Appointment Television – The Best Shows Worth Watching

As any of you who’ve read my blog know, I watch a lot of television and I mean a lot.  But what most of you might not realize is that I have a husband, three-year old twins, a full-time job and hopes for some semblance of a social life.

My other obligations mean that a lot of my television shows have to be DVRed for viewing at a later time.  But a handful of shows rank as must sees for me.  I will go out of my way to watch these shows live and am gravely disappointed when I can’t.

So without further ado here is my list of appointment shows – television shows I schedule time to watch:


Chuck - Season 2 Cast - Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Adam Baldwin as Major John Casey, Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski, Ryan McPartlin as Capt. Awesome, Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes courtesy Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

Chuck - Season 2 Cast - Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Adam Baldwin as Major John Casey, Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski, Ryan McPartlin as Capt. Awesome, Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes courtesy Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

It’s nice to start out the week with a little humor.  That’s why I watch Chuck.  And what’s funnier that a Buy More slacker turned super spy with Adam Baldwin as his take-no-prisoners handler? 

Chuck was happily not living up to his potential when he suddenly acquired a brain full of encrypted government secrets when the computer housing them was destroyed.  Now he balances his day job as part of the Nerd Herd with his secret life – a life where the girl he has a crush on – CIA Agent Sarah Walker – and NSA Agent John Casey (Baldwin) protect him while helping him to unravel the secrets in his head.

I already outlined my Top 10 reasons for watching the show so I won’t bore you with that again.  But if you are looking for a little lighter fare to add to your TV repertoire, then I highly recommend Chuck.

Chuck airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.


Michael Lavine/FOX

FRINGE: When an unlikely trio uncovers a deadly mystery that involves a series of unbelievable events, they discover it may be part of a larger, more disturbing pattern that blurs the line between science fiction and technology on FRINGE airing Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) this fall on FOX. Pictured L-R: Lance Reddick, John Noble, Blair Brown, Kirk Acevedo, Anna Torv, Mark Valley, Joshua Jackson and Jasika Nicole ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Lavine/FOX

Out of all the new shows, Fringe is my favorite.  Who doesn’t love a show where a cow has a recurring role?  Seriously, the mystery is high in this high-tech X-Files-like show.

With the help of lovable “mad scientist” Walter Bishop and his brilliant, but loner son Peter, FBI Agent Olivia Dunham sets out to unlock the mysteries behind The Pattern.  But Olivia has a few secrets of her own including a dead boyfriend who haunts her.  But she’s not the only enigma – Peter, Walter, the Observer and Nina all have a mystery or two of their own.

I tune in every week for the weekly case, as much as for the overall intrigue.  What is the Pattern?  Who’s behind it?  And what are they trying to do?

Fringe airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.  The next new episode airs on November 11.


Kwaku Alston/FOX

BONES: L-R: TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Tamara Taylor and Eric Millegan. ©2007 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kwaku Alston/FOX

I followed Angel’s David Boreanaz to Bones four years ago, but stayed because I fell in love with the team of squints let by Dr. Brennan.  Together the team of brilliant misfits solves murders based on a pile of bones.

Booth (Boreanaz) is a former sniper turned FBI agent who always gets his man.  But this single dad also has a soft spot for Brennan and her team, and of course, his son.  Brennan is his forensic anthropologist partner – brilliant, but socially inept.  And that’s just the leadership of this team.

The cases are intriguing – after all where else do you see a case solved from nothing more than a femur — but the dynamics of the team are what keep me coming back for more.

Bones airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.  The next new episode airs November 5.  You can catch reruns of this season on Mondays at 11 p.m. on TNT.


Supernatural - Season 4 - Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam courtesy Brian Bowen Smith/Warner Bros. Television Entertainment

Supernatural - Season 4 - Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam courtesy Brian Bowen Smith/Warner Bros. Television Entertainment

I wait all week for this show.  And if I only get to watch one show a week – Supernatural is it.  In its fourth season, this sci fi series stars a beautiful 67 Impala and two demon hunting brothers – Jensen Ackles and Jared Paledecki as Dean and Sam Winchester – that are more than easy on the eyes.  Need I say more!

