Bones’ Big Finish Leaves One of their Own in Danger

I thought last night’s Bones was going to be a fun episode in which Bones and Booth poked fun at wannabe singers and shows like American Idol.  However, I was not prepared for the episodes’ serious ending that left one of their own in peril.

Bones sings \After watching the final seconds of “Wannabe in the Weeds” all I can say is Oh. My. God. And that’s not even the season finale.  I can only speculate how exciting the finale is going to be.

****The following contains spoilers if you didn’t see the episode****

With former Idol contestants Ace Young and Brandon Rogers guest starring, I was all prepared to write about Bones and Booth’s banter about people’s need for fame and acceptance, and why they would participate in open mic nights and reality contests like American Idol.  I was even prepared to talk about how much fun it was to see Brennan cut loose with her rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” or what a surprise it was to find out that Zach had such a nice voice.

But in all honesty, the rest of the show is shadowed by the final moments.  I still can’t believe that Booth was shot!  I totally didn’t see that coming.  I’d even read spoilers that said there would be a death in this episode, but since someone dies every episode, I didn’t put much stock in that tidbit.

But even more shocking than Booth’s injury (he was after all being stalked by the creepy Pam) was Bones reaction.  Without hesitation, she picked up Booth’s gun and fired a kill shot.  This might be a woman you make fun of for not knowing who Kelly Clarkson is, but she’s definitely someone you don’t want to mess with when her life or the lives of her friends are in jeopardy.

So is Booth a goner?  I doubt it, but the shock value of his shooting was still stunning.  He was shot in the shoulder and with immediate medical attention he should survive without incident.  Or maybe his past life as a vampire left him with some extra healing powers.

Seriously, I can’t imagine one of the leads of the show being offed so easily and the gang is going to need Booth back on his feet to help find the Gormogon killer next week.

But Booth’s plight gives Pam Nunan (Jennifer Hasty) a notch up on the creepy factor.  Even before she gave Booth socks, my husband said she reminded him of Kathy Bates in Misery.  And I have to say she’s no less dangerous.  Who knew Sweets was going to be so right about Pam?

Let’s hope Booth heals well and quickly because I’m very excited about the season finale next week.

While I’ve been enjoying all the episodes since the hiatus, I thought this episode was one of the best this season.  What did you think of the episode?


3 Responses to Bones’ Big Finish Leaves One of their Own in Danger

  1. CuriousC says:

    yea! You’re the only other person I know who watches this! and I thot I’d be reading up on tonite’s AI… Yes – I was BLOWN AWAY! in fact, I was joking that when creepy Fat Pam walked into the bar, ‘be careful, she’s got a gun.’ and then SHE DID PULL OUT a gun! aAAAaahhhh! very dramatic and totally unexpected. In fact, I can’t even remember who – oh nevermind, the neighbor…. I was going to say it made me forget who the real killer was. I love Bones.

  2. vacelts says:

    Curious C, yeah my husband and I were making fun of Pam too and then she went and then she pulled out that gun and we were like Whoa!

    Any guesses as to who the inside man is for the Gorgomon killer next week?

  3. SavI says:

    The shooting of the character Pam was not shocking, but a very logical reaction. The Dr. Temperence Brennan character is a deeply concise and logical personality whose human facets are protected by a reassurance of the dependability of facts and rational.
    She’s very cautious and careful.
    Those human facets are however much deeper than her logic and reasoning as evidenced by her strong appreciation for her forensic “family”, strength of believes, and genuine sense of warmth and caring once her analytical side is either appeased or overcome.

    Meaning her shooting of her friend’s potential killer was a logical and perfect reaction for Bones.
    Simply because someone is a wonderfully generous, kind and loving human being doesn’t mean they’re incapable of killing anyone who harms or threatens a friend.
    She’s like Booth in that way; most people are within their idea of a human being. The moment you step outside that, it’s either death or jailtime and never in the case of vengeance.

    Booth is a big guy, and that looked like a 9mm small arms revolver. He was shot in the right side so hitting his heart is less likely, and the lungs are on the back of the body, so the bullets would have had to have traveled through a good deal of dense tissue.

    Besides, the Bones and Booth relationship is too integral to the story. They’d have to have something seriously changed in the studio to break that apart, permenantly

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