House Tries to Replace Wilson in ‘Not Cancer’

This week’s House, leaves Dr. House still reeling from the news that Wilson has left Princeton-Plainsboro to get away from him.  In “Not Cancer” House must deal with the lost of his only friend.

House and Lucas.  Can Lucas fill Wilson's shoes?

House and Lucas. Can Lucas fill Wilson's shoes?

“What did Wilson do for me?” is the question House asks his team when transplant recipients start dropping like flies from illnesses not associated with their transplanted organ.

House is talking about the diagnosis of cancer, but the question becomes a theme throughout the show to emphasis how much he misses Wilson.

First, the case of the week – as we open four recipients of transplants from one donor are dead, one is dying and 13 brings in the last one who shows no symptoms yet.  Each person has died/is dying from a different cause and none of the causes are affiliated with the transplanted organs.

House insists its cancer.  The rest of team believes it anything but cancer.  Foreman tells House, “You need it to be cancer, so you have an excuse to talk to Wilson.”

House doesn’t accept that answer.  In fact, he even goes as far as hiring a private investigator, Lucas (Michael Weston), to do backgrounds on all the recipients and the donor.  Lucas, posing as a coffee machine repairman, buts into the team’s discussion on the patients with tidbits he’s learned.  House continues to believe its cancer and sends the team to do more tests.

“Does that PI mean we don’t have to break in to people’s houses anymore,” Kutner asks.

Meanwhile, Frank (Eric Kaldor) – the one dying case – expires while his wife and Apple (Felicia Day) – the living case – argue over whose life is more valuable.  The autopsy of Frank’s brain reveals nothing.

“We’ve gone from no sense to making less sense and then taking a step backwards,” 13 complains of House’s continual insistence that it’s cancer.

But it turns out House is right – sort of.  It’s cancer that the donor had and passed on to the recipients where it attached itself to organs and caused failure.

While the team is busy with the patients, House is recruiting for a Wilson replacement.  He corners Dr. O’Shea in the cafeteria where he gets him to buy lunch.  House tries to talk to O’Shea about monster trucks (something he had in common with Wilson) and invites him over to watch TV.

Then House hires Lucas to spy on O’Shea adding that he wants to know if he lends money interest free.

But Lucas calls House on this lie adding that House really wants to be spying on Wilson to find out if he’s pining for House.

So House sets Lucas on Wilson and finds out that Wilson isn’t trying to move on from life at Princeton-Plainsbor, just from House.  Wilson has been in contact with Cameron, Cuddy and Foreman.

But when House shows up at Wilson’s doorstep, Wilson won’t even talk to him.  But guess who’s there to help House talk it out and find the diagnosis he needs when Wilson turns him away – Lucas.

And when Cuddy refuses the treatment House wants – opening the woman’s head – and places security around the patient’s room, House sends in Lucas to do his dirty work.  Even better, Lucas shows up during the surgery to say what House wants to hear.

Anyone else think House has found a replacement for Wilson?  Even House thinks so.  He puts Lucas on retainer.

I’m definitely sad to see Wilson playing a smaller role (I’ve not heard that the actor is leaving), but I like Lucas.  He calls it like he sees it.  He adds a touch a humor.  And then there’s the argyle socks.

Guess we have to wait until next week to find out if his paying for a friend works out for House.

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6 Responses to House Tries to Replace Wilson in ‘Not Cancer’

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  2. vacelts says:

    **** Spoiler Alert ****

    It doesn’t look like Lucas will be hanging around long. House producer David Shore have plans for Lucas on a show of his own.

  3. Dan says:

    There is no ‘replacement’ for Wilson. The heart of House has always lain with his relationship with Wilson.

  4. vacelts says:

    Dan, I’m a big fan of Wilson’s character on the show, but let me play devil’s advocate.

    While Wilson might be the heart of their relationship, isn’t Wilson also enabling House to stay the grumpy old, vidacin addict that he is, rather than grow and evolve as a person?

  5. Dan says:

    Of course he is! Which is why he left and hopefully when he comes back, something will have changed for the better. When I said there was no replacement for Wilson, I meant that you don’t just replace best friends whom you love. House goes through this ridiculous logical process in the episode, trying to figure out what Wilson did for him. Like he can break it down like any medical problem and find someone who offers the things Wilson did, like lunch. As opposed to Wilson simply being someone who liked to be around House and visa versa.

  6. vacelts says:

    Excellent points Dan.

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