Supernatural’s Dean Must Go Back to “The Beginning”

Last night’s episode of Supernatural blew me away.  In “In The Beginning,” Dean must go back in time to when he’s parents were dating to “stop it” – the cryptic order from Castiel.  The trip back to April 30, 1973 gave loyal fans a few answers to questions we’ve been asking since Season 2 and a lot more questions.

Dean helps a young John pick out the Impala.

Dean helps a young John pick out the Impala.

The big shockers:


Dean is driving a pinto this episode.  I couldn’t get over Dean in the pinto.  Every time he drove up in it, I had to chuckle.  I’d never have thought Dean would have been caught dead in a pinto.  It was a nice piece of humor in an otherwise serious episode.

Dean’s mom, Mary (Amy Gumenick), was a hunter.  And John (Matt Cohen) didn’t know.  She was raised by her hunter parents and she hated the life.  She wanted to leave it behind and marry John.

Dean and Sam are named after their maternal grandparents, Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) and Deanna (Allison Hossack).

Mary made a deal with the Azazel (old yellow eyes) to save John’s life.  This family really has a knack for dealing with the demons in order to save each other’s life.

More Questions:

Did Dean really go back in time or was it some sort of dream?  If he did go back, did he actually cause the events?  Or do we believe Castiel that destiny cannot be changed?

Did Dean really influence John’s decision to get the Impala?  In the graphic novel, the acquisition of the impala is different?

What is Azazel’s end game?  Does Lilith know?  What did the blood he dripped in the babies mouths do?  How did he know that all these people he was making deals with would have kids in 1983?  And isn’t it a big coincidence that they did?

What did Azazel mean when he referenced the angels on Dean’s shoulders?  Did he know that only angel could transport Dean back in time?  Or is there something different about Dean now?

What the heck is Sam doing sneaking off in the middle of the night with Ruby?  What is at 425 Waterman?  Doesn’t he realize that he’s playing with fire here?

And what does Castiel mean by “stop it or we will?”  Is Sam’s life in danger?  How can Dean stop it if destiny can’t be changed?

I’m can’t wait until the next episode.  This show just keeps getting better.


2 Responses to Supernatural’s Dean Must Go Back to “The Beginning”

  1. vacelts says:

    My favorite lines:

    When Dean realizes he’s gone back in time, he asks if “angels got their hands on some Deloreans.”

    When Castiel shows up in the passenger seat of the pinto, Dean asks if this means “God’s my co-pilot.”

    And someone please tell me why every time someone travels back in time, there’s a reference to Tab. Is that the universal sign of time travel?

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