Okay, if you need more than pretty faces and a hot car to sell you, I’ll continue.  The show is about an epic battle between good and evil without being preachy.  In fact the show does an excellent job of combining the spooky with excellent dialogue, super music, wit and lots of great pop culture references. 

And the story itself is top-notch (in my opinion).  Dean and Sam were raised by their late father to be hunters after their mother was killed by the powerful yellow-eyed demon Azazel.  This season Dean has been pulled from the bowels of Hell by the angel Castiel to help prevent Armageddon and to keep Sam from being sway to the dark side through the use of his psychic powers – powers he acquired because Azazel dropped demon blood into his mouth when he was a child.

Supernatural airs on the CW on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

That pretty much wraps up a week for me.  I spend the rest of the time catching up on my DVR.

What shows do you find yourself scheduling time in front of the tube for?  What are your must see shows?


11 Responses to Appointment Television – The Best Shows Worth Watching

  1. ceecee30 says:

    ain’t nothin wrong with watching a lot of TV…I LOVE most of the shows you put up here minus super-natural. NOt that it isn’t a great show I’m just not that into Sci-fi. Chuck is a great action comedy with the right amount of romance splashed in.

  2. vacelts says:


    Thanks. I really enjoy my tv time. I wish I could sway you to Supernatural. While it’s sci fi, I don’t think its hard core. But not every show can fit everyone. What’s your must see show each week?

  3. Tinyredcar says:

    Hey Vacelts – I’m with you on this one – the only show I absolutely never miss is Supernatural. Chuck is another goodie, I think, which always makes me laugh. I’m enjoying Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and The Mentalist as well.

  4. vacelts says:


    I enjoy Sarah Connor too, but I missed the season premiere and am behind now. It doesn’t help that it comes on at the same time as Chuck.

    I tried the Mentalist, but it didn’t do anything for me. I like Psych better.

  5. You know how I feel about the Winchesters. *squee* Yes, they have managed to turn me into a mindless twit. They’re lucky because I hardly believe in abstractions and yet they’ve converted me into fiction. It’s like religion for atheists! (Hey…that’s a nice line.. I should incorporate that into my flash fiction…)

    I like Chuck too. I used to like Heroes but they’re just not doing it for me this season. It’s like they’ve become so campy and unrealistic, which was the original draw in for the show – that the characters are ORDINARY people that have extraordinary powers.

    I like Dexter. (I’m a sick puppy) There’s something about highly intelligent serial killers that get to me.

  6. vacelts says:

    Red, I can’t believe how good Supernatural has gotten this season. I’ve never been addicted to a show like I am that one.

    I watch Heroes regularly, but I’m just not excited about it like I was in season one. Chuck, however, is still a thrill. It’s got Adam Baldwin after all.

    I’ve never seen Dexter, but my husband likes it. Why intelligent serial killers get to you though might be a discussion for a shrink. 😉

  7. Den says:

    Super Natural is fantastic! I’m sure you other fans caught “Yellow Fever”… How hilarious was that episode? I have to admit, the show wouldn’t work without the amazing chemistry between Jared and Jensen…not to forget their amazing faces…YOWZA!!

  8. I can’t seem to find a shrink that would stay longer than 2 sessions with me. They say medication can’t help me and prayers have been left unheard. *shrugs* oh well…

  9. rcrawford79 says:

    Good article. My must see TV would be Chuck, BSG, Mad Men, Deadlest Catch, and I would have to say Supernatural (just don’t tell my wife since she adors this show).

  10. Jennifer Roland says:

    My appointment shows on the networks are Chuck, Reaper, and Supernatural. I watch a lot of other shows, but those can’t be missed.

    I’m also a huge fan of My Boys and True Blood.

  11. HD DSLR says:

    Chuck is my favourite 🙂

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