Did Dean Pass the Test in Supernatural ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin’

October 31, 2008

It’s Halloween on Supernatural and the Winchesters have more to worry about than the raising of Samhain and vengeful angels.  They – or specifically Dean – are being tested by God in “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” and they don’t know it.

Dean must kill the dead that Samhain raised.  Photo courtsey of CW

Dean must kill the dead that Samhain raised. Photo courtsey of CW

How cool is it that God thinks Dean is special enough for angels to heed his decision?  It’s not exactly leading an army of angels, but still . . .

I know it was less about faith in Dean and more about testing him, but I’m still glad Dean realized he had a trump card and played it.  The whole I’m-special-enough-to pull-from-Hell-so-I’m-not-leaving really pissed off the new angel in town – Uriel (Robert Wisdom of The Wire).

I liked the introduction of another angel.  And like Castiel, he’s not all about fluffy goodness.  Uriel is a specialist – he purifies towns.

It’s interesting that the line between good and evil was blurred a little more tonight.  Are the angels (and God if the order came from him) really good if they are willing to smite a town of 1214?  Sure it might save six billion in the end, but is it the righteous thing to do?

I love that Dean – originally a non-believer – comforts Sam – the one who prays regularly – when he’s disappointed after meeting the angels.  Sam tells Dean that he thought they’d be different.  And Dean tells him not to let a few rotten apples ruin it for him, adding “Babe Ruth was a dick, but baseball is still great.”

But Sam was dealing with his own fine line, which he crossed again by using his demon powers.  I was screaming at the TV, “don’t do it Sam.”  But apparently he didn’t listen to me.  He used his psychic abilities to send Samhain back to Hell.  Something that Uriel warns him is very dangerous.

In the end, they save the town (or most of it).  But at what cost?  Another one of the 66 seals has been broken.  Sam used his Demon powers.  The Winchesters got on the bad side of Uriel, who already seemed to have it in for the “mud monkeys.”  And the Impala got egged!

But the real question is did Dean pass the test?

Dean thinks he failed, but would do it over again.  Castiel showed doubt, revealing that he has questions of his own if that plan is just.  As for me, I’m not sure – it depends on what the test was for.

If God wanted to know if Dean could sacrifice a few for the greater good, then yes he failed.  But if God was testing Dean’s ability to lead and get the job done, then I think he passed

What do you think?

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Get Your Holiday Recipes Here

October 30, 2008
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Mr. Potato Head Meets the Pumpkins

October 30, 2008

The thought of a large knife and two three-year-olds scares the crap out of me, so we have turned to pumpkin carving alternatives.

Argh Matey!  Pirate Pumpkin and Princess Pumpkin

Argh Matey! Pirate Pumpkin and Princess Pumpkin

A natural klutz, I’m even worse with sharp objects.  Add two overeager preschoolers wanting desperately to get their hands dirty so to speak and you can see where I’m less than willing to take on the challenge of carving not one but two pumpkins.

The year the twins were born we skipped carving all together, going with the natural pumpkin look.  The next year, we drew faces on the twin’s pumpkins with markers.  Last year, we took it up a notch and broke out the glue.  We used string, squiggly eyes, pom poms and pipe cleaners to decorate the pumpkins.

As you can see, I’m building up to (or avoiding) the year we finally carve pumpkins but I’m still not ready this year.  However, I had to do something new.

Enter Mr. Potato Head.  Or at least his accessories.  Target was selling these Potato Head kits for pumpkins.  And I’m a sucker for a gimmick.

But turning pumpkins into potato heads is a little harder than it looks.  So we had to turn to Daddy for help.

So on Sunday afternoon, my husband helped the twins decorate their pumpkins for Halloween. My daughter chose a princess kit for her white pumpkin.  And my son turned his orange pumpkin into a pirate.  Aargh!

The twins are very happy with their creations.  My husband had a good time helping the kids.  And I’ve put off pumpkin carving for one more year.

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Sick Day Movies

October 30, 2008

My twins are sick today so we are hosting our own mini Scooby Doo marathon.  Scooby Doo has the most movies they can agree on. 

If it was just my daughter, we’d be watching princess movies all day.  My son would rather spend the day watch movies like Cars and Speed Racer.

But that’s okay, because sick days are meant to snuggle under a blanket, curl up on the couch and watch that one or two movies that really seem to connect to you.

