Could Cally be the Final Cylon on BSG?

Since Galactica entered the nebula in the Season 3 finale, the Internet has been buzzing with speculation as to the identity of the final Cylon on Battlestar Galactica.  But to be honest, I’ve been so stunned by the four revealed in that episode that I haven’t given it much thought – until now.

CallyObviously, Starbuck is too obvious.  And I think she actually has another role, although I’ve not quite worked out the role myself – a messenger maybe.

And I think I read somewhere that the producers said it definitely wasn’t Roslin, Baltar, or Bill or Lee Adama.  So where does that leave us?

Knowing what we do about the four among the crew – Tigh, Anders, Tory and Tyrol – I think it’s clear that the Final 5 are very different from the other Cylons.  What exactly that difference is, I’m not sure.  I’ve even speculated that they were from Earth.

But knowing how similar the Final 5 are to the rest of the survivors and how long they’ve been integrated with the colonists (Tigh has been friends with Adama for more than 40 years), I’ve had trouble picking up any clues as to the identity of the last Cylon.  That is, until this last episode.

In “Ties that Bind,” Cally, Tyrol’s wife, suddenly became a suspect for me for two main reasons.  Let me explain why.

The four revealed in “Crossroads” all became aware of their Cylon status when they entered the nebula.  Clearly that nebula has had an effect on Cally too.  She said her insomnia started when they entered the nebula.  But unlike the others she turned to pills to help with the symptoms.  Could the pills have prevented her from hearing the music?  Or as the last model, could she simply be so different that the music didn’t affect her?  If the final Cylon is on Galactica, why else would they not have responded to the music when in the nebula like the others?

Then there’s baby Nicky.  A great deal was made about Hera – a child born to one Cylon parent and one human parent.  Hera is considered the chosen one.  But what about Nicky?  If Tyrol is really a Cylon and Cally a human, wouldn’t Nicky be some miracle baby too?

In everything I’ve read the producers have been especially evasive in acknowledging Nicky as a half human, half Cylon.  Could that be because he really is a full Cylon?

At first I thought the difference between Hera and Nicky was that one had a Cylon mother and the other a Cylon father?  Or the fact that Tyrol was a different type of Cylon that Athena could be the difference. But if Nicky has two Cylon parents that explains a lot.

The one think that troubled me about this theory is why would Tory kill a fellow Cylon.  But clearly the other four Cylons aboard Galactica don’t know who the final Cylon is, so it’s possible that Tory didn’t recognize Cally as a fellow Cylon.  The other four didn’t recognize each other’s status until the nebula.  And we also know that Cylons are above attacking each other.

But the big question is what has become of Cally.  Is she really dead?  Do the Final 5 regenerate like the other Cylons?  If so, how?  They clearly don’t have a resurrection ship nearby which is pretty risky in and of itself.

And that leaves me with one final question (or at least one that I’ll ask here).  How many copies of the Final 5 are there?  Is there only one?  Could that be what’s different about them?  Or are there more copies?  If so, where are those copies?  Earth?

So tell me, do you think Cally could be the final Cylon?  Or are the clues I’m reading misdirection?  If not Cally, who do you think is the final Cylon?


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13 Responses to Could Cally be the Final Cylon on BSG?

  1. Chris says:

    I can see where your coming from, but (being an over the top geek, that listens to all the podcasts etc,) they have said the chiefs baby is not as important as the helo/athena child but is a hybrid nonetheless


    RDM lies, he lied about starbuck dying, tellin fans and actors a like, that she was really gone for good……… (obviously she isnt)

    he’s kept on lying, remember the final five are “fundementally different” so what you say is a possibility. but i still think the final cylon will be one of the five he said it cannot be, baltar, rosslyn are my favorite choises,

    For me rossyln is probably the one, relationship with president adar(like 6 seduced baltar), much like emperor palpatine, she is still president years after her term ended, drug induced visions/sharing vsions with cylons (i personally dont think rossyln is the dying leader, but starbuck is), the cancer (that disease would instantly make the fleet assume she is human), using religion to take a grip of the fleet, the head ache when the dylan four were switched on, hatred (and airlocking of cylons, doesnt she realise they just download to a new body????) Personally i believe there is only one copy of each model of the final five,

  2. vacelts says:

    Chris, I’m not yet convinced its Roslin, but you make some interesting points.

