Supernatural’s Dean Catches ‘Yellow Fever’

Ever wondered what it’d be like if Dean Winchester wasn’t so fearless and bad ass?  Well last night Supernatural fan’s caught a glimpse of a scared Dean in “Yellow Fever.”

Dean's so scared, he'd rather wait in the car.


Dean and Sam head to Colorado to investigate the death of Frank from an apparent heart attack.  But the cause of death doesn’t add up, especially since two other guys in good health a couple towns over also died of heart attacks about the same time.

So the Winchesters stop by Frank’s neighbor Mark for insight into the victim.  As they are chatting, Dean starts to freak out over Mark’s own personal wild kingdom.  And I’m thinking, this guy can face ghosts, demons, even Hell, but a little snake – okay one big ass snake – gives him the willies?

Well it turns out our good buddy Dean has been infected with the Witches Disease.

A ghost can infect someone with the Witches Disease (in this case Frank) and that person can then spread it to others.  The disease causes the infected to be anxious then scared, then really scared until their heart finally stops from fright.

Dean got infected when he held Frank’s heart during the autopsy.  But Sam was the one who got squirted with spleen juice (which by the way was hilarious), so why doesn’t he get infected?

Here’s the kicker – the disease only infects dicks.  More specifically people that use fear as a weapon.  It turns that fear on them.  Frank was a bully.  Al is a cop.  One of the other dead guys was an assistant principal.  And Dean hunts demons.

But Dean’s realization of the connection was priceless, “I’m a dick?”

Yeah Dean you kind of are, but we love you for it.

But Dean’s fears quickly elevated.  First he won’t drive over the speed limit (I think I heard the Impala cry out) or make a left hand turn.

And I’ll take Dean being a little afraid of fourth floor motel rooms if it means we get more air drum solos to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” in the impala. (Actually, the outtake version was much better!)

But the fear escalates so much that Dean doesn’t want to hunt with Sam.  Now we have a problem.

How does Dean deal with his fear?  He drinks it away or at least temporarily numbs it until the discovery of a hidden cat makes him scream like a girl and the appearance of a ghost makes him run away.

Pardon me while I get off the floor.  I was laughing so hard I fell out of my chair!

By now a very drunk Dean is hallucinating out of fear.  The one were the book calls him a loser was comical.  But the one where Sam goes all yellow-eyed was a bit scary.  Oooh Sam is way too good at being bad.  I hope that’s not a sign of what’s to come.

In the end Sam, with the help of good ol’ Bobby, saves the day just as visions of Lilith are about to make Dean’s heart stop.

I, for one, (and I’m sure the Impala is too) am glad that Dean is back to normal – or at least Winchester normal.  But if sure was fun watching him quake with fear.

What was your favorite Dean freak out moment?

Next week should be good.  After all it’s the Halloween episode!

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6 Responses to Supernatural’s Dean Catches ‘Yellow Fever’

  1. […] out moment? Next week should be good. After all it’s the Halloween episode! You can view the outtake video here. Want comments emailed to you? No spam, promise! […]

  2. ceecee30 says:

    it’s hard to say…i watch so much, and with my new BFF the DVR I can watch my shows whenever. But I have to say that I am pretty obsessed with the Hills, One Tree Hill, and America’s NExt top model…I’ve been watching since high school.

  3. vacelts says:

    Ceecee, can’t imagine how we survived before DVRs. 🙂

  4. ceecee30 says:

    It is seriously a gift from god…When i move out of my babysitting gig idk what I’m gonna do!

  5. vacelts says:

    Yeah, I’d be in trouble if my ever goes out!

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