My husband loves to watch the Matrix trilogy when he’s sick.  It’s the only time he really gets to watch them uninterrupted.

My sick day movies are little less cohesive:  Eddie and the Cruisers, The Lost Boys and A Knight’s Tale.

I know that Eddie is a little off beat, probably why I like it.  But I love the music in the show.  The Lost Boys has been a favorite of my since I was a teen.  And I don’t even know why I like A Knight’s Tale, except maybe for the eye candy Heath Ledger.

Yeah, I know it’s a weird collection, but that’s what sick days are for – to bring out those movies that you don’t necessarily watch with family and friends.

What is your favorite sick day movie(s)?

The Halloween Monsters I Created

October 29, 2008

To help get my three-year-old twins in the mood for Halloween, I got a couple holiday CDs to listen to in the car on the way to school and other activities.

But they have become obsessed with these CDs.  If they aren’t in the car when we get ready to leave, they beg me to go get them before we drive away.  If we take Daddy’s car that day, they remind me to get the CDs out of my car.  And they want to listen to the CDs over and over and over again. 

I have listened to the same two CDs for two weeks straight.  I have created Halloween Music Monsters! 

But their obsession is nothing compared to their reactions to the songs.  They definitely have their favorites.  Here’s what’s topping their list:


This song has quickly moved to the top spot considering the twins had probably not heard it very often before this month.  But my son will quickly tell you it’s his favorite.  He sings it both in and out of the car.

We sat down to dinner the other night and my son looks at Daddy and says “Who you gonna call?”  Then he answers his own question with a resounding “Ghostbusters!”

My daughter mostly dances to the song but will pipe up every now and then with a chorus of “Ghostbusters!”

Scooby Doo Theme Song

The kids have watched this show so often that they know the song by heart.  Plus they have two plush Scooby Doo dolls – one dressed like a pirate, one dressed like a witch -at home that play these songs.

But more interesting is their reaction when the song comes on.  We have the same conversation every time the song plays.

My son:  Mommy, it’s Scooby Doo!

Mommy:  Yes, it is.

My son:  Can I watch Scooby Doo at home?

Mommy:  Sure, when we get home we can watch Scooby Doo

My son:  Scooby Doo Vampire?

Mommy:  Yes we can watch the Scooby Doo at Vampire Rock

My daughter:  I want Scooby Doo Zombies!

Mommy:  Yes, we can watch Scooby Doo on Zombie Island.

And by the time we finish this conversation the song is over.

The Witch Doctor

The twins like this song, but they are very specific about which version.  They only like the Alvin and the Chipmunk version.  If I play any other version, one of them has to tell me Alvin sings this song.  Yes, I know, I reply.

But even if it’s not the Alvin version, I see heads bobbing in the backseat and stains of “ooh eee oohh ah ah” coming from the backseat.

Purple People Eater

The fact that neither of the kids knows the words to this song does nothing to deter their enthusiasm for the Purple People Eater.  My daughter particularly likes to dance to this song.  She bobs and wiggles in her car seat.  My son likes to jump in and repeat whatever the purple People Eater say.  I think he likes the voice.

But the twins favorite part is at the end, when they shout “tequila”.  So my kids are running around going “tequila.”

We are suppose to be working on our “t” sound for speech therapy this week, but I’m not sure this is what their teacher had in mind.  And I just know when we go in on Friday and she asks them for a “t” word, they are both going to shout “tequila” and I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do.

The Adams Family

It never fails that when this song comes on one of the kids asks me “what’s this song?”  They don’t sing along but they are particularly fascinated with the song.  I found out why when I went on their preschool field trip last week.  The grace they say this month before snack is to the tune of the Adams Family.

Monster Mash

The twins’ only interest in this song is the bubbling at the beginning.  They always ask:  “is that water?”  After I answer yes, they just wait for the next song.

So for the last two weeks, this has been my life – narrowed down to six Halloween songs and the exact same reactions from my kids for each song.  I might sound like I’m complaining, but actually I love the fact that my kids are getting into the holiday spirit.

I finally broke down on Saturday and bought a new CD, but it doesn’t have Ghostbusters, so they don’t want to listen to it.

Thank goodness that Friday is Halloween.  Then we can move on to music for the next holiday.  Anyone know any good Thanksgiving songs?

