Arthur Petrelli’s Power Revealed on Heroes

The Petrellis are a complicated family and apparently the heart of Heroes.  Tonight on “Dying of the Light” we see a perfectly healthy Petrelli patriarch use his power on his own son while the rest of his family is incapacitated.

Adam learns that Arthur Petrellis is alive.

Adam learns that Arthur Petrellis is alive.

Let’s start with Arthur.  If you thought Peter’s ability was cool, you haven’t seen anything yet.  But it’s easy to see how Peter is his father’s son, if to a lesser degree.

First Arthur meets with Adam.  And without saying a word, he puts enough fear into Adam to empower Knox.  Then he touches Adam, making him age so rapidly that he turns to dust.  Did he just use Adam’s ability to stay young against him?

And if that didn’t wow you, suddenly Arthur is Mr. Healthy, up and out of bed.  So not only does he absorbs some else’s power, but he uses it against them too.

So I have to wonder if Maury is pulling the Linderman sightings or if it’s Arthur doing it with a power he stole from Maury?  Could explain why Maury is so afraid of him? And last week, Arthur used Angela’s premonition power against her to put her into a catatonic state.

Meanwhile, Daphne continues her recruiting efforts for Pinehearst.  We pick up with her meeting with Hiro and Ando and learn how Hiro faked Ando’s death.  No big surprise there – most fans had figured out that scenario or a similar one already.

But she sends Hiro (and his sidekick) to Africa to kidnap Usutu for Pinehearst.  Instead Hiro plays how many times can I get hit with a shovel before finally having a conversation with Usutu.  Usutu tells him he’s relying on his powers too much and shows him a painting of the real villains.  Anyone get a good look at the painting?

In the meantime, Matt has returned from Africa with turtle in tow.  Just how did he get the turtle through customs?  Did he declare it as his totem?  Either way, the turtle need not lead him any further because Daphne is waiting for him at the airport.

After thinking Hiro had turned into a killer, she gives Matt a half-hearted sales pitch.  But Matt is giving his own pitch – he’s trying to convince Daphne that Pinehearst will get her killed and that she is his soul mate. 

You can see that she wants to believe him, but Arthur and company are obviously holding something over her so powerful that she can’t leave them.  Did they give her her power and are threatening to take it away if she doesn’t cooperate?  Or do you think it’s something else? 

Needless to say, she continued her recruitment by visiting Level 5.  She frees Flint and Sylar.  But Sylar refuses to go with her, saying “I’m not a killer anymore.”

But the freed Sylar did check on Mama Petrelli.  When he finds her incapacitated, he wakes Peter from his coma.  Instead of joining forces with his brother, Peter puts the smack down on Sylar, leaves him in a coma and heads to Pinehearst.

Shocked to find his dad alive, Peter falls for the give-dad-a-hug gag that leaves him powerless and Daddy walking around with a whole lot of new abilities.  Since Peter obviously leaves Arthur more powerful, why didn’t he send Daphne to recruit Peter?  Was their relationship that bad?  Or did he just know that Pete would find his way to him?

Meanwhile the eldest son Nathan and his girlfriend Tracy are playing fly bait for Mohinder when Daphne stops by to visit.  She walks in on his cocoonville, but does nothing to help his victims, just leaves him a Pinehearst card and tells him he’s as bad as the rest before dashing out.  She obviously doesn’t understand Nathan’s connection to Pinehearst’s founder.

Obviously Pinehearst isn’t worried about keeping a low profile.  Daphne has left the card with the double Godsend symbol all over the country.  But I guess the real question is who is left to stop Arthur?

And lastly we have little Claire Bear, who is often playing hero again, this time with Sandra in tow.  The mission is to free Meredith from Eric Doyle, the puppeteer. It seems that Eric and Meredith have a past relationship.  He tells her, “I’m going to make you love me again.”

But the girls have different plans for him.  After playing a game of Russian roulette combined with spin the gun, Sandra finally shoots Claire.  Thinking her dead, a surprised Eric gets knocked out by “Barbie.”  Next thing you know HRG is on the scene bagging and tagging the puppeteer.

Even after being praised by Daddy, Claire won’t talk to Noah.  Anyone else think it’s ironic that Claire is following in the footsteps of the man she doesn’t trust?  Well, if HRG can’t get Claire on his side, he’ll settle for partnering with Meredith.

Aside from seeing Arthur’s power in use (but not totally defined), the episode had no big reveals.  But the story seemed to move along.  What was your favorite storyline?  What questions did the episode leave you with?

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5 Responses to Arthur Petrelli’s Power Revealed on Heroes

  1. vacelts says:

    I thought the promo last week said (or maybe I read it somewhere) that we were going to learn why Claire was special this episode. But all we saw her healing power again. Did I miss something?

  2. overide says:

    What I want to know is did Peter lose his ability to take powers, and all other powers, or did he just lose the abilities he had acquired from people? I wouldn’t really be that much interested in the show anymore, if Peter doesn’t have his power, because I think he’s the engine that drives the show.

  3. Prodigal says:

    I’m guessing that Arthur’s power is to temporarily steal someone else’s powers – not that it’s any comfort to the dessicated remains of Adam that it isn’t permanent, but still.

  4. vacelts says:

    Prodigal, that’s a great theory. It would explain how Peter gets his powers back and why Arthur has remained bedridden for so long.

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