Heroes’ Sylar Goes to Work for Mommy in ‘One of Us’

Paternity seems to be the key to the shockers on the third season of Heroes.  Last week we learned that Angela is Sylar’s mom and this week in “One of Us, One of Them” we find another one of our heroes questioning their origins.

Working with HRG, Sylar poses as an FBI agent, complete with Irish accent.

Working with HRG, Sylar poses as an FBI agent, complete with Irish accent.

After a tender bonding moment (as if Angela knows anything about maternal nurturing) in which Mama Petrelli tells Sylar – excuse me “Gabriel” – that she’s sorry she gave him up for adoption and promises to provide him with inspiration, guidance and comfort, Angela serves Sylar lunch – I mean a new power. 

Why does she give him the power to read the history of any object?  Is she expecting him to need that particular power in her plans for him?  Or was she just offering him a power as a peace offering?

Next Angela partners Sylar with the one man who hates him most – HRG.  She believes that Noah – who insists he hasn’t reenlisted but simply wants to return the escapes – can provide Sylar with the structure he needs.

Despite protesting that Sylar is a killer, Noah agrees to take Sylar to rein in Jesse/Present Peter, Knox, The German and Flint.  Looks like HRG will play mentor to Sylar . . . at least until he finds Sylar’s weakness.

Meanwhile Angela’s youngest son (at least of the ones we know about) is still trapped in Jesse’s body.  Jesse is originally from Las Vegas.  Anyone else think that’s more than just a coincidence?  It seems like everyone on this show is either from New York, Las Vegas, Texas or California.  Could Jesse be related to one of our other Vegas residents or former residents?  Maybe he’s Linderman’s son?

Either way, Jesse is jonesing for revenge against HRG and has masterminded the current plan to rob this bank and draw out HRG.  However, Peter’s resistance to the plan make it easy for the others to figure out he’s not the real Jesse.

After a little fear – or maybe its adrenaline – Peter discovers – and uses – Jesse’s Black Canary-like power before Future Peter shows up to free him.  But the whole “possession” leaves a few questions.

Did Peter have access to his own powers while he was hijacked?  Now that he’s come in contact with Jesse’s power has he acquired it?  Where was the real Jesse during Peter inhabitation?  Was he also in there?  And where did the two Peter’s go?

When Future Peter rescues his present self (anyone confused yet), he leaves HRG at the mercy of Jesse and his flunkies – until Sylar saves the day, but not without acquiring a new power.  Guess Sylar’s reformation isn’t complete.

HRG and Sylar return to Level 5 in Hartsdale, NY with Flint.  The German and Jesse are dead — those stories were short-lived. And Knox is still on the loose. 

Daphne comes between Hiro and Ando.

Daphne comes between Hiro and Ando.

Also in Level 5 are Hiro and Ando.  Seems they tried to relieve the Haitian of Angela’s half of the doomsday formula in Berlin only to have it stolen by Daphne while they argued between themselves over Ando’s “sidekick” status.

Meanwhile, Matt continues his “spirit walk” with Usutu in Africa, discovering a series of paintings Usutu has done of Parkman’s life beginning with his encounter with Molly.  All the paintings have come to be except one – of Matt with a woman holding a baby.  Did anyone think the woman looked like Daphne?

But Usutu tells him the future has changed, then goes all white eyes and paints over it.  In the new picture, Matt is carrying a woman that is injured/dead.  I still think it could be Daphne.  Matt asks if he can change the future and Usutu helps him meditate.

Claire is trying to do some changing of her own.  Tired of being a victim, she asks Meredith to help her learn to fight using her powers.  Instead Meredith tries to scare her into giving up her vengeance plan and focus on being a teenager.

Claire says sure, pretends to be the good cheerleader and heads out on her own mission with a Primatech box in tow.

Back in DC, Nathan – sans any visits from the mysterious Linderman vision – gets swore in.  But it’s Tracy that’s the real story of the night.  When Nathan visits her she is clearly struggling to grasp the apparently newly revealed power to freeze and continues to deny any knowledge of Niki Saunders.

