Even Webber Couldn’t Save Carly Smithson on Idol

Popularity won out over talent as the results of the American Idol Top 6 sent the Irish rose Carly Smithson home after Tuesday’s solid performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Carly SmithsonI would have really liked to hear Andrew Lloyd Webber’s thoughts on tonight’s elimination.  He, after all, was the one the mentor that has really provided the contenders with the best and most honest advice.  And we saw firsthand how his advice improved the performances of those that took it and how those that didn’t resulted in a train wreck (I’m looking at you Jason Castro).

Except for the shocking news of the Bottom 2, Webber stole the results show.  First he performed with the contenders in the opening number “All I Ask of You.”  Then he bantered with Ryan and the judges with wit and graciousness.

While the theme of musicals was a poor choice for the contestants, Idol was all the better for having Webber as a mentor.  And to top it off, he saved us from another dreaded round of call in questions.

So how is it that the two competitors that brought down the house with performances that embraced Webber’s advice ended up in jeopardy tonight? 

No one expected either of the Davids to be anything but safe this evening – Cook because he’s talented and Archuleta because he’s a favorite.

But then that’s when the results when awry.  First false-start Brooke White was declared safe, sending Syesha Mercado to the stools.  Then Jason’s charm won him a spot in safety despite his disastrous performance of “Memory” that left fans wanting to forget and Carly in peril.

Even before the elimination was announced, I was shaking my head and mumbling “this is all wrong.”  Last week or the week before, I would have gladly said goodbye to either Syesha or Carly, but after Tuesday’s performances – their best by far – I’m stunned.

But alas, there is no fairy tale ending for Carly.

So what do you think – did America get it right?  Who should have gone home?


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2 Responses to Even Webber Couldn’t Save Carly Smithson on Idol

  1. Jen Zug says:

    This is my first season watching Idol, and last night I got slapped with a reality check in how this thing really works. After the bottom two were announced, I googled “Jason Castro conspiracy theories” and “why is Jason Castro still on Idol,” and found pages of teeny-bopper blogs dedicated to the oh-so-adored Jason Castro.

    In reading those blogs, it was comical, really. I totally get it now: blue eyes, sheepish smile, cool hair… Apparently coherency or the ability to complete a sentence is not at the top of the list of a teenage girl’s crush must-haves (I’m thinking in particular of the moment last night when Jason Castro says on national television, “I was feeling…. uuuuuhhhhh.”)

    I’m 36, but I forget that prime time tv is geared toward the 17-25 demographic, and that demographic doesn’t always think rationally about these things. Now that I am tragically reminded of this, I will quit taking the show so seriously. David Cook will get a recording deal no matter what happens.

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