Chuck: Sarah’s Past Revealed in ‘vs. the Cougars’

On tonight’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Cougars,” we got a glimpse into Special Agent Sarah Walker’s safely guarded past – sort of.

Byron Cohen

CHUCK -- "Chuck vs. the Cougars" Episode 204 -- Pictured: Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker -- NBC Photo: Byron Cohen

It seems that Sarah – or rather Jenny Burton – was a typical teenager struggling with adolescent.  She graduated from James Buchanan High School in San Diego in 1998 (anyone else feeling old?).  Go Cougars!  She had a bad haircut, braces and played an instrument (violin maybe?).  And she was not even close to being a member of the in crowd like cheerleader heather Chandler (Nicole Richie) or jock Dick Duffy (Michael Weaver).

But that’s where the typical teenager comparison ends.  It seems Daddy Burton was some kind of con artist who trained Jenny as they moved from city to city and name to name.  In her sophomore year, Jenny’s dad was finally caught by the feds and she was recruited into the CIA by CIA Director Graham (Tony Todd) and given the alias of Sarah Walker.

We still don’t know Sarah’s real name, but at least we finally got to learn how she became a spy.  And we know more than Chuck, who seems to be less obsessed with Sarah’s past.  Was it her reluctance to go to the reunion or that old class picture that deterred Chuck’s curiosity?

What about your curiosity?  Did you learn enough about Sarah in this episode?  Or is there still more mystery to learn?

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2 Responses to Chuck: Sarah’s Past Revealed in ‘vs. the Cougars’

  1. vacelts says:

    My favorite parts of the episode had to be Casey as the reunion party DJ. Can I say how much I love Adam Baldwin?

    I’m not a Nicole Richie fan, but she was perfectly cast as the bitchy cheerleader. How fitting that her character married the geek – Mark Ratner (Ben Savage) for his money only to find out he had no ambition?

    And lastly I loved that the beaten up, wet Sarah beats out the cheerleader for Reunion Queen. Is that ever band geek’s fantasy?

  2. Duffy – Rockferry Glastonbury 08…

    The album pictures and video for the songs track were shot on and near the Ffestiniog Railway in Porthmadog, which was named ‘Rockferry’ after for the occasion….

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