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Heroes Form, Break Alliances on ‘Eris Quod Sum’

October 28, 2008

Loyalties are more than divided on Heroes these days.  On “Eris Quod Sum” we saw allegiance cross and double cross.  And who is at the center of all the chaos – the Petrellis.

A little water settles down the electric Elle.  Courtesy of NBC.

A little water settles down the electric Elle. Courtesy of NBC.

Arthur Petrelli was a busy man tonight.  First he confirmed some details for fans.  Yes, Peter’s abilities are gone for good.  Arthur takes it all and leaves nothing behind.

And Arthur was in a taking mood this episode.  First he “heals” Maya by taking her power.  And fans rejoice as Maya leaves hopefully for the last time.  But not before she has a very stalker-like goodbye with Mohinder.  No way I’d waste words on some guy that put me in a cocoon on the wall! 

Meanwhile Mohinder goes to work for Pinehearst to help with the formula.  I don’t understand what Mohinder needs to do.  Don’t they already have both halves of the formula?

Next Arthur takes Maury’s life.  Maury had pledged his loyalty to Arthur in exchange for Matt’s safety.  But when Arthur’s plans for Matt change, Maury protests and gets a broken neck for his troubles.  But given what we later find out I have to wonder is Maury really dead?  Or was it a show?  For who’s sake, I’m not sure – maybe Knox.

Next Arthur sends Daphne to kill Matt or so Knox thinks.  After playing a little mind trick on Knox, Daphne befriends Matt.  But we know that she’s still working for Arthur, who warns her that he if she screws up he’ll put her back where he found her.  Just where did he find her?  Did she have powers when he found her?  Or did she acquire them later?

In the meantime, father-of-the year is playing musical sons.  First he has Peter locked up and wastes the opportunity for father-son bonding with really bad lines like “you’re grounded.” 

But the comatose Angela uses her mad skills and a promise that he’s her “favorite” to inspire Sylar to break out of his coma, escape Level 5 and save his little brother.  Sylar manages to save Peter from being Mohinder’s guinea pig, but gets himself caught. 

So instead of running for his life, the powerless Peter decides to return the favor and rescue Sylar.  But what he doesn’t know is that Arthur tries to win Sylar to his side by convincing him that Angela is the devil incarnate (hmm . . . that didn’t take much improvising).  Sylar decides to stay with Daddy and sends Peter flying out the window.

Has Sylar really traded allegiances?  Was the man who evaded capture so many times in the first two seasons, really so easily taken hostage by Camp Arthur?  Did he try to kill Peter or help him escape?

Pete falls at the feet of the blonde duo on their way to Pinehurst to get “fixed.”  Elle’s powers are really out of whack (almost took down their plane) and Claire is still feeling broken, so the pair bond over daddy issues on a cross country flight.

But the appearance of Peter stops Claire in her tracks, while Elle continues into Pinehearst.  So who does Claire call for help?  Daddy.  No not him, the other Daddy. 

Nathan and Tracy leave their meet and greet with Meredith and HRG at Mohinder’s lair to go to Claire and Peter’s aid.  Peter gives Nathan the low down on Papa Petrelli.  Nathan promises to shut down Pinehearst legally, but then heads out to confront Daddy Dearest.  Another son in Arthur’s grasp.

Tracy, who has been getting kick backs from Pinehearst, agrees to accompany him.  How is her former allegiance to Pinehearst going to pan out?

And while all these alliances are being formed, and broken and double crossed, our wanna be hero Hiro is in Africa arguing with Ando about the hazards of time travel.  Apparently Africa is the new place to go when we don’t know what to do with your storyline.  Or maybe it’s just an excuse to flash forward or flash backwards.  And backwards is just where it appears Hiro’s spirit walk is going to land us in two weeks.

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Appointment Television – The Best Shows Worth Watching

October 27, 2008

As any of you who’ve read my blog know, I watch a lot of television and I mean a lot.  But what most of you might not realize is that I have a husband, three-year old twins, a full-time job and hopes for some semblance of a social life.

My other obligations mean that a lot of my television shows have to be DVRed for viewing at a later time.  But a handful of shows rank as must sees for me.  I will go out of my way to watch these shows live and am gravely disappointed when I can’t.

