Arthur Petrelli Lives on Heroes, But is He an Angel or a Monster?

On tonight’s “Angels and Monsters,” Heroes dropped a bombshell.  The yet unseen patriarch of the Petrelli family – long thought dead by his own hand – was show still alive and running his own “company.”  And guess what this company’s logo is?

Papa Petrelli is alive, although bedridden, and guess who is helping him -- Maury Parkman (left)

Papa Petrelli is alive, although bedridden, and guess who is helping him -- Maury Parkman (left)

Here’s what we know:  Arthur Petrelli (Robert Forster) is alive, or at least for now hanging in there.  He is bed ridden.

Here’s how I see it:  Arthur had a parting of ways with The Company, probably over the issue of giving people powers.  Seeing Arthur as a threat, Angela – or another member of The Company – killed (or at least thought they killed) him, making it look like suicide.  But Arthur didn’t die – not sure if that a result of his power (which is what?) or just luck.

I think for the last two years Papa Petrelli has been hiding away regaining his strength and forming a plan of vengeance and/or domination.  Given what he looks like now, he must have been in really bad shape.

So now Arthur is back in the game with his own company – Pinehearst – and the company’s logo is two Godsend symbols intertwined.  Given that he’s the guy that Daphne has been working for, I’d say that the formula – which can be used to give ordinary people power – is a major part of his plan.

But what exactly is his end game?  An army of people with abilities?  Why?

We also know that he’s been recruiting his oldest son Nathan through the imaginary Linderman.  It turns out Linderman is not so much a figment of Nathan’s imagination as the work of Maury Parkman.

Major questions here.  How did Maury come to work for Arthur?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time we saw Maury he was in the hands of The Company and was trapped in his own mind by his son Matt.  How did he escape?  Has Maury always sided with Arthur?  If not, what did Arthur do to win him over?

Furthermore, I want to know why Daddy is working so hard to win over Nathan?  As we learned tonight, Nathan’s power is synthetic.  Wouldn’t the powers of Peter be more useful to Daddy?  Or is it the synthetic power that Arthur needs?  Although it’s never made clear tonight whether Peter and/or Sylar’s powers are natural or synthetic, I got the feeling that at least one of them was born with their power. 

The next question would be is Arthur Peter and/or Sylar’s dad?  Maybe Pete’s not his, that’s why he didn’t try to recruit him.  Speaking of which, why are they recruiting certain people?  Is it because of their family connections or their abilities? 

When Daphne was requested to recruit, Maury (as Linderman) gave her files for Knox and Mohinder and she falters calling them “pretty nasty people.”  It seems Mohinder is moving up on the badass list, maybe it has something to do with the fact that he spent the entire episode collecting people (Maya included) and storing them cocoon-like on his wall.

Daphne recruits Knox, who then kidnaps Adam for Pinehearst.  And someone from Pinehearst had already talked to Stephen Canfield (Andre Royo).  Plus now we know how Daphne and Matt (another family connection) meet since he’s on her recruit list.

Or is Pinehearst just looking for easily swayed people?

Yes I’m thinking of the Japanese Nazis, as Adam called them.  “We are the worst heroes ever?” Yes they are.

First they – or rather Hiro despite Ando’s protests – lost Kaito’s half of the formula to Daphne.  Then they got caught by the Haitian while trying to steal the second half and tonight they unbury Adam only to lose him moments later in a “cantina” after being distracted by a Star Wars reference.

Then Hiro kills Ando in an effort to prove he’s bad ass enough to join Daphne and Knox.  I don’t for one minute believe Ando’s dead.  It’s probably another Scooby plan of Hiro’s.  I just haven’t figured out to what end.

While I’m pretty sure that Nathan isn’t entirely buying the “dead mobster telling me he’s a messenger from God,” I think it’s going to be Angela herself that pushes her son into Arthur’s waiting arms.

After confirming that The Company did give the Tracy – and her sisters Niki and Barbara – their powers and revealing to Nathan that Daddy wanted his son to have powers even if they were synthetic, Angela tried to sound repentant.  But it’s kind of hard to see past the fact that she has Peter subdued in another room with a medically induced coma.  Now that’s a mother’s love for you.

And Peter almost got a chance to pay her back for all her motherly kindness with a little slice to the head, but brother Sylar stopped him.  It seems that Angela has at least one obedient child.  And she’s going to need it now that she knows Arthur’s back thanks to that little premonition.

Meanwhile we were introduced to two new heroes villains people with powers – Stephen Canfield and Eric Doyle (David H. Lawrence).