Tracy goes to Micah for answers about Niki.

Tracy goes to Micah for answers about Niki.

After a visit with Micah at a funeral home in New Orleans, Tracy discovers that she and Niki share a birth date and a birth place, but not a body.  Tracy is a separate person from Niki, not a separate personality.  And Tracy – and presumably Niki – were created by one Dr. Zimmerman.  Big questions here.

Who is Dr. Zimmerman?  Exactly how did he create Tracy?  Did he create Niki too?  Or was she the model from which Tracy was created?  And who did he think Tracy was when he answered the door?  Did he call her Bobba?

What is Zimmerman’s relationship to The Company?  There’s no way someone was creating people with powers and The Company not know about it.  What does this mean for the other people with powers?  Has he had a hand it that?  Could he be Sylar’s papa/creator too?

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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11 Responses to Heroes’ Sylar Goes to Work for Mommy in ‘One of Us’

  1. vacelts says:

    Thankfully Mohinder and Maya were missing this episode. But I can definitely see where Ando’s going to be visiting Mohinder soon in search of his own power?

    Also, it’s been suggested that Angela might, in addition to her premonition power, have the power to persuade. Anyone think that Nathan’s Linderman visions might be Angela getting into Nathan’s subconscious and persuading him to do as she pleases?

    It was nice to see the return of the Haitian. Too bad he’s working for Angela.

  2. […] Heroes’ Sylar Goes to Work for Mommy in ‘One of Us’  […]

  3. abcdef says:

    All I can say is that I am sure that the Haitian has the ability to make Sylar forget/unlearn his powers. The Haitian is going to be Sylar’s weakness.

  4. vacelts says:

    Excellent point about the Haitian. Guess it’s going to matter who the haitian really works for — Angela or HRG.

  5. GoldenGait says:

    “And who did he think Tracy was when he answered the door? Did he call her Bobba?” I think he called her Barbara, which now sets up ANOTHER character for Ali Larter to tackle. Apparently Dr. Zimmerman made Niki/Jessica/Gina who had super strength and multiple personalities, Tracy who has the power to freeze, Barbara (who I suppose may or may not have a power), and possibly several others. I’m just hoping they don’t take this too far and make 80 different character clones of the same woman…


  6. vacelts says:

    Golden Gait, now that I reflect on it. I think Barbara could be right. It’s an interesting storyline, if as you pointed out, they don’t take it too far.

  7. Betsy says:

    But since sylar now has Claire’s ability, he’ll be able to regenerate his memories like both claire and Peter have done in the past, so the Haitan will only temporarily subdue Sylar

  8. Tom says:

    That’s true Betsy but as was shown in ”One of us” Claire seems to be wholly reliant on fresh air, which her mother was using up. So maybe putting Sylar/Gabriel in a shipping container with very little oxygen and using the haitan to make him forget his powers would be the killing combination.
    I don’t understand how Claire’s mother knew that was her weakness…seemed a bit of an ad hoc plot scenario.

  9. Wagman says:

    What ability allowed Claire’s mother to breathe? She used up all the oxygen when burning her flames but she was unaffected by the lack of air… Also, If Peter is self healing how can he scar? One last thing – has the African found a natural source for the formula? He crushed berries to assist Parkman in reading the future, an ability he didn’t seem to posses previously. Does this mean that abilities will be available to those who either have access to the formula OR to those who can find the source in nature themselves?

    Just a few thoughts 🙂

  10. vacelts says:

    Wagman, excellent thoughts.

    I’m guessing that either all the air wasn’t used up (just a psych out on Claire) or Meredith’s flame power gives her an ability to breathe carbon dioxide.

    I’m assuming that Peter’s scar is suppose to be a result of some injury he got when the Haitian was around (thereby preventing his healing power). Why it doesn’t heal once the Haitian is gone is anyone’s guess.

    And I have no clue about Usutu’s drugs.

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