So without further ado here is my list of appointment shows – television shows I schedule time to watch:


Chuck - Season 2 Cast - Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Adam Baldwin as Major John Casey, Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski, Ryan McPartlin as Capt. Awesome, Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes courtesy Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

Chuck - Season 2 Cast - Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Adam Baldwin as Major John Casey, Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski, Ryan McPartlin as Capt. Awesome, Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes courtesy Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

It’s nice to start out the week with a little humor.  That’s why I watch Chuck.  And what’s funnier that a Buy More slacker turned super spy with Adam Baldwin as his take-no-prisoners handler? 

Chuck was happily not living up to his potential when he suddenly acquired a brain full of encrypted government secrets when the computer housing them was destroyed.  Now he balances his day job as part of the Nerd Herd with his secret life – a life where the girl he has a crush on – CIA Agent Sarah Walker – and NSA Agent John Casey (Baldwin) protect him while helping him to unravel the secrets in his head.

I already outlined my Top 10 reasons for watching the show so I won’t bore you with that again.  But if you are looking for a little lighter fare to add to your TV repertoire, then I highly recommend Chuck.

Chuck airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.


Michael Lavine/FOX

FRINGE: When an unlikely trio uncovers a deadly mystery that involves a series of unbelievable events, they discover it may be part of a larger, more disturbing pattern that blurs the line between science fiction and technology on FRINGE airing Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) this fall on FOX. Pictured L-R: Lance Reddick, John Noble, Blair Brown, Kirk Acevedo, Anna Torv, Mark Valley, Joshua Jackson and Jasika Nicole ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Lavine/FOX

Out of all the new shows, Fringe is my favorite.  Who doesn’t love a show where a cow has a recurring role?  Seriously, the mystery is high in this high-tech X-Files-like show.

With the help of lovable “mad scientist” Walter Bishop and his brilliant, but loner son Peter, FBI Agent Olivia Dunham sets out to unlock the mysteries behind The Pattern.  But Olivia has a few secrets of her own including a dead boyfriend who haunts her.  But she’s not the only enigma – Peter, Walter, the Observer and Nina all have a mystery or two of their own.

I tune in every week for the weekly case, as much as for the overall intrigue.  What is the Pattern?  Who’s behind it?  And what are they trying to do?

Fringe airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.  The next new episode airs on November 11.


Kwaku Alston/FOX

BONES: L-R: TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Tamara Taylor and Eric Millegan. ©2007 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kwaku Alston/FOX

I followed Angel’s David Boreanaz to Bones four years ago, but stayed because I fell in love with the team of squints let by Dr. Brennan.  Together the team of brilliant misfits solves murders based on a pile of bones.

Booth (Boreanaz) is a former sniper turned FBI agent who always gets his man.  But this single dad also has a soft spot for Brennan and her team, and of course, his son.  Brennan is his forensic anthropologist partner – brilliant, but socially inept.  And that’s just the leadership of this team.

The cases are intriguing – after all where else do you see a case solved from nothing more than a femur — but the dynamics of the team are what keep me coming back for more.

Bones airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.  The next new episode airs November 5.  You can catch reruns of this season on Mondays at 11 p.m. on TNT.


Supernatural - Season 4 - Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam courtesy Brian Bowen Smith/Warner Bros. Television Entertainment

Supernatural - Season 4 - Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam courtesy Brian Bowen Smith/Warner Bros. Television Entertainment

I wait all week for this show.  And if I only get to watch one show a week – Supernatural is it.  In its fourth season, this sci fi series stars a beautiful 67 Impala and two demon hunting brothers – Jensen Ackles and Jared Paledecki as Dean and Sam Winchester – that are more than easy on the eyes.  Need I say more!

Okay, if you need more than pretty faces and a hot car to sell you, I’ll continue.  The show is about an epic battle between good and evil without being preachy.  In fact the show does an excellent job of combining the spooky with excellent dialogue, super music, wit and lots of great pop culture references. 

And the story itself is top-notch (in my opinion).  Dean and Sam were raised by their late father to be hunters after their mother was killed by the powerful yellow-eyed demon Azazel.  This season Dean has been pulled from the bowels of Hell by the angel Castiel to help prevent Armageddon and to keep Sam from being sway to the dark side through the use of his psychic powers – powers he acquired because Azazel dropped demon blood into his mouth when he was a child.

Supernatural airs on the CW on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

That pretty much wraps up a week for me.  I spend the rest of the time catching up on my DVR.

What shows do you find yourself scheduling time in front of the tube for?  What are your must see shows?