Supernatural Brings Dean Back in ‘Lazarus Rising’

Last night Supernatural returned for its fourth season with “Lazarus Rising,” an episode that marks Dean’s return from Hell.  And let me tell you the episode was awesome.  My only complaint about the episode is that it wasn’t longer.

Genevieve Cortese as Kristy/the new Ruby.  Courtesy Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Genevieve Cortese as Kristy/the new Ruby. Courtesy Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

We learn in the last few minutes that Dean was pulled from Hell by the angel Casstiel (Misha Collins) because God commanded it.  Wow!  Who knew God was paying attention to the Winchester brothers!

Seriously, it’s about time “good” got into the game.  But it’s going to be interesting to see how Dean likes working for the man upstairs. 

I loved that nobody believed that Dean was actually Dean when he returned.  The holy water Bobby threw in Dean’s face even after the hug was priceless.

Now on to Sam.  It was such a Sam thing to do when he added an iPod to the Impala.  And Dean’s reaction was right on target.

Just think of what Dean’s reaction is going to be like when he finds out Sam’s not only dabbling with his psychic powers but embracing it to fight demons under the tutelage of Ruby.

Is this power good or evil?  Is it evil being used for good?  I don’t know but it’s going to come between the brothers.

And I’m really not liking the new Ruby (Genevieve Cortese).  My husband made note that she’s not a hot as Katie Cassidy.  I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason I don’t care for her.  Maybe it’s because of the deception in the hotel room.  She did a really good at not acknowledging that she knew Dean when he showed up at the door.  But we already knew she was the master of deception.  What I really want to know is Sam sleeping with her? 

In the season finale, we learned that Lilith sent Ruby far, far away.  I’m assuming that Sam summoned her back.  But when did he do it?  And was it just to help him with his psychic powers?

Well I’m very, very glad that Supernatural is back and can’t wait for next week’s episode.  Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:

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7 Responses to Supernatural Brings Dean Back in ‘Lazarus Rising’

  1. Beth says:

    I admit, I wondered whether or not Sam was sleeping with NewRuby too. But, don’t I remember that the human bodies are usually dead after housing demons for a while? That concept kind of creeped me out and stopped any further wondering.

  2. vacelts says:


    That would make me stop wondering too! 🙂 But I think their bodies are still alive until the demon vacates them. Hopefully that makes it less creepy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure that i like the new Ruby either, but that’s probably because i’m so used to the old one. I think that the old one looked more like a ‘Ruby’ than this new one. I hope i can grow to like her, because i’m pretty sure she’ll be around for a while.

  4. vacelts says:

    I’m wondering if my dislike for Ruby is more than just the actress. Could it be because I’m afraid she’s going to come between Sam and Dean? Or that I’m afraid she’s leading Sam down the wrong path?

  5. Kim says:


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    Congrats again on a great site and looking forward to your thoughts. Keep up the great work.


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