniently absent from this episode (could that be what TV Guide meant by “NCIS star goes AWOL?”).

If indeed the story of the cast departure broke because of Holly’s absence, then it makes sense Shepard’s days on the show might be numbered.

But I don’t think Shepard is sick or dying.  Ducky never said that the blood was the director’s.  Instead I still think that she is investigating her father’s faked death and his location.

I hear that Shepard’s nemesis La Grenouille will turn up in another episode later this season.  I suspect that if Shepard leaves the show, it’ll be a result of a run-in with La Grenouille and/or her father.

What did you think of the episode?  Who do you think is leaving the show and why?  Will the show be able to survive without him/her?  If it is the director, who should replace her?



13 Responses to NCIS Returns with a New Mystery

  1. the froget says:

    It wont be because of a run in with the frog, La Grenouille because as we saw last season, he is at the bottom of a bay, underneath his houseboat. the writing on this show is excellent and i know no matter who is leaving, even though the only two i could bear to see go would be jenny (the director) or Ziva, it will be well done and leave me wanting more.

  2. vacelts says:

    thefroget, I said that La Grenouille would turn up in a future episode. I didn’t say in what condition he’d be in.

  3. reliasson says:

    Roy Eliasson Wrote: Great Show . Roy Elissson Thought thee frog was killed by The Director . What is up with the gun Jethro and the director rember it a little differently. Do we thein the directors father is alive or dead?Roy Eliasson.

  4. vacelts says:

    Roy, this week confirmed that the frog is definitey dead. I’m not too sure about the director’s father. I think the Jenny and Gibbs remember the gun the same, but are verbalizing that truth.

  5. Roy Elaiasson says:

    Roy Eliasson Wrote: Rewatch the final few minuetts of the last show. Gibs remembers the Frog placed the gun on desk after the director shoved it at him, also arms dealers never cary guns roy eliasson wrote

  6. ROY ELIASSON says:

    Great show this week Divide was a little rattled . Does any one know who is leaving the show this year?

  7. […] have been flying since this show returned in April that one of the main characters will not be returning in the fall.  The absence of Director Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly) in the “Stakeout” episode where […]

  8. ROY ELIASSON says:

    Roy Eliasson Wrote so are you saying the the director or divid are gone?

  9. ROY ELIASSON says:

    Roy Eliasson Wrote did any one see the finale who died ? Roy Eliasson wants to know

  10. WatchNCIS says:

    This has to be the best show ever.

  11. josie says:

    It a shame that we lost the director Jenny Shepard. That means that jenny is not really dead.The show is awesome with her and Gibbs it would be ashamed without both them in the show together. there were hot together.

  12. First of all, I’m not assured that the blood that was checked was the Director’s. Ducky said it was a “John Doe” but had Abby run a CBC on it. The outcomes of a CBC are reliant on the gender of the individual involved.

  13. Jacqueline says:

    Jenny is not dead. She returns soon- when gibbs is in basement he names boat ‘jen’ and when he says 2 himself ‘i miss u jen’ he hears behind him ‘i mised u 2 jethro’ as he turnes around he sees jen and she explains that she was in witnes protection- this is NOT A LIE!

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