Supernatural’s Dean Grapples with his Mission from God in “Are You There, God”

Apparently I’m not the only one reeling from Supernatural’s revelation that Dean was pulled from Hell by Castiel, the Angel of Thursday, on orders from God.  Dean himself is still grappling with the fact in “Are You There, God? It’s Me . . .  Dean Winchester.”

Castiel's revelations baffle Dean.


In fact, Dean is struggling to believe that angels exist despite the angelic handprints on his shoulders.  But can you really blame the guy?

I mean think of the things this guy has seen over the years – including his own mother’s fiery death.  It’s got to be easier to believe that there is no God then to believe that he lets these kinds of things happen.

But I think that what’s even harder for Dean to handle that the existence of God and angels is that he might be an instrument in God’s plan – that he’s significant enough for God to not only notice him, but have him pulled from the depths of Hell.  After all he thinks of himself as just a regular guy.

Dean’s never done the hunting thing because it was the right thing to do or that it was his ticket to Heaven.  It was just how he was raised.  And he always wants to stick it to the bastards – and those like them – that hurt the ones he loved.  Family is very important to Dean.

But as much as Dean’s unwilling to take the leap of faith that there is a higher power, despite – as Sam puts it – actual proof, the idea that the apocalypse is on the horizon blows him away.

When ghosts of souls hunters have been unable to save start reappearing and taking vengeance on the hunters in a ritual know as the Rising of the Witness, Bobby finds information on the ritual from a book whose “widely distributed version is just for tourists” and is known as Revelations.

The boys defeat these ghosts and return their souls to rest.  And then Dean gets another visit from Castiel.

We learn when Dean says that he thought angels were suppose to be like “Michael Landon, not dicks” that angels aren’t guardians who perch on shoulders – they are warriors of God.  And while Dean and company were battling the witnesses, these soldiers were fighting other battles.

Anyone else think this Army of God sounds like another level of hunter?

So why is God’s army suddenly on Earth?  Castiel and others are trying to prevent Lilith from breaking the 66 seals that would release Lucifer to walk the Earth.

This revelation blows Dean away – Lucifer is more than just “a story they told at demon Sunday school.”

I can totally understand why Dean doesn’t believe in God, but I was shocked to believe that he didn’t believe in Lucifer after all the evil he’s seen.  Guess the two go hand in hand.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Dean handles his mission from God.  He’s never been one to follow orders and I can tell he’s not real thrilled with the meet and greets with Castiel.

But what exactly does Castiel want from Dean?  He’s not asked him for anything.  He’s just slowly dishing out information.  Is he going to want Dean to join forces with the angels?  Is Dean meant to fight battles the angels don’t have the manpower for?  Is Dean to become the angel’s hit man, going after certain demons?  And just how are Sam and the powers he’s been using going to fit in this picture?  Where is Ruby going to figure in?

This season has to be one of the most exciting ones yet.

Anyone else waiting for the Dean to embrace his new destiny, jump in the impala with Sam wearing sunglasses and say, “We’re on a mission from God.  It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.” And have Sam reply “Hit it.”

Next week we get to learn a bit about the boys’ past in “In the Beginning.”

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6 Responses to Supernatural’s Dean Grapples with his Mission from God in “Are You There, God”

  1. vacelts says:

    Things I loved about this episode:

    Dean’s epic battle to digest proof that God, angels and Lucifer really exist.

    That the episode’s name is a play off a Judy Blume novel. Of all the pop culture references Dean and Sam make, I’d never thought they’d reference Judy Blume. Not really the Winchester’s style.

    Loved that Bobby had built his own panic room just because he had a “weekend off.”
    I loved that Bobby consulted the Bible for research as he called revelations “for tourists.”

    I was actually afraid for Bobby. I can’t imagine what the boys would do without Bobby around.

    My favorite line was when Dean tells Castiel that he thought angels were “like Michael Landon, not dicks.”

  2. i didn’t catch the judy blume reference myself…thanks for the insight. cool blog btw.

  3. vacelts says:

    thecodewhisperer, Thanks. I enjoyed yours too.

  4. hello everyone supernatural this year is cool dean and sam and booby even castiel rocks my world. im 21 years old.

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