  3. Chris says:

    Rossyln – is the first place a clone was created! Dolly the sheep!

    (ps i cant spell – so i apologise!)

  4. johnnylump says:

    I’ve wondered about Cally for several seasons now. Here’s my reasoning:

    1) She’s a she, so the cylon count is 6m 6f
    2) She refused to shoot the cylon warriors after they crash-landed on Kobol. It appeared to be cowardice on her part.
    3) She was the only one the warriors didn’t shoot on Kobol. They did shoot the Chief, however, which is the hole in the theory, but I kinda wonder if they hadn’t picked her as a future cylon already, as opposed to the chief.
    4) She shot Boomer, which sent her home instead of leaving her a prisoner
    5) She had no problem shooting Boomer but got mad when the Pegasus guys talked about abusing a prisoner cylon
    6) Blv I read the chief dreamed she was a cylon in an episode that I missed
    7) She said she couldn’t sleep since the nebula — which is the same thing that woke up the other 4

  5. vacelts says:

    Johnny, those are some excellent points — some that I’d missed.

  6. Sonny says:

    Cally & Zarek are good bets. But I think Lee Adama is the one…

    Actually in the second Miniseries episode there is a scene where Apollo gets face-to-face too with a raider and a missile. He has exactly the same face expression as Sam Anders! And he was the last person Bill Adama spoke to before he found the 12 Cylon note… Of course his comment about what if Zak was a cylon is dead give away.

    But Apollo is on the Last Supper picture??? The actor playing Romo Lampkin already mentioned that not everybody on the Last Supper picture might be who they seemed to be…

    Spoilers from the new series “Caprica” already made clear that Bill Adama’s sister Tamara is one of the first cylons. So somehow the Adama family is already linked to them…
    Lee Adama could be the final Cylon!

  7. Nick says:

    Except that RDM and crew have stated that none of the cylons was ever an existing human.

  8. Devane says:

    Yes , as soon as she got killed I was saying she is the last cylon.

    That podcast from last year about the babies being different (full-breed or half-breed) had me naming Heelo or Cally but at the time you still had Starbuck coming back from the dead. But because of the statements about certain characters not being the last cylon, it could only be Heelo or Cally. When Cally died I was thinking it has to be Cally, as coming back from the dead is a better twist than Heelo discovering he is the last cylon. That would be boring.

    The D’Anna Cylon saw the the faces of the final five but in front of Adama, Roslin and Heelo she says “there are four in your fleet”. I know some people would point out she could be lying but I see this is a fact (plot point). Plotwise the last cylon shouldn’t come into contact with D’anna at this time. It’s too early.

    And please don’t go re-watching and analyzing /debating old episodes from season 1-3. You will see nothing in them. There are no scenes that can be re-watched which would indicate they where cylons.

    Ron Moore just decided who would be the last 4, and he didn’t do it years ago! Go get the podcast, I think the title is frak-party. I read back in January (maybe that Ron said that there was no way you could figure out who the last cylon was based on what you have seen so far. I’m sure some scenes COULD be interpreted to mean what you want them to mean but you could do that with everybody.

    Even within the realms of the story because they didn’t know they were cylons and were unable to identify themselves or each other , why would be behave in a way which would indicate something was up? So Ron Moore can get away with doing this. This isn’t “Lost” were you can re-watch shows a season or two later noticing things you would have never have noticed the first time around.

    Cally is the last cylon…unless Dirk Benedict suddenly appears from one of the other ships on the last episode.

  9. J A Essex says:

    The case is interesting, but I have a question for just bout everyone….I wanna know…”who” ya think was the one character who “ordered” or had moved….”THE ELECTRIC PULSE GENERATORS” to The Colonial Heavy 798 WAYYYYYYYYYY back in the very first episodes of the mini series….This is a point that was placed out on the table that I don’t hear very much about in the forums,,,etc. etc. Anyway, if anyone has a thought get back to me at

    Take Care all.
    (Frak Addict John)

  10. Nick says:

    One strange thing about Cally’s death sequence is that the launch tube doors automatically opened as she approached. Now according to the mini Galactica did not have automatic systems as evinced by Lee’s suprise that the Galactica did not have automatic landing sequences. Why then would Galactica have automatic launchtube doors?

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