Bones Investigates Office Life in ‘Crank in the Shaft’

When a decomposed leg falls into an elevator from the shaft above on, Booth and Bones must navigate their way through the cubicle farm to find the killer in “Crank in the Shaft.”

Greg Gayne/FOX

BONES: Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) and Cam (Tamara Taylor, R) investigate the remains found in an elevator shaft in the BONES episode

This week Bones takes the investigation to the office.  But how prepared are an FBI agent and an anthropologist/writer to tackle the jungle known as office politics?

It seems that murder is just the tip of the iceberg for this office crew.  In their search for the office manager’s murderer, Booth and Bones uncover drugs, vengeance, sex, blackmail and the office version of the black market.

I just hope when I die, it won’t be as a result of office equipment!

But Booth is dealing with a bit of his own office politics – his quest for a dead man’s chair – that involves fraud (Cam writes him a “doctor’s note”) and bribery (cupcakes for the lady in Human Resources).  But who knew that Brennan held the secret to his success?

And the Jeffersonian isn’t without its own work drama.  The tension between Hodgins and Angela continues at least until Angela visits Sweets for some advice and fries.  Hey, in my book, good French fries heal all.

It’s interesting that Sweets advice to Hodgins a few weeks ago was that he was dealing with it with anger and that was okay.  Hodgins was baffled and kept asking for more answers.  While tonight, Sweets tells Angela that she needs to analysis the situation more and wants to meet with her weekly.  Angela is pleased with their conversation, but fails to take his advice.

Angela and Hodgins are so different.  I always wondered how they became an item.  But they were good together, so writers please hurry up and make them a couple again!

And the highlight of the night was Mr. Cheerful.  Fisher is, as Brennan put it, the depressed intern that is quite clever.

The fill in of the week dramatized everything even the task to take 1,263 bone fragments, “each one screaming of pain, violence and hopelessness” and reassemble them to find the cause of death.

But the staff’s reaction to Fisher was classic, especially Cam.  By the end of the show she was telling him to take Prozac.  When he said that he already did, she told him to double it because he was bringing her down!

Overall a nice fun episode (well expect for the whole murder thing).  I like the humor of this ensemble.  What did you think of the episode?

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5 Responses to Bones Investigates Office Life in ‘Crank in the Shaft’

  1. Lehua says:

    I was so disappointed about Angela and Hodgin. They are the reasons I started watching this show. Please let them get back together!!

  2. vacelts says:

    Lehua, I started watching the show for David Boreanaz, but I too wish they’d hurry up and get Angela and Hodgins back together. They made a great couple.

  3. Kate says:

    OMG- this was my fave epi of the season so far. Booth and Bones investigate The Office from HELL. Totally gross discovery of the body- and it goes down the shaft from there…..Loved the humor and the whole bit with Booth trying to get the THRONE was a great parallel to the office hotbed they were investigating for murder in the midst of mundane office politics. Death by STAPLER- really? Funniest darn thing I had seen in a long time.

  4. GoldenGait says:

    Loved the murder itself (smears along an elevator shaft wall), but not the office investigation… It kind of bored me. Mr. Fisher and the dynamic at the Jeffersonian made the episode for me, otherwise I’d have had to call this one a bit of a dud.

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