Claire, in all her infinite teenage wisdom, decided to go hunting for escapees solo.  She found Stephen.  But so did HRG and Sylar.

Stephen can create vortexes and accidently killed his neighbor over a lawn mower dispute before being hauled away to Level 5 two years ago.  Now that he escaped all he wanted to do was reconnect with his family.

Claire just wants to help him, HRG just wants to use him to kill Sylar and Sylar just wants to play father and daughter off each other.  In the end Stephen sends himself into a vortex.

In the meantime, Meredith and Sandra discover that Claire is missing and start trolling through the Primatech files looking for clues.  But when Meredith spots Eric she calls him a horrible man.  It seemed like she had some history with him or at least knew something she wasn’t telling.

But if she knew he was a puppet master why would she go there?  And how are Claire and Sandra going to end up there next week?

I think this episode was pretty good.  I hope it was critical to forming this season.  Let’s hope I was right and it wasn’t just another tangent.

What did you think of the episode?  Did you know it was Arthur behind it all?  Who are you cheering for – Angela or Arthur?

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12 Responses to Arthur Petrelli Lives on Heroes, But is He an Angel or a Monster?

  1. vacelts says:

    As this episode unfolded it was easy to see the foreshadowing that Arthur was behind the mind version of Linderman and Daphne’s theft of ½ the formula. I didn’t see the Maury part coming though because I thought he was trapped in his own mind still.

    And more importantly, I can’t figure out who is the good guy – Angela or Arthur? Or is it a matter of the lesser of two evils? Who do we cheer for?

    The Claire storyline was pretty boring except for revealing The Puppet Master (Eric Doyle). I have a feeling we are going to see much more of him.

    And Mohinder transformation is just getting gross. However, I’m afraid of what he’s going to do to Nathan and Tracy next week.

  2. KANGOLNY says:

    Its unclear what Arthur’s,Angela’s, or Mohinder’s motives are. All i can say is that Arthur’s powers must be badass if he can convince/control Maury Parkman. Parkman can mess with man’s mind…yet he was like “yes sir…what ever you want Mr. Petrelli”. I’m speculating that Arthur is like Professor X…a very powerful telepath. Even though he’s confined to the bed, he still flexes his power!!!

  3. HeroesFan says:

    Okay…the whole Maury thing is very confusing. I’m wondering how he escaped his mind trap from season two. This season is so far pretty dark and I still think I enjoy the first season the most. What has happened to Hiro in this season? He seems not to be so heroic as he has in the past? Didn’t his father teach him some sword moves in season one? Why haven’t we seen any of that yet? Also, Mohinder, well I thought we see some good from him, I guess not. Claire has been one of my favorite characters (besides her being so cute to watch) but mostly the secret stuff she does behind her father’s back and vice versa. Also, where is her boyfriend and where is Monica and Micah? Beside those questions I feel what captivated many audiences was the fact that there was all these heroes cropping up and discovering their abilities. The show was exciting because it told how these extraordinary people were trying to live ordinary lives. Now that ordinary sense of life is gone and its all between heroes vs. heroes. I really wanted to see ordinary people do extraordinary things, but I guess this season will be extraordinary people doing extraordinarly bad things. Now its just a dark comic.

  4. vacelts says:

    The show was exciting because it told how these extraordinary people were trying to live ordinary lives.

    Notice how none of them ever seem to have to go to work. And money is never an issue with these people. Now that would be a real power — no money worries!

    Seriously, I agree that the show just isn’t what it was in the first season. But it’s a big improvement over last year. The Arthur storyline is enough to keep me interested for a while.

  5. vacelts says:

    I’m speculating that Arthur is like Professor X,

    Good theory. There has to be somebody that has the ultimate power. Peter has potential but can’t seem to get there. It would makes sense that his dad is.

    Like you I’m wondering what Arthur’s power is.

  6. Sometimes says:

    Maury Parkman was in level five in a medically induced (like peter) coma. Elle shorted out everything and it set him free like all the other inmates.

  7. vacelts says:

    Sometimes, that’s a good theory. But Nathan saw the imaginary Linderman before the Level 5 release.

  8. Tanner says:

    “But Arthur didn’t die – not sure if that a result of his power (which is what?) or just luck.”

    What if his power is manipulation of luck? I would be very afraid of the luckiest person in the world.

  9. vacelts says:

    What if his power is manipulation of luck?

    That would be a really interesting power. Let’s hit the casinos!

  10. […] Arthur Petrelli Lives on Heroes, But is He an Angel or a Monster? […]

  11. […] Arthur Petrelli Lives on Heroes, But is He an Angel or a Monster? […]

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